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Not sayin'. Just sayin'. Siam.

Nice - seems like they were quite loud - I never saw that year. Question: to me, some of the drill & music near the end looks & sounds similar to a couple of the LWE show endings from a few years ago - did LW 99 have same design staff as some of the LWE shows a few years ago?
I can't say 100%, but i'm pretty sure Clif Smith was the only person working there who is now at LWE
Yes this is correct, Mr. Valkema Retired from LW Schools like atleast 4-5 years ago. His wife is still working at LWC

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Bump, for fun


5.) Marian 2002

4.) Prospect 2011

3.) LWE 2008

2.) Lake Park 2003

1.) LWC 1999


Also for fun, my top five LW shows besides the two already mentioned:


5.) LWW- Ring of Fire

4.) LWE- Blue Cathedral

3.) LWN- The Path

2.) LWE- Serenade

1.) LWC- Altered State

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Hmmm in the past few years or so....


2009 Lake Park

2011 Downers Grove South

2011 Marian Catholic

2010 Lake Park

2010 Lincoln-Way North

2011 Lockport (My personal favorite)

2011 Lake Park

2010 Lincoln-Way West


That's all I got for now

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