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Lake Park Lancer Joust Prediction

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Lake Park is a good early competition to see what maybe we can expect from Chicagoland Bands this season. This competition is a preliminary and final competition.




Class 1A

1. H.D Jacobs

2. William Howard Taft

3. Providence Catholic 


Class 2A

1. Victor J Andrew

2. Wheeling

3. Naperville Central


Class 3A

1. Lockport Township

2. Downers Grove South

3. Huntley


Class 4A

1. Prospect

2. Greendale, WI

3. Plainfield North



1. Lockport Township

2. Prospect

3. Greendale, WI

4. Downers Grove South

5. Plainfield North

6. Victor J Andrew

7. Huntley

8. Naperville Central

9. HD Jacobs 

10. Wheeling


What do you all think?

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It will be a toss-up between Prospect and Lockport Township.  Lockport performs a partial show at Lake Park.  Greendale always has a solid performance.  Also, Andrew has performed well at this competition in the past.  I would place them higher.

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Lake Park is a classic Chicagoland early show, just as Washington is for the Central Illinois bands. Lake Park, is one of only a couple shows in the state the follows the prelims/finals format. This is a relatively rare format, while in other states such as Missouri the prelims/finals format is much more common. It looks like there are 12 bands registered for the Lancer Joust this year over 4 classes. I agree with all of the above class predictions. This is a great show top to bottom. Some quick thoughts on some aspects:

Class 1A: H.D. Jacobs is my pick in this class with a fairly small spread between all three bands. 

Class 2A:  VJA 

Class 3A: Lockport 

Class 4A: Prospect, but not by a large margin. Greendale is a band we've seen coming down to Illinois to compete fairly regularly and they a great band. 

Finals/Overall: Lockport and Prospect. Either one could be the overall winner this early in the season. I also agree with Notinband about VJA potentially placing higher. 

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