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Crown wins!

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Congratulations to Crown!  Finally, I feel that you deserve it.  (No, I didn't like 2009.)



1.) 98.30 - Carolina Crown

2.) 98.05 - Blue Devils

3.) 96.95 - The Cadets

4.) 96.85 - Santa Clara Vanguard

5.) 93.35 - Bluecoats

6.) 93.25 - Phantom Regiment

7.) 90.50 - The Cavaliers

8.) 90.40 - Boston Crusaders

9.) 90.10 - Madison Scouts

10.) 87.75 - Blue Knights

11.) 86.40 - Spirit of Atlanta

12.) 85.45 - Blue Stars


Jim Jones Leadership Award: Dean Patterson, Phantom Regiment

George Zingali Award for Best Color Guard: Blue Devils

John Brazzale Award for Best Visual: Carolina Crown

Jim Ott Award for Best Brass: Carolina Crown

Fred Sanford Award for Best Percussion: The Cadets

Don Angelica Award for Best GE: Carolina Crown

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