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Extremely early U of I predictions

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Take this all with a grain of salt, I’ll update it once the season is underway. Here’s the confirmed participants; https://www.bands.illinois.edu/imbc-confirmed-participants


Class 1A

1st: Wateska

2nd: Rushville-Industry

3rd: Sullivan 


Class 2A

1st: IVC

2nd: Effingham

3rd: Sherrard 


Class 3A

1st: Mahomet-Seymour 

2nd: East Peoria

3rd: Streator


Class 4A

1st: Galesburg

2nd: Bloomington 

3rd: Washington


Class 5A

1st: Plainfield North

2nd: Elk Grove

3rd: AA Stagg


Class 6A

1st: Downers Grove South

2nd: Minooka 

3rd: Normal


Grand Champion

Between DGS and Galesburg initially. A lot of season will give a definitive answer later on.

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Mirroring my statement in the ISU prediction, this is all super early, but I'll give it a cursory go.



Watseka is no stranger here, but Rushville-Industry has had some great showings as well.


I'm leaning towards Newton for the moment, but there are several contenders.


Mahomet-Seymour seems likely, but East Peoria has made steady improvements.


Bloomington, Galesburg, and Washington might be fighting this one out.


Plainfield North, Batavia, and Elkgrove are who I'd go with for now, not really sure who I'd favor.


DGS and Normal are who I'd look to initially, but there are a couple others that could close the gap.



I'd love for most of this to be wrong, as changes are good for the competitiveness and education of Illinois.

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On 4/20/2019 at 12:58 PM, JT2002 said:

I'd put Batavia in at 3rd for 5A, but who do you think takes grand champ/ gets the highest score.

I think any one of the first place has the sheer “power” to win grand champion. But I’d say 5a maybe 4a (but the depends on the weather)

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