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hey everyone i wanted to make this topic to discuss the major things in music that have been happening lately. what's your favorite band? favorite album? favorite song?


and just some conversation starters

what do you think of the new AC/DC album Black Ice? new Metallica album Death Magnetic? new Killers album due to come out in November?


Pretty much whatever about non-marching/concert band music.


(not that i don't enjoy marching/concert band stuff)

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I love Ben Folds (Five). Also a pretty big fan of Weezer. I'll listen to almost anything once, really.


I'm more into comedy albums and audiobooks than anything else. David Sedaris is by far the funniest author ever. If you've ever read any of his books, you have to get the audiobooks somehow.


Patton Oswalt, Lewis Black, Jim Gaffigan are some of my favorite comedians.



Shocking isn't it? I do listen to music other than classical and marching band/drum corps.. :o

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dont believe dan hes lieing.


I atually like rap and rock. like Nickelback. Linkin park. Eminem. 50 cent g unit. 3 days grace. Its all good. But i have some piano and stuff like that mixed in

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Favorite Artist: Probably Radiohead or Belle & Sebastian or Interpol

Favorite Album: Either OK Computer or In Rainbows by Radiohead or Antics by Interpol

Favorite Song: Couldn't pick just one.

The Top 3 Most played songs on my iPod are "La Valse d'Amelie (Orchestra)" from the movie Amelie, "Miranda" by Michael Nyman (PCEP 2006, 2nd Mvt.), and "These Days" by Nico (from The Royal Tenenbaums). But I like everything :)


I mostly listen to acoustic/folk rock, experimental stuff, and movie scores by Philip Glass and Michael Nyman.

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I also listen to a lot of movie/play soundtracks.



My top 5 most played tracks according to last .fm:


1.) TRANSCENDents-L.D. Bell 2007

2.) Turbine-John Mackey

3.) Annuals mvt. 2-John Mackey

4.) Harrison's Dream-Peter Graham

5.) Spartacus-Phantom Regiment 2008

Bell 2007 > almost everything else on earth.

I love the music from Pan's, and I think they tackled better than anyone else could have.


Gotta say though, liked Bell 2006 better.

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well i also am wondering what everyones top songs that they listen to

here are mine


1. The Pretender- Foo Fighters

2. Dragula- Rob Zombie

3. Critical Acclaim- Avenged Sevenfold

4. Brick- Ben Folds Five

5. I Don't Wanna Stop- Ozzy Osbourne

6. Pain- Three Days Grace

7. Rockstar- Nickelback

8. Slither- Velvet Revolver

9. Prelude 12/21- AFI

10. Bat Country- Avenged Sevenfold

11. Bring Em' Out- Hawk Nelson

12. American Pie- Don McLean

13. Rainmaker- Iron Maiden

14. Dream On- Aerosmith

15. Love Like Winter- AFI

16. Almost Easy- Avenged Sevenfold

17. Numb- Linkin Park

18. Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

19. Rock You Like a Hurricane- Scorpions

20. She Builds Quick Machines- Velvet Revolver

21. One Way Ticket- The Darkness

22. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy

23. I Ran- A Flock of Seagulls

24. Saints of Los Angeles- Motley Crue

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my musical tastes are a wee bit different.  Yes, it's almost all drum corps/marching band/classical.


My top 50 (I think) songs according to last .fm:


L.D. Bell High School – "TRANSCENDents"

John Mackey – Turbine

John Mackey – Annuals-mvt 2

Peter Graham – Harrison's Dream

Phantom Regiment – "Spartacus"

The Cavaliers – "And So It Goes"

Lake Park High School – "Clockwork"

Philip Glass – 1000 Airplanes on the Roof

James Horner – Kaleidoscope of Mathematics

Phantom Regiment – Harmonic Journey

Jeff Beal – Alone in a Crowd

Frank Ticheli – Blue Shades

Christopher Rouse – Flute Concerto - 5. Anhran

Broken Arrow High School – "Phantasy"

Marian Catholic High School – "Dialogues With A Muse"

Michael Kamen – The Prayer (Part 2)

Marian Catholic High School – "Secret Storm"

Ben Folds – Zak and Sara

The Canadian Brass & Star of Indiana – Excerpts from Medea

Sergei Rachmaninoff – Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini: Variation 18

Karl Jenkins – Chorale VI (Sol-Fa) - Song Of Aeolus

The Woodlands High School – Hide and Seek

Christopher Rouse – Symphony #2 - 1. Allegro

Blue Devils – "Winged Victory"

Ottorino Respighi – Church Windows : 4. St. Gregory the Great

The Woodlands High School – "Sequenza"

L.D. Bell High School – "Ascension: Light of Gold"

Eric Whitacre – Noisy Wheels of Joy

Crossmen – Changing Lanes: Evolution of Changing Through a Journey

L.D. Bell HS, TX 2006 – "The Remaining" - Part 4

Igor Stravinsky – The Firebird Suite - Berceuse

Imogen Heap – Just for Now

Andrew Lloyd Webber – Variations 1 - 4

L.D. Bell High School – "The Remaining"

The Cavaliers – "Samurai"

Westfield High School 2007 – "One" mvt. 1

Westerville South High School – "The Wall"

L.D. Bell HS, TX 2006 – "The Remaining" - Part 1

Santa Clara Vanguard – "Eureka!"

