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Dan Balash

2012 Superstate Schedule

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Congratulations to the following ensembles that were selected to the 2012 University of Illinois SuperState Concert Band Festival!


May 4th

Junior High/Middle School

12:00 Westlake Middle School

12:30 Monticello Middle School

1:00 Clarendon Hills Middle School

1:30 Marion Junior High School

2:00 Marquardt Middle School

2:30 Geneseo Middle School


3:00 Break


3:15 Wood Oaks Junior High School

3:45 West Oak Middle School

4:15 Jackson Middle School

4:45 Troy Middle School

5:15 MacArthur Middle School

5:45 Edison Middle School

6:15 McCracken Middle School (2011 Honor Band)


6:45 Break


Class A

7:30 Tri-Valley

8:00 Westmont

8:30 Illiana Christian

9:00 Macomb (2011 Honor Band)


Class AA

9:30 Morton


10:00 Awards


Saturday May 5th

Class AA

8:00 AM Champaign Centennial

8:30 Glenbard South

9:00 Barrington

9:30 Yorkville

10:00 Tinley Park

10:30 Urbana

11:00 Vernon Hills (2011 Honor Band)


11:30 Break


Class AAA

12:15 Lake Zurich

12:45 Waubonsie Valley

1:15 Wheeling

1:45 Downers Grove South

2:15 Metea Valley

2:45 Warren Township


3:15 Break


3:30 Belleville East

4:00 York Community

4:30 John Hersey

5:00 Glenbard East

5:30 Lockport Township

6:00 Libertyville (2011 Honor Band)


6:30 Illinois Wind Symphony


7:00 Awards

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Guest Brucknerfanatic8

Superstate has been great! If your not watching shame on you. If you're still asleep wake up immediately because Bloomington just finished an excellent concert and there is more to come. Even though the commercials are intrusive you...nevermind you probably won't get over it but its whatever. Here's the line-up:


Illinois SuperState Concert Band Festival



May 4th


Westlake Middle Scholl - Kimberly A. Farris

Bandology - Eric Osterling

An Irish Interlude - Warren Barker

Kentucky 1800 - Claren Grundman


Monticello Middle School - Amanda J. Allen

Circus Days - Karl L. King (arr. Loras Schissel)

In Praise of Gentle Pioneers - David Holsinger

The King Across The Water - Bruce Fraser


Clarendon Hills Middle School - Terrence Melbourn

Newcastle March - Johnnie Vision

Apparitions - Brian Balmages

Escape from the Deep - Brian Balmages


Marion Junior High School - Jim Childers

Sea Songs - Ralph Vaughan Williams (arr. Robert Longfield)

Danny Boy - Warren Barker

Fortress - Frank Ticheli


Marquardt Middle School - Ian Nevins

Summer Resounding! - Brian Balmages

Epiphany - Erik Morales

March of the Patriots - Erik Morales


Geneseo Middle School -  John Versluis

Orange Bowl March - Henry Filmore (arr. Robert E. Foster)

Song for Hope - Michael Sweeney

On the Merrimack - Andrew Boysen, Jr.








Wood Oaks Junior High School - Wayne G. Gordon

Shepherd’s Hey - Percy Grainger

The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre

Wild Dance - Douglas Akey


West Oak Middle School - John Harshey & Debra Saam

The King Across The Water - Bruce Fraser

Bandology - Eric Osterling

Chant Rituals - Elliot Del Borgo


Jackson Middle School - Joe Koppel

Nathan Hale Trilogy - James Curnow

Eternal Hope - David Schaffer

When Summer Takes Flight (Upon Crystal Waves) - Robert W. Smith


Troy Middle School - Ted Lega, Bill Goetz

American Riversongs - Pierre LaPlante

As Torrents in Summer - Edward Eglar (arr. Albert O. Davis)

Unraveling - Andrew Boysen, Jr.


