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  1. ISU 2012

    I could definitely see Plainfield North taking 4A.
  2. I'm going to go to a show in Muscatine, IA (just across the Mississippi River near the Quad Cities) on July 1, and to the Rockford Show of Shows on July 15. I recommend the Muscatine show to anyone in Western Illinois, it's reasonably priced and has quite a good lineup. Where is anyone else going?
  3. Band camp !!

    So it's band camp... And now that I'm acting as a "staff" (volunteer til I go off to college) for my high school marching band I can recognize some of the individual weirdness in my the things my band does. What does your band (former band, old band, bands, whatever) do for camp? Or do they even have a camp?
  4. Favorite Competition Concession Stands

    Metamora might have had good food, but when i went to get some, they were completely out... And I was pretty impressed by the quality and price at Lincoln-Way... Not impressed by Northern Illinois. Too much price for too little quality... When Naperville Central had their comp at some college nearby there was great stadium fare..
  5. Public Bands of the Year

    I'm very interested
  6. Scores for 10/23

    Morton's show is my unquestioned favorite, because it's so moving.. I also wish they had gotten higher than seventh.
  7. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    My take (from one of the bands in the "gray area" of the 1A-4A finalists...). My band, UT, was in 5A til 4 years ago. When we were in 5A, we made finals for something like eleven out of twelve years... After being moved to 4A? We made finals once in the last 3 years... Then under the new rules we made finals. Call it self-interest, but I think the new finals rules give a better chance for the smaller schools. Also, I was pretty impressed by Warren's preliminary performance at least, maybe it was just the sheer grandeur of the spectacle, but I thought it was done well.
  8. Who wins Class 5A at ISU?

    Agreed. I watched their exhibition performance at their invitational last Saturday, and though I had an awful view, I was quite unimpressed.
  9. Who makes Finals from 5A-6A

    LP LWE Prospect obviously.... Naperville North because the fans will riot if they aren't included just kidding, because they always do their way great. Then comes DGS, VJA, and I think Lockport, with LWC and Waubonsie nipping on their heels.
  10. Who wins Class 6A at ISU?

    LP, DGS, then either Lockport or NN, but both of those make finals no problem.
  11. Who wins Class 5A at ISU?

    Prospect, LWE, then either VJA or LWC, probably Victor.
  12. Who wins Class 4A at ISU?

    I'm amazed that many people picked anything other than Lincoln Way North...
  13. Who makes Finals from 1A-4A

    Marian, Morton, LWN, Eureka, Bloomington, Wheeling, UT Followed by Normal West, LWW, Limestone.
  14. U of I Review

    ... I like complicated salutes. Good review though I like to read up on what's going on when I'm stuck actually marching at a different show.
  15. Some questions about Scores

    Thank you .... I'm really not a huge fan of our show this year, but what do I know?