L.D. Bell HS, TX 2006 – "The Remaining" - Part 2

James Syler – The Hound of Heaven

Steven Bryant – Hummingbrrd

Adam Gorb – Metropolis

Igor Stravinsky – The Firebird Suite - The Firebird and her Dance / Variation of the Firebird

Sean Callery – The Bomb Detonates

Aaron Guidry – 2-4-6-0-1 Tag Ending

Richard Wagner – Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral

Plymouth-Canton Educational Park – "The Passion Within"

Colin McPhee – Tabuh Tabuhan

Westfield High School – "Because We Are ..."

The Cadets – "The Zone (Dreamscapes in Four Parts With a Door)"

Santa Clara Vanguard – "Inventions for a New Millennium"

Gavin Greenaway – Reflections of Earth

Clear Brook High School – "RePercussion"

Plymouth-Canton Educational Park – "Out of the Shadows"

Igor Stravinsky – The Firebird Suite - Infernal Dance Of King Katschei

Blue Devils – The Phenomenon of Cool

Phantom Regiment – "On Air"

Leonard Bernstein – Mass: XIV. Sanctus: 'Holy! Holy! Holy!...'

Christopher Rouse – Phantasmata: III. Bump

Ronald Reagan High School – "It Chooses Me"

Donald Grantham – Jai ete au Bal

Samuel Barber – Medea's Dance of Meditation and Vengeance

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Anybody else listen to The Hold Steady?


they rock


TV On The Radio is also a very good new band, very intresting stuff there.


Best band out there though is probably Radiohead. There stuff is some of the coolest, far our stuff I've listened to. Then again, I have been know to listen to John Mayer..lol

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Ok so according to my zune, these are my most played artists. Some of which are custom compilations that i made to better organize my music.


Orchestral Game Concert


Everquest 2

Lewis Black

Marching Band Music

Eureka High School Band

The Cavaliers

Koji Kondo

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favorite bands in alphabetical order


1-All That Remains

2-Almost (The)


4-August Burns Red

5-Arcade Fire (The)

6-Arctic Monkeys


8-Ben Folds (Five)



11-Bloc Party

12-Brand New

13-Bravery (The)


15-Dashboard Confessional

16-Day to Remember (A)

17-Death Cab For Cutie

18-Devil Wears Prada (The)

19-Four Year Strong

20-Get Up Kids (The)

21-Haste The Day

22-Hot Hot Heat

23-Hush Sound (The)

24-Iron Maiden

25-Jack's Mannequin

26-Jimmy Eat World

27-John Mayer

28-Modern Life Is War

29-Motion City Soundtrack


31-New Found Glory


33-Postal Service (The)


35-Something Corporate

36-Taking Back Sunday




I'm sure I could've shortened this list to-Jack's Mannequin, New Found Glory, Radiohead, Something Corporate, and Weezer.


oh well, thanks to anyone that read the whole list.


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According to my iTunes, my top 5 non-marching band tracks are:

1. One Night in Bangkok (Erazor)

2. Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia movie cast)

3. Don't Feed the Plants (Little Shop of Horrors)

4. Various Gunther Tracks Tied Here

5. Shoes (Kelly) :P


What a great taste in music I have lol

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My fav songs right now

Attack- 30 Seconds to Mars

The Kill- 30 Seconds to Mars

Devils Haircut- Beck

Where it's at- Beck

Yellow- Coldplay

Clocks- Coldplay

Speed of Sound- Coldplay

Viva la Vida- Coldplay

Lux Aurumque (Symphonic)- Eric Whitacre

Cloudburst (Symphonic)- Eric Whitacre

October- Eric Whitacre

Sleep (Choral)- Eric Whitacre

Everlong- Foo Fighters

The Pretender- Foo Fighters

Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters

Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden

Aces High- Iron Maiden

Hallowed Be Thy Name- Iron Maiden

Laid to Rest- Lamb of God

Peace Sells- Megadeth

Symphony of Destruction- Megadeth

Sad But True- Metallica

Cyanide- Metallica

Escape- Metallica

The God That Failed- Metallica

Starlight- Muse

Knights of Cydonia- Muse

Hysteria- Muse


okay I should stop myself, but I have a really broad taste in music :P



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