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  1. Scores for October 15, 2011

    I like the way you think. Of course people are going to argue with it, but it is clever. In reference to hostrauser
  2. Oh man what a season. To start off great job to Morton High School! What a great accomplishment! Each one of you should be very proud of yourselves for all the hardwork youve put in this season. I didnt get to go to Grand Nationals, but of the bands I have seen at Indy and on Youtube, I just wanted to say that these shows are amazing. Avon's show was just brilliantly designed. I really enjoyed it. Its pretty amazing to see a band like that. So congrats to them. Ive watched Tarpon Springs on youtube a few times now, never actually getting real good quality videos though, but they do a great job of performing their show. It is really quite freaky. BA and Carmel had very cheerful and happy shows. I can see why BA won Fan favorite. Interesting concept to base it off the Wizard of Oz. Also, congrats on a great season everyone! Hopefully Ill be able to attend GN and see more IL bands make it into semis! P.S. Does anyone know why Harrison High School from Kennesaw Georgia doesnt go to GN? Do you think they would make Finals?
  3. ISU reviews

    You're not the only one...we have some "enthusiastic" alumni who seemingly don't know how to react as observers of a show after years as performers...some of the parents have wondered about this and discussed it in detail, and eventually we just chalk it up to the kids being truly excited about watching their former band mates and perhaps going over the top in their support. The LW schools do seem to attract a large number of alums to ISU. I know my son enjoys catching up with old friends for that one weekend each October! When NN went to the Ypsilanti Regional in MI last year, we had the pleasure of watching LWN perform. And we sat by a band parent who had a tea kettle with a bell shouting "ITS GOOD TO BE GOLD". It has literally become our own cheer now. I have noticed this cheering thing before. It was when I was sitting by some band moms during LWC show in 07 though. They were yelling everytime they played a phrase right. I think clapping would suffice, idk if yelling or screaming is exactly the right way to do it.
  4. Rock island

    Do you know if there is a recording of their show? I heard about them winning Crowd Appeal at a local competition as well. I would love to see it.
  5. BOA Indianapolis Regional Schedule

    Wow. Stacked. Finals: Father Ryan Marian Catholic Lawrence Central Castle Harrison Lake Central Paul Laurence Dunbar Carmel Center Grove Centerville Avon So.....who's #12?.......I'd say Lake Park... BUT....I could easily see LWE ousting PLD or Father Ryan also. Here's to THAT. Im pretty sure there are only 10 finalists. And I wouldnt Count Ben Davis Out either.
  6. ISU reviews

    I doubt its ever been recorded. HOWEVER, we did not have a halftime show this year because there were only 3 home games. But in the past, we have done an Indian Jones Raiders march, American Salute (compliation of american marches), we would have done battle hymn of the republic this year (its usually our parade tune with drill) and is like 5-7 mins. along with a Pom feature. Weve done star wars stuff. Famous cow boy music. Its all general pep band stuff. Things the audience would regonize.
  7. Scores for 10/23

    Man there is a lot of whining going on this year... Anyways, I had a chance to see a couple of bands this year. And it was alot of fun. I think the rain delay just made the day more interesting! (sorry for the bands who had to perform when it was pouring.) But I saw Normal West, VJA, UT twice, Eureka, Prospect, LWW, Warren, and Marian. You can tell these bands worked really hard. Marian was pretty mind blowing. And the concept was interesting. Nice to see them trying to be funny at some parts. VJA had great music and a great show. I definetly liked their show. In regards to their placing, I doubt they are worried about it. You guys are making mountains out of mole hills - worry about yourself. I think Prospect may have had an issue with Maxing out their show too early in the season. I think they are capable of doing a much more complex show. But either way I loved it. Clair de lune was beautiful. Eureka always seems to amaze me. I saw them last year and this year. Their drill always seems to be squeaky clean at ISU and they definetly play their hearts out. I had a band angle for Normal west so I couldnt fully enjoy their show. I realized they played the same song as UT. UT was interesting. But I was kinda confused about their show, it seemed kinda dark but then it had words like BELIEVE and TRUST and HOPE. But I did get the pleasure of seeing them play twice. Warren's band was interesting. Of course its hard to get all of them clean. But they played their best and improved alot since the LW invite. They should change the way they tune. Like use mirco sections and tune that way? They werent very in tune during their finals performance. LWW was a stunner. I did however have a feeling they would make finals. But no one else predicted they would. Their show could go without the temples I think. I didnt understand the purpose of those. But again, a small band who marched and played their hearts out. So yeah. Thats how I felt about what I saw. Fun day and a great senior year season. As for everyone else - stop complaining, its annoying. It is what it is and just enjoy what happened.
  8. Scores for 10/23

    They announced Warren Township in finals. Not VJA?...Unless they misannouced.
  9. Scores for 10/16

    Lincoln Way 1. LWN 2. NN 3. UT
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8De99EkBmE&feature=player_embedded An amazing short (2 minute) video about a WWII veteran's story about the power of music. Didnt think this deserved to be in the "Off Topic" Part of the forums. I considerate to be very on topic since we are a site about music. Please watch it, its very moving and has only 8k views.
  11. Scores for the weekend of 9/25

    Yeah I agree, the scores for NIU were a bit low. At least they were consistent at being low. =\ Anyways, I was able to watch all of 4A perform and that was a great experience. Especially being able to see some bands that Ive never even heard of. What really amazed me this year was Prospect. They are very clean and they sound really great. I enjoyed LP as well, but I felt that there was too much dancing/moving around type of thing. Reminded me of the Cavaliers. I hope everyone had a fun weekend!
  12. Scores for the weekend of 9/25

    From 3A and 4A it was like... Prospect 76 something Lake park 70 something NN 67 something Plainfield 63 something UT 45 something I forget Minookas score
  13. Scores for the weekend of 9/25

    For NIU I know: 3A 1. NN 2. Plainfield North 3. UT NN all caps 4A 1. Prospect 2. LP 3. Minooka LP win guard and prospect GE and perc.
  14. Scores for September 11, 2010

    I wasn't there, but knowing the music from Ronald Reagan's show I think it was the 2nd movement from Lincolnshire Posy (Horkstow Grange). Its from the first movement. The part that sounded most familiar from warm ups is at like 1:45 of Beyond Perimeters.
  15. Scores for September 11, 2010

    Great Job to everyone who competed yesterday! I had alot of fun at Lake Park. Also, did anyone else notice that Lockport is playing a song from Beyond Perimeters by Ronald Reagan? We were standing by them at warm ups and I knew I had heard the song before, and I realized it was from Beyond Perimeters. Whats the name of that piece?