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Illinois Marching Online


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I made us an Aim Bot... His Name is ILMarchingBOT


add him and talk to him! He may just reply!

Ur aim bot doesn't know what a marching band is...I see that is a flaw. HAHA.


halod2freak (7:56:58 PM): What is your favorite band

ILMarchingBOT (7:56:59 PM): My favorite group is No Doubt.

halod2freak (7:57:05 PM): No Doubt isn't a marching band

ILMarchingBOT (7:57:05 PM): What is a marching band?

halod2freak (7:57:12 PM): You should know...

ILMarchingBOT (7:57:13 PM): Why? I don't know everything....



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