MacArthur Middle School - Michael A. Malek

Midway March - John Williams (arr. John Moss)

Danny Boy - arr. Warren Barker

Sun Dancing - David Schaffer


Edison MIddle School - Mike Lehman

Procession of the Nobles - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (arr. Jay Bocook)

Adagio for Winds - Elliot Del Borgo

The Hounds of Spring - Alfred Reed (arr. Robert Longfield)


McCracken Middle School - Chip De Stefano & David Morrison

Pageant - Vincent Persichetti

When the Stars Began to Fall - Fred Allen

Canarios Fantasia - Douglas Askey








Tri-Valley High School - Dan Marcotte

Children’s March “Over the hills and far away” - Percy Grainger (arr. Mark R. Rogers)

Chorale and Shaker Dance - John Zechdlik


Westmont High School - Matthew P. Bufis

Mother Earth - David Maslanka

Ave Maria - Franz Xaver Bibel (arr. Robert Cameron)

Shepherd’s Hey - Percy Grainger


Illiana Christian High School - Patricia Menninga

March to the Scaffold - Hector Berlioz (arr. Erik W. G. Leidzen)

O Magnum Mysterium - Morten Lauridsen (arr. H. Robert Reynolds)

Liturgical Dances - David Holsinger


Macomb Senior High School - David Wetmore

Mother Earth - David Maslanka

Lincolnshire Posy - Percy Grainger (arr. Fredrick Fennell)



Horkstow Grange

The Brisk Young Sailor

Lord Melbourne

The Lost Lady Found


Morton High School - Jeff Neavor

Variations on a Korean Folk Song - John Barnes Chance

Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre

Fantasia in G - Timothy Mahr








May 5th


Champaign Centennial High School - Michael Allen & Stacey Peterick

Amazing Grace - arr. Robert Rumbelow

Firestorm - Stephen Bulla


Glenbard South High School - Brian L. Dewald

Hammersmith - Gustav Holst

Divertimento for Band, Op. 42 - Vincent Persichetti






Bloomington High School - Max E. Chernick & Pamela Kelly

Symphony No. 6 for Band, Op. 69 - Vincent Persichetti


Andante Allegro

Adagio sostenuto




Yorkville High School - Victor Anderson

Scenes from The Louvre - Norman Dello Joio


Children’s Gallery


Angels in the Architecture - Frank Ticheli


Tinley Park High School - Vincent J. Aiello

Incidental Suite - Claude T. Smith (arr. Lucien Calliet)

Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral - Richard Wagner


Urbana High School - Darren Hicks

Molly on the Shore - Percy Grainger

Rikudim - jan Van Der Roost


Andante Moderato

Andante con dolcezza


Esprit de Corps - Robert Jager


Vernon Hills High School - Randy Sundell & Dave Tribley

Colas Bruegnon Overture - Dimitry Kabalevsky (arr. Walter Beeler)

The Firebird Suite (1919) - Igor Stravinsky (trans. Randy Earles/Frederick Fennell)


Danse infernale du roi kastchei










Metea Valley High School - Don Devany & Glen Schneider

La Procession du Rocio - Joaquin Turina (trans. Alfred Reed)

Four Scottish Dances - Malcolm Arnold (arr. John P. Paynter


Waubonsie Valley High School - Josh Chodoroff

Lincolnshire Posy - Percy Grainger



Horkstow Grange

Rufford Park Poachers

The Brisk Young Sailor

Lord Melbourne

The Lost Lady Found


Wheeling High School - Brian J. Logan

Danzón No. 2 - Arturo Marquez (arr. Oliver Nickel)

Aurora Awakes - John Mackey


Downers Grove South High School - Craig Roselieb

Fanfare for the Common Man - Aaron Copland

Down A Country Lane - Aaron Copland

Emblems - Aaron Copland


Lake Zurich High School - Joshua Thompson & Sheri Conover

Give Us This Day - David Maslanka


Warren Township High School - Kurt Gros, Chris Jenkins, & Drew Russell

Concertino for Four Percussion and Wind Ensemble - David R. Gillingham (trans. Keith Wilson)




