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Public Bands of the Year

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So everyone, with our Bands of the Year voting coming up soon, I have been working on a new automated system of voting. (it is really quite slick if I do say so myself!) While as per usual, our Bands of the Year voting is reserved for directors, judges, etc...the thought occurred to me that forum members might want to try their hand as well...just for fun of course. And with so many forum members, it would be cumbersome to do it all by hand.


SO my question to everyone is this...if there is enough interest in this, I will work on a public version of my BotY Program so that we can have 2 votes this year. The official vote, and then the public vote. Know that the public vote would not count for anything, and would be just for fun. But I thought it might be fun...and if enough people agree, I will have something ready for when Voting starts, and you all could cast votes as well :)


Post your thoughts below

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So...We have decided to move forward with the public BOTY vote this year. I am currently working on making a copy and modifying the real system to work for public consumption. This will allow any member of the public to signup and cast a ballot for Bands of the Year.


Dan and I also decided that the public's opinion (and we all know everyone here has big opinions!) should count for something. So we have decided to take the total results from the public boty vote, and use that to cast ONE ballot in the real vote...the same we that we do out ISU and UofI polls for predictions.


Look for some more information soon on how to sign-up, etc. Voting is set to open the day after Grand National Finals (November 14th).

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