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Year End Review!

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Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday, especially those bands that are traveling this holiday season for bowl games or parades, etc. As we start a new year, I wanted to go back and reflect on the past year and look ahead to 2013 for ILMarching.


This past year, we introduced the revamped video page. Our goal behind this was to let youtube host our videos (like most videos already were)...but we would do the job of curating them, and presenting them in an easy way so that you could find videos from a given band, year, or festival. This was a huge undertaking which challenged me as a coder and has challenged our staff to continue to add new videos. We went from having 0 videos to having 1086 as of this writing. It has been an incredible achievement, and the site statistics have shown a lot of traffic being directed towards that page.


Also in terms of videos, this year we broadcasted our first webcast, in partnership with High School Cube. This was a wonderful experience for the site, as it allowed people to see the shows, even if they couldn't attend in person (like me!). Normally for a given weekend, we get more traffic the day following a festival than we do on the day. The weekend of our DGS webcast was the first time we ever had MORE traffic than the following day. So hopefully look for more of that next season.


Another milestone we hit this year was in terms of traffic. For the first time, we hit over 1,000,000 page views. According to google analytics, between Jan 01 and Dec 31 2012, we had 1,003,423 page views...which is a staggering number. The staff can't begin to express how much we love seeing the traffic on this site grow. So THANK YOU!!!


We also brought back the survey this year, and we had almost 200 responses!! We have already taken note of a lot of the requests, and will be acting on them soon! Speaking of changes, we have a lot o f them in the pipeline. From a visual standpoint, the site is getting a redesign, which is already in the works. Dan has seen pieces of it...and from posts he has made, I can tell he is excited...so hopefully you all will like it as well.  The front page will be more dynamic and have many more graphics and videos embedded right in front of you. I will also be taking the video section and revamping it to make it a little nicer to use. From the technical side, we will most likely be moving the site into the cloud for better reliability. I have already begun work on the test site in Windows Azure, and so far have been really impressed. The other bit of technical news is that I have been working on a Web API...which will allow other sites or apps to consume the data in our database. This means It wil be easy for us to write mobile ILMarching apps or if another band page wanted to use our data on their site, it would be easy to retrieve that data in a useable format.


Last, but not least, we want to thank everyone soooo much for using the site. We love working on it and we love that so many people enjoy using it.

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Last, but not last...




In all seriousness though, thanks to everyone who uses this site. Also, Mark, I will start on the graphics you needed me to do soon. I've just been busy lately on top of my usual forgetfulness.

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