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2010 Bands: Predictions

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I haven't heard much, but I feel this year will be a strong one from the progress that Pekin and Metamora made during band camp. Everyone seemed optimistic about this upcoming year, and I'm anxious to see what will happen. So what about you? What do you guys think will happen in this wonderful world of Marching Band this year?

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Bloomington was very strong last year but had a weak finals performance, but they were in the finals for the first time in school history. Their show is titled "Ladder of Success " I listened to the music and it seems intense, it should be fun to watch them grow and climb that ladder


Normal Community West is dedicated this year, i have seen a schedule and they are really looking to beat the rival Bloomington


Normal Community's show is entitled "Major league" that could be a look into the future as it may go with what they want to achieve. i dont know if they will but we'll see.


I am from bloom/norm so thats the run down so far


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