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Dan Balash

2009 Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

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Well, after seeing everyone on MFA's fan network, mostly without interruption (did anyone else who watched this way experience problem with their video?), this is what I'm going to guess the results will be. Overall, I was very pleased with the level of performance by each group


1. Avon

2. LD Bell

3. Marcus

4. Carmel

5. Marian

6. Lawrence Central

7. Broken Arrow

8. The Woodlands

9. James Bowie

10. Centerville

11. Center Grove

12. Wando


Music- Marcus

Visual- Avon

GE- Avon

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Finals Results


12th - 88.80 Centerville

11th - 89.15 Wando

10th - 89.65 James Bowie

9th - 90.40 Center Grove

8th - 92.15 Lawrence Central

7th - 92.50 The Woodlands

6th - 92.75 Broken Arrow

5th - 94.45 Carmel

4th - 94.50 Marcus

3rd - 95.25 Marian Catholic

2nd - 95.25 LD Bell

1st - 96.60 Avon


[2nd/3rd tie broken by GE]


Music- Marcus

Visual- Avon/Marian Catholic

GE- LD Bell/Avon

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Actual results


12. 88.something Centerville

11. 89.15 Wando

10. 89.65 James Bowie

9. 90.40 Center Grove

8. 92.15 Lawrence Central

7. 92.50 The Woodlands

6. 92.75 Broken Arrow

5. 94.45 Carmel

4. 94.50 Marcus

3. 95.25 Marian Catholic

2. 95.25 LD Bell

1. 96.60 Avon


Music- Marcus

Visual- Marian Catholic and Avon (tie)

GE- LD Bell and Avon (tie)

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Congratulations to all the IL bands who represented Illinois. Great Job on Lake Park advancing to Semi-finals. Special Congratulations to Marian Catholic - once again not only making finals, but getting 3rd place and winning Visual!

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Completely insane finals. One of the best I've sat through. After the top 4, it could have been anyone from 12 to 5 and I wouldn't have been surprised. Congrats American Fork for making the trip, Congrats LP on a great semi's show, and MC, Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes. They prove time and time again that Bimm really is that much of a genius...

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That was my first BOA event I was ever able to attend, and I was blown away. Every show in finals was absolutely amazing. I agree with everyone who said holy crap to Marcus... That music was beautiful and the visual package was great to watch. I hope to return in subsequent years (and maybe snag a seat on the 45 again :D )

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Wow. What an absolutely wonderful accomplishment for MC. Hats off to them, their staff, their parents, and their kids.


Congrats to Lake Park as well. If they got 16th in Semis, what a wonderful feeling for those kids...knowing they're coming close again to getting to finals. Big applause for them.


As a final note, what a great thing to see MC, Avon, L.D. Bell, and Marcus all in the top 4. Obviously, all the finalists are great, but those four are probably the best sounding groups of all the finalists. It's great to see bands that play the best being awarded accordingly (not to say that their visual programs aren't strong, but they just sound great). It's probably easier to sound great when you have 250+ people, but still, great to see music being rewarded.

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Lake Park took 16th with a score of around 85.30 (according to their facebook page). Congrats only 3.5 outta finals! And congrats to Marian too! Tied for second and the visual caption, I wish I could have been there finals sounds like it was insane.

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One thing that's interesting to note....is that limestone got something like 10 points higher at BOA than they did last year.
Good for them! However, remember points are only relative. While 10 points is a marked improvement, it only matters relative to the overall distribution of scores.

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One thing that's interesting to note....is that limestone got something like 10 points higher at BOA than they did last year.
Good for them! However, remember points are only relative. While 10 points is a marked improvement, it only matters relative to the overall distribution of scores.
There is no doubt that Limestone has improved and grown a lot over the last year. A 10 point increase in their score is most definitely warranted. And, yes, scores are relative, but they also have merit regardless of the "distribution of scores." There is a reason the back of the sheets have boxes and number definitions. The score for them reflects the improvement they've had.


Congrats to Limestone and keep pushing forward!!

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Before I forget: Congratulations to the Klopfensteins from Morton for winning the Patrick John Hughes Parent Booster Award.


From the BOA program book:

Like many parents, Jim and Ginny Klopfenstein became involved in their local high school's marching band when their child became involved. It was 2002, and the Morton High School's marching band had fewer than 60 members. "Prior to Jim and Ginny's involvement, the booster program was little more than an organization that would provide snacks to the students after their performances," writes Morton High School Band Booster President Timm Geiger.


