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Dan Balash

2012 Marching Shows

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Murphysboro: "The River"


Ol' Man River-Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein

Sweet Georgia Brown-Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard, Kenneth Casey

Shall We Gather at the River?-Robert Lowry

I'll Fly Away-Albert Brumley

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Olympia: "Illuminations and Dreams"


All music from Millennium Celebration by Gavin Greenaway, arranged by Jay Bocook and Will Rapp.


I.  Tapestry of Nations

II. Reflections of Earth

III. We Go On

IV. Chaos


That music was written for a lights show that was meant to be a one year thing.  Now it's been on for almost 13 years.  Disney had originally meant for that to written by Hans Zimmer.  Thank God they didn't, I love this music.

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Warren Township - "Gotham - A Joker's Life"


This year’s Marching Blue Devils show focuses on the villain “The Joker” and his persona just as he turns to his life of crime.


The show begins at a milestone event in the Joker’s life as he is rejected by those around him, particularly a lifelong female obsession. This is portrayed musically and visually through the opening segment…


“Creep” (suggesting he is indeed just that: a creep, a weirdo). The song begins with a mournful and contemplative melody which builds to a major forte “slap in the face”. This then resolves into a chord with a menacing dissonance in the low winds, which is to foreshadow the chaos to come.


“Breaking Bad” – a short pit interlude meant to portray his decent into madness becoming…


“The Joker” – this show segment tries to musically portray the chaotic, twisted criminal mind of the character. The main melody is a little unpredictable and incalculable, just the same as his methods of crime and revenge. Also note the intense and changing underlying percussion rhythms between the brass/woodwind hits halfway through the piece, keeping everything and everyone off-balance through the crime spree. It ends with the Joker apprehended – which is always temporary as we see in…


“Jailbreak” – This percussion break brings constant, non-stop, changing drill forms which represent the constant confusion of different elements/authorities attempting to track down the Joker. But, he has taken refuge…


“Underground” (from Harvey Two-Face) – This short segment gives pause to a tortured mind, scheming to take his chaos in a new and darker direction. Dark, minor chords with a chilling melody set the mood which builds into…


“The Last Laugh” which displays his crazed, mischievous, but evil personality. The drumline feature is presented in the middle of the production and leads into an over-the-top finish that is determined to make a big impression on Gotham – and the audience!

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Evergreen Park: "Tutankhamen"

I. KV 62 (Howard Carter's Discovery)

II. Carter's First Impression

III. The Curse Claims Eleven


Crystal Lake Central: "Judges' Remix"

American Idol Theme-Julian Gingell, Barry Stone, Cathy Dennis

Don't Stop Believin'-Journey arranged by Jay Bocook and Omar Carmenates

On The Floor-Jennifer Lopez arranged by Tom Wallace

Open Arms-Journey arranged by Jay Bocook and Omar Carmenates

Dream On-Aerosmith/Stephen Tyler arranged by Jay Bocook and Will Rapp


Antioch: "The Jazz Show" (Working title)

Big Noise from Winnetka-Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc

Someone to Watch Over Me (with live jazz singer!)-George and Ira Gershwin

La Suerte de los Tontos-Johnny Richards

Malaguena-Ernesto Lecuona


West Aurora: "Fantasy"

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Guest Brucknerfanatic8

There a going to be a lot of pop shows this year.

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Evanston: "Into the Night"

In the Still of the Night-Fred Parris and His Five Satins

Round Midnight-Thelonious Monk

A Night in Tunisia-Dizzy Gillespie


Lakes Community: "Pandora's Box"

-Original music by Key Poulan.


Johnsburg: "The Music of Elvis Presley"

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Maine West: "Darkness into Light"

I. Beginnings

Welcome to the Black Parade-My Chemical Romance

New World Symphony-Antonin Dvorak


II. Transformation

Transfiguration-Key Poulan


III. Re-Creation

Into the Light-Jay Bocook

Welcome to the Black Parade-My Chemical Romance



Pontiac: "American Rhapsody"

Chorale and Alleluia-Howard Hanson, arranged by Jay Dawson.

Battle Hymn Chorale-Larry Kerchner

Hoe Down, from Rodeo-Aaron Copland

Chorale and Shaker Dance-John Zdechlik


Arranged by Jay Dawson, Chris Crockarell and Brian Mason-Percussion

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It is now July 1st.  What does that mean?  All repertoires and show titles that we have are now live in our database?  :thumbsup:


Go to http://ilmarching.com/bands_check.php to view them on one big list, or click through to your favorite band (if their listing is green) to see their information, and what shows they are tentatively planning on attending in 2012!


Is your band in red?  Use the "submit band info" button to the left, or just post it below. :)

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T.F. North: "It's a 'Swing' Thing!"

Georgia On My Mind-Hoagie Carmichael

Hey Pachuco-Royal Crown Revue

Blues in the Night-Harold Arlen

It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing-Duke Ellington/Irving Mills

One More Time Chuck Corea-Gene Puerling

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