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Dan Balash

Shows/Scores for the weekend of October 26, 2013

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My iPad battery died while recording EIU results so I apologize for partial results ...


Class 4A

2nd - Triad

1st - Limestone


Class 5A

Drum Major - Normal West

Color Guard - OTHS

Percussion - OTHS

General Effect - OTHS

Music - OTHS

Visual - OTHS

3rd - Edwardsville

2nd - Belleville East

1st - OTHS


Best Soloist - OTHS (Flute solo)

Grand Champion - OTHS


Woah...what happened to Normal West?

I don't anything about EIU, but week to week, other than a few bands like Prospect and OTHS, it seems like different bands were placing at the top almost every week.  Based on scores and placings, there really seems to be a lot more parity this year than usual. There have been flip flops all year in head to head matchups. It has been a much more interesting and fun year than usual!

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Here is the recap from EIU. Sorry for the delay.


Class 1A:

1) 52.50 Blue Ridge (Music, Visual, GE)

2) 45.00 LeRoy

3) 44.90 Atwood-Hammond (Percussion, DM)

4) 43.15 Bement (Auxiliary)

5) 42.90 Johnston City


Class 2A:

1) 68.60 Paris Cooperative (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary)

2) 62.95 Mt. Carmel

3) 60.80 Mt. Zion

4) 60.30 Carterville (DM)

5) 59.80 Charleston

6) 51.65 Rantoul Township

7) 51.00 Pleasant Plains

8) 47.75 Robinson


Class 3A:

1) 77.10 Newton (Music, Visual, GE, Auxiliary)

2) 74.70 Monticello (Percussion, DM)

3) 65.90 Paxton-Buckley-Loda

4) 63.65 Tolono Unity

5) 60.75 East Richland


Class 4A:

1) 83.70 Limestone Community (Music, Visual, GE, Auxiliary)

2) 73.40 Triad (Percussion)

3) 71.35 LaSalle-Peru

4) 71.00 Metamora

5) 68.15 Lincoln (DM)

6) 63.55 McCleur North, MO

7) 58.40 Centralia

8) 55.80 Jacksonville


Class 5A:

1) 90.80 O'Fallon Township (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Auxiliary)

2) 87.30 Belleville East

3) 86.85 Edwardsville

4) 85.55 Mahomet-Seymour

5) 83.95 Normal West (DM)

6) 83.15 Normal Community

7) 82.60 Joliet West

8) 81.90 Bloomington

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Pinckneyville Scores:


Parade Scores:

JH Class

1) 67.00 - DuQuoin Junior High (Percussion, Color Guard)

Class A

1) 75.00 - A-C Central (Percussion, Color Guard, DM)

2) 68.00 - Elsberry, MO

3) 64.50 - Sesser-Valier

4) 56.00 - Trico


Class AA

1) 89.00 - Columbia

2) 87.00 - Wesclin  (Percussion, Color Guard, DM)

3) 75.50 - DuQuoin

4) 69.00 - Massac County (Percussion, Color Guard)


Class AAA

1) 96.00 - Belleville West (Percussion, Color Guard)

2) 91.00 - Mascoutah

3) 83.00 - Hazelwood Central (DM)

Field Scores:

Class A

1) 77.80 - Wesclin (Percussion, DM)

2) 69.30 - Nashville (Color Guard)

3) 66.30 - Anna-Jonesboro

4) 60.10 - Elsberry, MO

5) 49.30 - Sesser-Valier


Class AA

1) 74.90 - Mascoutah (Percussion, Color Guard, DM)

2) 68.30 - Freeburg

3) 66.00 - Massac County


Class AAA

1) 90.90 - Mehlville, MO (Color Guard)

2) 89.90 - Belleville West (Percussion, DM)

3) 78.30 - Hazelwood Central, MO

4) 78.05 - Northwest, MO

5) 77.30 - McCracken County, KY



Grand Champion: Belleville West


I'm still trying to figure out what the reason is that Mascoutah was listed as class AA in competition but was class AAA in parade... doesn't seem fair to the other AA schools in the competition, as Mascoutah was one of the bigger bands there, with 5 buses of kids.


Class AAA was too close for me to score, honestly, in the competition.  McCracken was very good, as was Hazelwood (but they did have some flag mishaps, and their color guard danced as much as they carried flags, I dunno if you get scored down for that or not, but in the south a lot of bands do that)....  I have seen McCracken several times this year and this was their best by far, but all the AAA schools were really good.  Was a good comp to watch this year.


EDIT:  then again, I just noticed that Wesclin moved up a spot in the parade to AA.... does anyone know what standard they were using for classifications?  I asked about it for the comp and it was school size, but if they were going by school size, wouldn't classes been the same (for the bands that did both) in the parade?

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Here is the recap from EIU. Sorry for the delay.

Um, did anyone notice how different this scoring was? Is this based on a standard?


I believe it had something to do with General Effect being weighted differently than other competitions


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I believe it had something to do with General Effect being weighted differently than other competitions


80% performance, 20% Effect, instead of the 60/40 you usually see.


Right. And let's be clear - the standard 60/40 is 60% Effect and 40% Performance, so this show went from the typical 60% Effect to 20% Effect.


What do people think of that? I have a problem with it. Shows are designed with Effect in mind, at least partially because of the weighting of Effect. 


Otherwise, with a much lower weighting on Effect, why not play Mary Had a Little Lamb and stand still for the whole show? A band could perform that a lot cleaner, right?

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Just for grins (and because I'm procrastinating on doing real work), I loaded the scores into a spreadsheet, normalized them and then applied BOA weightings (20% Visual, 20% Music, 20% Visual GE, 40% Music GE ... hopefully these are right) to see if any class placements were impacted.  These are the results:


Class 5A - no changes in top 3.  OTHS would have scored 0.4 points higher with BOA weighting

Class 4A - no changes in top 3. 

Class 3A - Paxton would have dropped out of the top 3, being replaced by Unity

Class 2A - no changes in top 3.

Class 1A - biggest changes here.  Blue Ridge still would have placed first, but second would have gone to Johnston City (up from 5th) and 3rd would have gone to Leroy (down from 2nd).  Atwood-Hammond would have been kicked out of the top 3.


I think the bottom line is that the bands with compelling shows (high GE) are also the bands who execute well (based on the fact that there was no change in class winners with BOA weightings).  I suspect (and would be interested in hearing from a judge) that a band who stood still and played would still receive a low Visual Performance score even thought they stood perfectly.


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I appreciate the feedback. This is a system in the works and I want to build something that fairly accesses all Illinois bands. Additionally, this is a music education system and focusing on the "how" sometimes should take priority over the "what". If every group was performing shows like O'Fallon, Marian Catholic, or even Mt. Zion, it would be different. However, groups perform a wide variety of shows and providing a fair and balanced system to score all bands is a challenge. BOA is a special type of marching competition, and only a very  small percent of bands attend annually.


Again, I do appreciate the feedback. The marching arts have changed greatly since I starting back in the 19xx.......when I have a freshman in high school. And until there is a system in Illinois..............



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I saw the e-mail sent out to Lake Park parents in regard to their withdrawal from the Downers Grove competition.  One main reason is that the band had been hit with an epidemic of sick kids just prior to the competition.  Considering the weather that weekend, it was the right decision to make.  After all, isn't the health and welfare of the students the most important factor?  Also, it was a very difficult decision to make as it was the first time that Mike Ciodo had withdrawn from a competition.  It wasn't a solitary decision as he consulted with school authorities and the band staff beforehand. 

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