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Metro-East Marching Classic (September 7th)

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Classic in O'Fallon.


1:00 St. Charles West, MO

1:13 Breese Central 

1:26 Murphysboro 

1:39 Civic Memorial 

1:52 Effingham 

2:05 Nashville 

2:18 Mater Dei 


2:40 St. Charles, MO

2:53 Hillsboro, MO

3:06 Mascoutah

3:19 Highland 

3:32 Triad

3:45 O'Fallon (Exh.)

4:10 Awards



6:30 Oakville, MO

6:43 Collinsville 

6:56 Ft. Zumwalt South, MO

7:09 Francis Howell North, MO

7:22 Ft. Zumwalt North, MO

7:35 Granite City 


7:55 Francis Howell, MO

8:08 Francis Howell Central, MO

8:21 Lindbergh, MO

8:34 Edwardsville 

8:47 Belleville East 

9:00 O'Fallon (Exh.)

9:20 Awards.

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My predictions



1. Murphysboro (One of the best programs in the Deep South, should win pretty comfortably)

2. Mater Dei (Traditionally solid program, curious to see their margin to Murphy)

3. Effingham (Should be the most competitive race, Nashville and SCW could make a run)



1. Hillsboro (They've won several SS GC's over the past few years, Triad could make a run, however.)

2. Triad (Always a solid medium-sized program)

3. Highland/Mascoutah (Very evenly matched programs, I could see either placing 3rd)

SS GC: Hillsboro



1. Ft. Zumwalt North (BOA Super Regional Finalists, they should be comfortable winners)

2. Oakville (Very solid program, don't come to many IL competitions)

3. Granite City (Based on previous years, with the delayed start to their year dut to flooding rehearsals may have been canceled, could see the lower groups make a push if so)



1. Belleville East (Top 10 program in the state, IMO. Don't know what their show is, but I'm expecting a solid performance from them.)

2. Lindbergh (Another good St. Louis group)

3. Francis Howell (Ditto. Maybe Edwardsville could make a run, but I doubt it.)


Best In Show Percussion: Ft. Zumwalt South (Their drumline has been phenomenal over the past few years.)

Overall GC: Ft. Zumwalt North

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1 - Mater Dei, All Captions

2 - Murphysboro

3 - Civic Memorial


1 - Mascoutah - Vis, Mus, Guard, GE

2 - Hillsboro

3 - Triad, PERC

Small School GC - Mascoutah


1 - Fort Zumwalt North, Mus, Perc, 

2 - Granite City, Guard, GE

3 - Collinsville, Vis


1 - Belleville East -Mus, Perc, Guard, GE

2 - Edwardsville - Vis

3 - Francis Howell


Best in Show, Percussion - Belleville East

Frand Champion - Belleville East

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1. Mater Dei 59.800 (All Captions)

2. Murphysboro 58.150

3. Civic Memorial 54.575

4. St. Charles West 54.025

5. Effingham 53.700

6. Nashville 52.425

7. Breese Central 50.550


1. Mascoutah 63.850 (Music, Visual, GE, Guard)

2. Hillsboro 61.900 

3. Triad 59.725 (Perc)

4. Highland 59.225

5. St. Charles 55.950


1. Ft. Zumwalt North 69.025 (Music, Percussion)

2. Granite City 68.225 (GE, Guard)

3. Collinsville 67.875 (Visual)

4. Ft. Zumwalt South 66.025

5. Francis Howell North 65.850

6. Oakville 64.275


1. Belleville East 70.075 (Music, GE, Guard, Percussion)

2. Edwardsville 67.825 (Visual)

3. Francis Howell 67.000

4. Lindbergh 65.850

5. Francis Howell Central 63.125 



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