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Dan Balash

Welcome to the new ILMarching Forums!

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As you know, Mark and I have been discussing changes to the site for quite some time.  We've decided that new forums were the first step.  So, welcome to the 3rd (or 4th) iteration of the Illinois Marching Online Forums!


So, what's new/what changed?


  • All usernames and passwords carried over.  When we converted the forums last time, none of the user passwords carried over.  It was quite a hassle to see a medium sized community such as this and not have any passwords carry over.
  • Reputation: With this software comes a "reputation" system that's down in the bottom right of every post.  It's similar to a Facebook like-if you like what someone's posted or if you feel it adds positively to the community, give it a click.  
  • Spam prevention: This forums software promises to cut back spam to almost nil.  We hope that this will happen with their several layered spam monitoring service.  We've also made it more difficult for spammers to register by adding in a few "Question & Answer" challenges.  In addition, once we figure out where the code is hiding, we would like to bring back the fact that all new registrations go into a "validating" group and cannot post a new topic until reaching 5 or 10 posts.
  • Easier visiting via mobile: There is a built in mobile skin for this forums software.  This will make posting when at shows much easier.  If you're on a mobile device/tablet, you can still bring up the full site as well.
  • Auto saving of posts:  Possibly my favorite part of the new forums.  If your browser crashes or you get flustered or angry at something you read here, you can close your post now!  Your post is automatically auto-saved every 2 minutes.  
  • We also deleted somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 spam accounts, which took our community down in the neighborhood of 2,500 accounts.  However, this may have deleted a few legitimate accounts.  If this happened to you, we apologize.


We're not quite done yet.  We have some add-ons to install to the site, a new skin to conform to the new site, and there could possibly be a brand new version of this forums software in the next couple of months.  We're still figuring out this new software.  There's a TON more options with this than there ever was with the last version.


If you have any comments, questions, concerns or the like, respond to this post or shoot me an email at balash@ilmarching.com or Mark at moverholt@ilmarching.com

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Effective immediately, we are going back to the way the forums used to be.  New members must have 5 posts in order to start a new topic.  All current members have been grandfathered in, and if you absolutely need to create a new topic without the requisite number of posts, you can message Mark or myself and we will determine whether or not you can.  


Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

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