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Dan Balash

2010 Drum Corps Season

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Carolina Crown:






What if you had the ability to take another shot at a decision, opportunity, or moment? How might choosing a different direction lead to alternate opportunities? Performing musical selections inspired by these possibilities, the corps

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A bit of a look into the Cadets show:




The 2010 Cadets, now hard at work at Spring Training in Johnstown, Pa., are excited to announce details on their summer field production, TOY SOULDIER.


Perhaps the most cherished and well-known characteristic of The Cadets is

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The Blue Devils: "Through a Glass Darkly"


The influence of Stan Kenton has not been foreign to the Blue Devils. Two separate worlds that in a peculiar dance of coincidence continue to leave an imprint on audiences worldwide. According to Ted Gioia in his book The History of Jazz, "The strong willed Kenton, forged an orchestra in his own image: as massive as his six-foot-and-a-half tall frame, as expansive as his personal aspirations, as varied as his moods." He continues later to describe his ambition as "a need to create important music, jazz music on a larger scale than anyone had envisioned before".


Kenton's orchestra was much more than a rich presentation of star soloist; he also advocated the works of new composers and embraced any opportunity to explore artistic contrast. The Kenton orchestra first performed Bob Graettinger's music in 1948. Although he was called a complete original where the past sprang forth within the present to create the future, Bob Graettinger's work mirrored his self-description of "living above the timberline". The work of Graettinger and Kenton, especially The City of Glass, so challenged convention that it was vastly under-valued. Fortunately, the benefit of time can often bring a new understanding and appreciation of what was once so misaligned.


Ultimately, it is the sensibility of the entire "City of Glass" album that informs the 2010 Blue Devils Production of "Through A Glass, Darkly". Performing in an ever-changing city of glass and mirror, the Blue Devils continue to explore and discover visual possibilities outside the norm. Through reflected light and the prism of color the future unfolds. The Blue Devils honor Graettinger and Kenton's innovation with a reflection of the past that defines our present and heralds the future.


"For now we see ...... through a glass, darkly"


Musical Selections Include:


City of Glass Suite - Bob Graettinger

Conflict - Pete Rugolo

Mirage - Pete Rugolo

Trajectories - Franklyn Marks

Incident In Jazz - Bob Graettinger

Laura - David Raksin

La Suerte De Los Tontos - Johnny Richards




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Blue Devils B:




Music by Imogen Heap, John Meehan and John Mapes


Space (noun)


1 a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied

* an interval of time (often used to suggest that the time is short, considering what has happened or been "achieved in it"

* the freedom and scope to live, think, and develop in a way that suits oneself


2 the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move : the work gives the sense of a journey in space and time

* the physical universe beyond the earth's atmosphere


In 2010, BD 'B' explores all dimensions and aspects of space; from the outer space surrounding our planet to the space between notes in a chord, BD 'B' will explore it all!




* "Overture: Introduction and March" (from Interstellar Suite)

* "Battle: Planning The Attack/Return Fire/The Last Missile" (from Interstellar Suite)

* "Lux Aurumque"

* "Aha"

* Original Music by John M. Meehan




* Amin Bhatia

* Eric Whitacre

* Imogen Heap

* John M. Meehan




Blue Devils C:

Voyage at "C"


In 2010 the Blue Devils 'C' Corps takes to the ocean in their search of adventure, foreign lands and lost treasures. Danger and peril lurk both over the horizon and beneath the sea, but they are not enough to deter the 'C' Corps from setting sail...


Pack your seabag and join the crew! Don't miss out on your chance to experience a true 'C' adventure!



* "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General" (from "Pirates of Penzance")

* "Eternal Father, Strong To Save, The Naval Hymn"

* "Korobeiniki"

* "Yo Ho, Yo Ho" (A Pirates Life For Me)

* Original Music By John M. Meehan




* Arthur Sullivan

* George Burns & Xavier Atencio

* John B. Dykes

* John M. Meehan


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