Jim became band booster president in 2003, continuing in that role until his daughter graduated in 2006. "Band Director Jeff Neavor presented a vision to create a marching band program that would compete at a regional level with schools that were far larger than Morton High School," Geiger remembers. "Working hand in hand with the band director and his staff, Jim and Ginny developed a strategy that would develop a booster organization supportive of the vision for the overall band program."


Today, the booster organization has become a hub of travel planning, contest administration, and more. "The Klopfensteins have been an important part of the growth of Morton High School's band program over the past eight years," says Morton's Director of Bands Jeff Neavor. "With their support and hard work, the band has grown from 60 to nearly 140 members and has won four consecutive state marching band championships. The band was also a Bands of America Super Regional finalist and performed for the Presidential Inauguration in January 2009."


When their daughter Samantha graduated, Jim and Ginny continued to serve the band. "They organized and chaired the first Morton Marching Invitational in September 2006, and they organized an off-campus band trip, BOA trips, and chaperones and food for all band activities," Neavor says. "They continue to run these aspects of the program every year. Jim has driven the band trailer to nearly every event for eight years, and Ginny has driven her own vehicle to every event, loaded with medical supplies and food. The band organization would not be where it is today without the support and efforts of Jim and Ginny Klopfenstein."


In addition to helping the band run well, the Klopfensteins have seen to the organization's financial health as well. "The invitational they founded has now become our sole fundraiser," Neavor says. "When we received word that we were selected to march in the Presidential Inaugural Parade, funds were very tight, and the trip to Washington D.C. was a complete surprise. The Klopfensteins found housing and transportation and helped the band boosters raise $65,000 in just a few weeks. Every student was able to experience this historic event for free."


The impact of this couple, Neavor says, goes far beyond the band program itself. "Over the last few years, we have had more than 20 Morton High School graduates pursue a college degree in music education. All of these students were cheered on, fed, bandaged, counseled and guided by the Klopfensteins. These future music educators who have been influenced by them will continue to influence generations of young musicians." The Klopfensteins' tireless dedication and unbridled love and support for all the band students, the nominators agree, has positively influenced the lives of hundreds of young people in the Morton High School music program.


Patrick John Hughes

The Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster award annually recognizes the extraordinary commitment, dedication, support and sacrifice of music parents and boosters around the world by shining a spotlight on an individual who exemplifies these qualities.


The award is named in honor of Patrick John Hughes, the father of Patrick Henry Hughes. Patrick Henry is a remarkable young man who, despite physical challenges that would seem overwhelming to many, has excelled as a musician and student, singing and playing piano and trumpet with the Louisville Marching and Pep Bands, with the help of his father, who tirelessly maneuvers his son's wheelchair through the formations with the other 220+ members of the Cardinal Marching Band.


The inspirational Hughes story has been featured on ESPN College Game Day, ABC World News, National Public Radio, Oprah, and in Sports Illustrated and People magazine, among others. In 2008, the family was featured as a recipient of ABC's "Extreme Home Makeover." Patrick Henry Hughes, Patrick John Hughes, and Bryant Stamford are also the authors of the book "I Am Potential-Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams."


Videos of Patrick John and Patrick Henry in action:



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Scoring breakdowns for Illinois bands. The numbers in parenthesis are by each day:




Music Performance Individual: 17.60 (8th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 16.80 (11th)

Music Performance Average: 17.20 (10th)


Visual Performance Individual: 16.10 (17th)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 16.00 (17th)

Visual Performance Average: 16.05 (18th)


Music GE 1: 15.80 (15th)

Music GE 2: 16.20 (12th)

Music GE Total: 32.00 (13th)


Visual GE: 14.70 (24th)


GE Total: 46.70 (17th)


Totals: 79.95, Division I, 10th place Class AAAA, 16th place overall



Lake Park

Music Performance Individual: 18.00 (7th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 16.50 (13th)

Music Performance Average: 17.25 (9th)


Visual Performance Individual: 17.90 (7th)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 17.10 (10th)

Visual Performance Average: 17.50 (9th)


Music GE 1: 16.10 (14th)

Music GE 2: 16.50 (10th)

Music GE Total: 32.60 (11th)


Visual GE: 17.50 (8th)


GE Total: 50.10 (tie 10th)


Totals: 84.85, Division I rating, 8th place Class AAAA, 10th place overall



Music Performance Individual: 15.40 (25th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 10.80 (31st)

Music Performance Average: 13.10 (tie 26th)