The Firebird Suite (1919) - Igor Stravinsky (trans. Randy Earles/Frederick Fennell)


Danse infernale du roi kastchei










Belleville East High School - Mark A. Tessereau


Molly on the Shore - Percy Grainger

The Portals - ed. R. Mark Rogers

The Lord of the Rings - Johan De Meij


Gandalf (The Wizard)



York Community High School - Michael Pavlik & William Riddle

Army of the Nile - Kenneth J. Alford (ed. Frederick Fennell)

On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - David R. Holsinger

Blue Shades - Frank Ticheli


John Hersey High School - Scott Casagrande

Starry Crown - Donald Grantham

Sheherazade - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (trans. Mark Hindsley)


Festival of Baghdad


Glenbard East High School - Brian Shaw

Avelynn’s Lullaby - Joel Puckett

Morning Star - David Maslanka


Lockport Township High School - Brian Covey

Rocky Point Holiday - Ron Nelson

Rienzi Overture - Richard Wagner (trans. Mark Hindsley)


Libertyville High School - Jeffery Daeschlur

Dance Movements - Phillip Sparke

Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pipkins - Richard Strauss


Illinois Wind Symphony






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Guest Brucknerfanatic8

Just thought I would add some thoughts about the festival so far because I'm that passionate. So from yesterday's performances I only got to see Macomb and Morton out of the high schools and Wood Oaks and West Oak middle schools (though I don't follow middle schools so it would be bad for me to give opinions, however, Shepards Hey as a middle school, Holy Crap). Macomb was really impressive the entire concert and I especially liked their opener. Lincolnshire Posy could have been a little more robust and full. I felt it was lacking that characteristic oomph of Grangier but it still was enjoyable, but still they deserved the Honor Band title. Morton. I didn't really care for their concert selection. I felt it was too varied and didn't have the coherence that is needed to make them stand out together. The most exciting thing they played was Fantasia in G. Wow. It was great. I could really tell they spent the most time on that because it really was astounding. Everything that the last two pieces didn't have this one did. It had self-control, life, color, and all the other characteristics that made what makes that piece. Even though they had some issues I still thought it was an okay concert.


Now today I have seen the end of Glenbard South and now am currently watching Urbana. All I can say is that all of the bands were so good that I have nothing else to say but Wow. I will say that Symphony No. 6 for Band, Op. 69 by Vincent Persichetti is one of my favorite pieces now thanks to Bloomington and Molly on the Shore is being performed beautifully by Urbana. Now I wonder how all these bands will transfer over to marching season. At least musically that is though it all depends on how well they march and play. Can't wait to hear the 3A bands and I will probably post later about it or just add on to this.

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Guest Brucknerfanatic8

Okay having seen the rest of the bands so far like before I have nothing else to say but wow. This time however its far more. You know that feeling when you hear a piece for the first time and it makes you feel like you have butterflies of excitement? Well if you understand what I mean I got that feeling at least once from every band. I had never heard the first piece that Warren Township played and I got to say it was astounding. I also got this from music I have already heard like Auroa Awakes when Wheeling played it. This really is the premire place for Illinois concert bands to play at and their is not even an ounce of lie to that.

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Guest Brucknerfanatic8

I'm not going to say anymore because a lot of groups have been amazing. It is so hard to pick who will get the honor band title.

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Kudos to U of I for doing this live streaming thing.  I would love to do this for a show or two next year.  :thumbsup:


Persichetti 6 and his Divertimento are two of my favorite pieces-I got to play Persichetti 6 my junior (I think) year.


Winston Churchill (Texas) did Persichetti in 2006, in what was one of my favorite shows of the season.


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Honor bands:

Junior High: MacArthur Middle School, Prospect Heights

Class 1A: Illiana Christian, Lansing

Class 2A: Yorkville, Yorkville

Class 3A:  John Hersey, Arlington Heights


Congratulations to all!

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