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Dan Balash

Welcome to Zetaboards!

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Welcome to Zetaboards!! We just got converted last night, and you're still getting used to it just as much as we are. Give us a few days, and we'll have the message boards running pretty similar to the way they ran under Invision Free. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread, or create a new one in this category.



Look for a post from me later on explaining what's different under ZetaBoards.


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There's a few changes to the site, but overall, everything is pretty much the same.


There is also an FAQ at the top of the page on the right (next to the board guidelines), that explains that you may change your username if you wish, among other things.


I opted in for a month of ZetaBoards Premium to test it out. Added are notifications for private messages and new topic replies. I'm not sure if those 2 options (plus a few other small ones) are worth $8 a month, however.


The general layout of a post (same as always) Also, click to expand the pictures:


For a normal post, the report buttons and quote buttons are on the right hand side, the edit button is underneath the post. You all don't get the delete button, that's only for mods and admins. Under the name of the poster is a notification if they're online or offline, and a button to send them a private message.





Part 2: The PM.




Still the same general system. However, there is 2 new options. Now, but only under extreme circumstances, you can report a PM to the staff. This is not to be used for normal quibbles that go on daily. You can also forward PM's now as well.


Part 3: User profile




The biggest thing about the user profile now is the fact that you can view anyone's old posts, from the time that they joined ILmarching, until now. Also, if you have an instant messenger client, the username is only located here now, and not at the bottom of posts.



Edit: There's also a list of BB Code listed here if you are interested in figuring out what can and cannot be posted.



That's all for now. If you discover anything, or have a question, feel free to shoot any of the admins a PM or email, or post it on here.



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