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DM as soloist?

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Hi all-

I have a band of 30.

My DM is a very talented trumpet player (naturally she is talented- we all have strong players as leaders!)

I have a trumpet solo I have considered giving her.  Is that a thing? To have the DM play a solo?

It is only a 4 bar solo- screaming tpt for effect.  Thinking it would be a really cool effect if she whipped out a trumpet and just wailed from the podium.

Is that allowed?  Legal but frowned upon?

Let me know your thoughts!

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Our entire second tune this year features our DM on a tenor sax solo.  There are no restrictions and it seems to have gone over well with the judges.......

However, she is not playing from the podium - she comes down and plays the solo on the field.

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If you are talking Band Of America then

20.07 During the performance, Performers must be within the Performance Field. Drum Majors are exempt, except as provided below. Amplified voice work by a Drum Major (music and/or narration) is restricted to the Performance Field (15.09).

Exception – Drum majors may place or retrieve an instrument from any place in the Performance Area. However, if a drum major performs on the instrument, that performance must occur from within the boundaries of the Performance Field.

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