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Dan Balash

Shows for the weekend of September 22, 2012

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Week 3 is upon us.  The BOA season starts this upcoming weekend (finally!), and we have several bands competing there.  Downers Grove South faces a tough test in Indiana, and we have a very fun matchup in Wheeling going on with Warren Township, Lincoln-Way North, John Hersey, Marian Catholic and Prospect all going head to head in Class 3A.  Great weekend of shows; let's get right to them!


Predictions: Live Wednesday.


Sage City Invitational: Monticello, IL

Class B

10:30 AM: Paris Cooperative

10:45 AM: East Richland


11:00 AM: Break


Class C/D

11:15 AM: Oblong

11:30 AM: Arcola

11:45 AM: Atwood-Hammond

12:00 PM: Bement

12:15 PM: El Paso-Gridley

12:30 PM: Tri-Valley


Class B

12:45 PM: Sullivan


1:00 PM: Break


Class 2A

1:15 PM: Champaign Central

1:30 PM: Thornwood

1:45 PM: Thornton Fractional North

2:00 PM: Mattoon


2:15 PM: Break



2:30 PM: Monticello


2:45 PM: Awards


Festival of Champions: Murray, KY (top 12 bands make finals.)

Class 1A

9:00 AM: Fairfield Community

9:15 AM: Murray, KY

9:30 AM: Crittenden County, KY

9:45 AM: Ballard County, KY

10:00 AM: Mayfield, KY


10:15 AM: Break


Class 2A

10:30 AM: Union County, KY

10:45 AM: Massac County

11:00 AM: Trigg County, KY

11:15 AM: Todd County Central, KY

11:30 AM: Henry County, KY


11:45 AM: Break


Class 3A

12:15 PM: Paragould, AR

12:30 PM: Warren East, KY

12:45 PM: Allen County-Scottsville, KY


Class 4A

1:00 PM: Warren Central, KY

1:15 PM: Henry County, TN

1:30 PM: Calloway County, KY

1:45 PM: Madisonville-North Hopkins, KY


2:00 PM: Break


Class 5A

2:15 PM: Grayson County, KY

2:30 PM: Muhlenberg County, KY

2:45 PM: Daviess County, KY

3:00 PM: Graves County, KY

3:15 PM: Marshall County, KY

3:30 PM: Meade County, KY

3:45 PM: Barren County, KY



4:00 PM: Murray State Racer Band


Judging Panel:

Gary Gilroy

David Fullmer

Gary Arrasmith

Craig Cornish

Shawn Silva

John Converse

Eric Willie-Percussion


Kingsmen Carnival of Bands: Mishawaka, IN

Festival Class:

2:04 PM: South Bend Clay, IN

2:17 PM: Highland, IN


Class D

2:30 PM: Bremen, IN

2:43 PM: Adams Central, IN


2:56 PM: Break


Class C

3:09 PM: John Glenn, IN

3:22 PM: Wheeler, IN

3:35 PM: Knox, IN

3:48 PM: Leo, IN

4:01 PM: Fairfield, IN


4:20 PM: Festival Class/C & D Awards


Class B

4:53 PM: Lowell, IN

5:06 PM: South Bend Adams, IN

5:19 PM: Plymouth, IN

5:32 PM: Elkhart Memorial, IN

5:45 PM: Elkhart Central, IN


5:58 PM: Break


Class B

6:11 PM: Northridge, IN

6:24 PM: North Side, IN

6:37 PM: DeKalb, IN

6:50 PM: Goshen, IN

7:03 PM: Concord, IN


7:30 PM: Class B Awards


Class A

8:00 PM: Portage, IN

8:13 PM: Warsaw, IN

8:26 PM: Chesterton, IN

8:39 PM: Carroll, IN


8:52 PM: Break


Class A

9:05 PM: LaPorte, IN

9:18 PM: Snider, IN

9:31 PM: Downers Grove South

9:44 PM: Homestead, IN



9:57 PM: Penn, IN


10:15 PM: Awards


Limestone Marching Rockets Field Competition: Bartonville, IL

Class 1A

2:30 PM: Jacksonville

2:45 PM: Rock Falls

3:00 PM: Olympia

3:15 PM: Farmington

3:30 PM: Coal City

3:45 PM: Watseka Community


4:00 PM: Break


Class 2A

4:15 PM: Eureka

4:30 PM: Streator Township

4:45 PM: Metamora


5:30 PM: 1A & 2A Awards


Class 3A

6:00 PM: Prairie Central

6:15 PM: Pekin Community

6:30 PM: Illinois Valley Central

6:45 PM: Dunlap


7:00 PM: Break


Class 4A

7:15 PM: Canton

7:30 PM: Normal West

7:45 PM: Washington Community

8:00 PM: Batavia

8:15 PM: Macomb


8:30 PM: Break



8:45 PM: Limestone Community


9:00 PM: Awards



Tiger Ambush Classic: Edwardsville, IL

Class 3A

2:00 PM: Centralia


2:15 PM: Break


Class 1A

2:30 PM: Carlyle

2:45 PM: Wesclin

3:00 PM: Normandy, MO

3:15 PM: Northwest, MO

3:30 PM: Winfield, MO


3:45 PM: Break


Class 2A

4:15 PM: Carterville

4:30 PM: Murphysboro

4:45 PM: Salem


5:00 PM: Break


Class 3A

5:45 PM: Vandalia

6:00 PM: Winsdor, MO

6:15 PM: Mater Dei

6:30 PM: Robinson


6:45 PM: Break


Class 4A

7:00 PM: Marion

7:15 PM: Effingham

7:30 PM: Seckman, MO

7:45 PM: Hillsboro, MO

8:00 PM: Granite City


8:15 PM: Break



8:30 PM: Edwardsville


8:45 PM: Awards


Judging Panel:

Music GE: Dr. Joe Manfredo

Music Ensemble: Dr. David Snyder

Visual GE: Marie Czapinski

Visual Ensemble: Gary Czapinski

Color Guard: Billy Saccomanno

Percussion: Chad Schaedler


Chicagoland Marching Band Festival: Wheeling, IL

Class 1A

3:00 PM: Richmond-Burton

3:15 PM: Providence Catholic

3:30 PM: H.D. Jacobs

3:45 PM: Lakes Community

4:00 PM: Lincoln-Way West


4:15 PM: Break


Class 2A

4:30 PM: Argo

4:45 PM: Benton Community, IA

5:00 PM: Lincoln-Way Central

5:15 PM: Alan B. Shepard

5:30 PM: Rolling Meadows


5:45 PM: Break


Class 2A

6:00 PM: Wheaton Warrenville South

6:15 PM: United Township

6:30 PM: Glenbard West

6:45 PM: Waubonsie Valley


7:00 PM: Awards


7:15 PM: Break


Class 3A

7:30 PM: Prairie Ridge

7:45 PM: Elk Grove

8:00 PM: Lemont

8:15 PM: Glenbrook South

8:30 PM: Lincoln-Way North


8:45 PM: Break


Class 3A

9:00 PM: Warren Township

9:15 PM: John Hersey

9:30 PM: Marian Catholic

9:45 PM: Prospect



10:00 PM: Wheeling


10:15 PM: Awards


Judging Panel:

Music Individual: James Stombres

Music Ensemble: Kevin McNulty

Visual Individual: Kyle Adelmann

Visual Ensemble: Tim Yontz

Music GE 1: Dallas Niermeyer

Music GE 2: Mark Ponzo

Visual GE: Tim Guare

Percussion: Dave Dombeck

Auxiliary: Lorenzo Medrano

Timing and Penalties: Frank Bischoff

Tabulators: Tim Hilgenberg & Bill Winzentsen

Announcer: Stephen Colella


Bands of America Regional Championships: Louisville, KY

10:45 AM: Jeffersonville, IN

11:00 AM: Montgomery County, KY

11:15 AM: Scottsburg, IN

11:30 AM: Henry Clay, KY

11:45 AM: La Salle, OH


12:00 PM: Break


1:00 PM: Lincoln-Way East

1:15 PM: Ben Davis, IN

1:30 PM: Tennessee, TN

1:45 PM: Central Hardin, KY

2:00 PM: Milford, OH

2:15 PM: Belleville East


2:30 PM: Break


2:45 PM: Naperville North

3:00 PM: McGavock, TN

3:15 PM: O'Fallon Township

3:30 PM: Oakville, MO

3:45 PM: Lafayette, KY

4:00 PM: Adair County, KY

4:15 PM: North Hardin, KY


4:45 PM: Awards


Judging Panel:


George Boulden

Glen Fugett

Albert Lo

David Morrison



Mike Anderson

John Howell

Frank Miller


Chief Judge:

Gary Markham



Sunday, September 23rd

Dwight Harvest Days Parade and Field Show: Dwight, IL

Parade: (Please note: Parade times may not be correct.)


2:00 PM: Dwight

2:05 PM: Dwight Grade School


Junior High

2:10 PM: Reed-Custer Junior High

2:15 PM: Sandwich Junior High

2:20 PM: Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Grade School


Class C

2:25 PM: Somonauk


Class 1A

2:30 PM: Marengo


Class C

2:35 PM: Gardner-South Wilmington


Class D

2:40 PM: Earlville


Class C

2:45 PM: Serena


Class B

2:50 PM: Plano

2:55 PM: Coal City



3:00 PM: Sandwich


Class B

3:05 PM: Reed-Custer


Class 1A

3:10 PM: Kankakee


4:00 PM: Awards




4:30 PM: Dwight


Class B

4:45 PM: Coal City


Class 1A

5:00 PM: Marengo


Class B

5:15 PM: Westmont


Class 1A

5:30 PM: Lincoln


5:45 PM: Break



6:15 PM: Sandwich


6:45 PM: Awards



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How are the classes determined? 


At Wheeling they have 3 schools w/ enrollments greater than 2000 in class 2A, (WWS, Glenbard West & Waubonsie Valley) while some smaller schools (Marian 1443, Lemont 1493 and Lincoln Way North 1755) are competing in 3A. 


Does the school decide whic class they want to compete in?


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How are the classes determined? 


At Wheeling they have 3 schools w/ enrollments greater than 2000 in class 2A, (WWS, Glenbard West & Waubonsie Valley) while some smaller schools (Marian 1443, Lemont 1493 and Lincoln Way North 1755) are competing in 3A. 


Does the school decide whic class they want to compete in?


Most Chicago area competitions determine their class size by band size, but only playing musicians.


Lake Park, CMBF, Prospect, Lincoln-Way, Providence and I think a few others use this system:

Class A: less than 64 playing members

Class AA: 65-96 playing members

Class AAA: 97+ playing members

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Any predictions for Sage City in Monticello? Didn't see it in today's article. Thanks!


Oops...sorry!  Didn't even see it when I was posting the article.  :)



1) Paris Cooperative

2) Sullivan

3) East Richland



1) Tri-Valley

2) Atwood-Hammond

3) Oblong



1) Champaign Central

2) Mattoon

3) TF North


Grand Champion: Champaign Central



I am thinking O'Fallon at BOA Louisville what say you?


This early season shows are entirely unpredictable.  And, if it is as...odd as last year's season, anything can (and will) happen!  For the record, I currently have Lafayette winning.

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