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Dan Balash

Take the 2012 Illinois Marching Online Survey!

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Hello all!


This survey was developed to help us explore what you, the users, think of our website.  We’re asking you to candidly tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you would improve, and what we can add.


Last year, we had 117 respondents to the survey, and they helped us add a number of features.  We’re always striving to get better, and this is the best way we can think of to do that.


The results of the survey will only be seen by Mark and myself, and will be completely confidential.  However, if you provide your email address, we may contact you with follow up questions.


In additon, everyone that enters (and provides a valid email address) will be entered into a drawing for ILmarching apparel and other cool stuff!




This survey will remain open until December 1, 2012.




-The Illinois Marching Online Staff



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So I'd like to make a few comments on the survey:


First, thanks to everyone who has or will take it!! It is impossible to be completely objective on the function and design of the site when you build it or work on it. Also, for a site that gets 40,000 visitors a year, and ~850,000 pages viewed from those visitors...it is tough to keep up with everyone on what they like and don't like. So this survey is a huge thing for us, as it will let us hear your feedback and try to make improvements.


One comment that seems to come through a lot is the overall 'feel' of the site. It seems a bit outdated in terms of design. We Hear Ya! There is a big redesign in the works for the offseason. The site is quite large in terms of the number of pages and the amount of data we serve up. I did not want to risk making drastic changes during the season. Plus, we feel it is better to spend out time updating content during the season...when we get 90% of our traffic. But not to worry, we have been brainstorming ideas and I plan a complete refactor this winter (also know as the rainy season here in Seattle...so I don't plan on going outside anyway!)


Another hot topic is 'Timely Results'. This has a few things with it. One is that there is a noticeable lag time between scores/placements showing up in the forums and showing up on the main site. This is something we are going to work on with the Admins and Constributors. A lot of times, it is easier to just copy/paste scores into a forum and forget about it until morning. We can do better...and we will! The other is that we just don't put results fast enough. The difficult thing about us is that we are totally independent of every festival/band/etc. We rely on directors and festival coordinators to send us placements, or post them on their own sites so we can retrieve them. We have, over the years, become friendly with many directors, so we get those scores usually the night of. But there are shows where we are searching high and low for the scores...and just can't find them. Be assured...as soon as we have them, we post them at least on the forums.


So again, thanks everyone for helping us out. We love hearing from you! We want this site to be awesome. The staff works on it because we absolutely love it...the fact that so many other people also enjoy it is just a HUGE bonus :)



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This is a screenshot of the new ILmarching beta, which will eventually replace the design of the current site. This is a super rough sketch. We're asking-what would YOU like to see on this part (or any part of our website?) Post your thoughts below, or email/message us your ideas.  Thanks! :)



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