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  1. 2010 shows

    Monticello is attending both the Shelbyville and ISU competitions. I'll edit with the rest as soon as I find our mailing that we received... edit: Found it. We are attending: 9/18 - Atwood 9/25 - Mt. Zion 10/2 - Monticello (Exhibition) 10/16 - Shelbyville 10/23 - ISU
  2. Favorite Pieces

    I love The Light Eternal!!! We played it when I was in 8th grade. I got to play the brake drum solo! If there was one thing I could play, I would definitely pick Reflections of Earth
  3. Scores for 10/24

    Due to certain 'things' we were unable to film all the bands at ISU. Mr Video said they should be posting video's. However, we were able to record some video's of Finals, and they are located at www.youtube.com/quickdrawfilmsThanks for those!
  4. Scores for 10/24

    I saw that at U of I at just the right angle. I would say, but I would probably be mysteriously killed after... :$
  5. ISU 2009

    Guess I'll throw in my predictions, also: 1A: Herscher 2A: Morton 3A: Marian Catholic 4A: Lincoln-Way North 5A: Lincoln-Way East 6A: Lake Park Finalists (in order of final scores): 1. Marian Catholic 2. Lake Park 3. Lincoln-Way East 4. Prospect 5. Naperville North 6. Morton 7. Downer's Grove South 8. Lincoln-Way North 9. Lincoln-Way Central 10. Victor J. Andrew 11. Herscher
  6. Specific to U of I DO sit in the right section of the stadium. "If nobody else is there, you're in the wrong spot." Anyone who was there knows what i'm talking about =D
  7. Scores for 10/17

    I enjoyed watching all bands I saw. I still contend that Hersey had a much cleaner and accurate show drill wise in comparison to Prospect. I would say Prospect appeared to have a more demanding drill, but it wasn't performed as well as Hersey's drill. I saw both shows from the Press Box and from that angle there were many spots in Prospects show that they were halted in a box or diags and there were numerous members way out of the form. Now in saying that I still think Prospect had a great show, it just wasn't what we are used to seeing from Prospect as far as drill accuracy. I think its already been said but it is impossible to compare Macomb and the A and AA bands scores because it was a completely different judging panel (with exception to the caption awards). As far as the competition as a whole I thought it was a shame how they rushed the awards, it really ruined the ability for the kids to enjoy their accomplishments. I agree, they were both very high quality shows. However, Prospect just wasn't as clean (drill wise) as I remember them from last year. Props to Hersey, you deserved it.
  8. Scores for 10/17

    Monticello did great yesterday! That's the first time that we have placed in field (according to our director) in about twenty years! Congratulations to our drum majors too for receiving first place in field! And congratulations to all of the other bands, Class B had a really quality crop this year and many of the scores were extreeeeeeemely close!
  9. Shows for 10/17

    I received a text from a friend that works for BOA saying that William Mason was considering withdrawing from the St. Louis Super Regional. They had 60 kids (out of about 200) out yesterday, and 800 out of a school of 3,000 kids were sick.Wow! That is a TON! I think the most we've had out recently is about 70, we have an enrollment of about 550.
  10. Your Dream Jeopardy! Categories

    1. The Facts of Life 2. Chemistry 3. Miyazaki 4. Potpourri! 5. Photoshop 6. Marching Band Final Jeopardy: World Capitals
  11. Who wins ISU Finals?

  12. Danville Viking Invitational Review

    Those were great! Really fun to look at!
  13. Scores for the weekend of 9/26

    Monticello got second, shift your others down one. Class A 1. Eureka 2. Monticello 3. Tri-Valley 4. Watseka I'm not sure on any others... but I believe that Tri-Valley won Percussion and Eureka won all others.
  14. Favorite Show

    You mean TRANSCENDents? Yes. One of my favorites that I have seen.
  15. ISU 2009

    man. she really loves those tubas. there's nothing I enjoy more than a good ol' happy judge tape.True Story. The happy ones and the crazy ones are the best lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNP4K-QJJ_I