Visual Performance Individual: 13.00 (29th)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 13.00 (33rd)

Visual Performance Average: 13.00 (30th)


Music GE 1: 14.40 (24th)

Music GE 2: 13.40 (27th)

Music GE Total: 27.80 (25th)


Visual GE: 12.70 (34th)


GE Total: 40.50 (29th)


Totals: 66.60, Division II rating, 7th place Class AA, 29th place overall




Music Performance Individual: 13.20 (27th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 11.80 (40th)

Music Performance Average: 12.50 (38th)


Visual Performance Individual: 13.50 (33rd)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 12.60 (40th)

Visual Performance Average: 13.05 (36th)


Music GE 1: 13.60 (32nd)

Music GE 2: 13.20 (33rd)

Music GE Total: 26.80 (tie 33rd)


Visual GE: 12.50 (38th)


GE Total: 39.30 (34th)


Totals: 64.85, Division II rating, 13th place Class AA, 36th place overall



Music Performance Individual: 10.80 (43rd)

Music Performance Ensemble: 13.40 (35th)

Music Performance Average: 12.10 (40th)


Visual Performance Individual: 12.60 (37th)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 10.80 (45th)

Visual Performance Average: 11.70 (tie 41st)


Music GE 1: 12.30 (41st)

Music GE 2: 11.30 (41st)

Music GE Total: 23.60 (40th)


Visual GE: 11.80 (41st)


GE Total: 35.40 (40th)


Totals: 59.20, Division III rating, 7th place Class A, 40th place overall




Music Performance Individual: 14.90 (20th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 16.40 (14th)

Music Performance Average: 15.65 (tie 17th)


Visual Performance Individual: 14.90 (23rd)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 14.30 (30th)

Visual Performance Average: 14.60 (28th)


Music GE 1: 14.60 (22nd)

Music GE 2: 14.80 (24th)

Music GE Total: 29.40 (24th)


Visual GE: 15.90 (21st)


GE Total: 45.30 (22nd)


Totals: 75.55, Division I rating, 5th place Class AA, 22nd place overall




Marian Catholic

Music Performance Individual: 18.20 (7th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 18.70 (2nd)

Music Performance Average: 18.45 (4th)


Visual Performance Individual: 19.00 (2nd)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 18.80 (4th)

Visual Performance Average: 18.90 (3rd)


Music GE 1: 19.00 (4th)

Music GE 2: 18.30 (5th)

Music GE Total: 37.30 (4th)


Visual GE: 18.80 (4th)


GE Total: 56.10 (4th)


Totals: 93.45, Division I rating, 1st place Class AA, 4th place overall




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As a caveat, those overalls are overall for the day, not over both days of prelims
Good point....you cannot really compare scores from day to day anyway with 2 totally different panels of judges.

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Marian Catholic


Music Performance Individual: 17.10 (12th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 18.90 (5th)

Music Performance Average: 18.00 (6th)


Visual Performance Individual: 18.40 (5th)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 18.30 (7th)

Visual Performance Average: 18.35 (5th)


Music GE 1: 18.90 (4th)

Music GE 2: 19.00 (4th)

Music GE Total: 37.90 (4th)


Visual GE: 19.10 (3rd)


GE Total: 57.00 (4th)


Totals: 93.35, Division I rating, 1st place class AA, 5th place overall



Lake Park:

Music Performance Individual: 16.70 (tie 17th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 17.10 (18th)

Music Performance Average: 16.90 (tie 16th)


Visual Performance Individual: 16.10 (21st)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 17.00 (19th)

Visual Performance Average: 16.55 (tie 19th)


Music GE 1: 16.80 (16th)

Music GE 2: 17.00 (17th)

Music GE Total: 33.80 (18th)


Visual GE: 17.60 (12th)


GE Total: 51.40 (14th)


Totals: 84.85, Division I rating, 13th place class AAAA, 16th place overall




Marian Catholic


Music Performance Individual: 17.80 (9th)

Music Performance Ensemble: 19.00 (4th)

Music Performance Average: 18.40 (tie 5th)


Visual Performance Individual: 19.20 (4th)

Visual Performance Ensemble: 19.50 (1st)

Visual Performance Average: 19.35 (tie 1st)


Music GE 1: 19.10 (5th)

Music GE 2: 19.30 (1st)

Music GE Total: 38.40 (tie 1st)


Visual GE: 19.1 (4th)


GE Total: 57.50 (3rd)


Totals: 95.25, 3rd place.





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