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  1. What do YOU play?

    ::Stands on chair and claps wildly:: THANK YOU FOR SAYING WHAT THE REST OF THEM SHOULD!
  2. Drum Corps

    First off, thanks to everyone for their help! Do most people go through a division II corps before going to dividion I corps? How much harder is it to get into a division 1 corps/ how good do you really have to be?
  3. Drum Corps

    Thanks, I guess I wasn't very clear on that other post.... but thank you anyway! I was leaning towards colts too. I have always loved the 'spirit' behind the Cavie philosophy. I don't know if it was just working with some of them as our staff or what, but there was just something different behind them.... is there a corps that is similar to their "philosophy"? (A minor corps again...)
  4. Drum Corps

    Ok so heres the deal. After ending my marching band career at BOA Indy this past Saturday, I have decided that I would REALLY like to march corps this summer. So if the parentals ok it and I can take care of all the monetary stuff, it looks as if I may be able to march. Heres my question: *What is a good corps to start out with? I don't come from an absolutly spactacular colorguard, but we are pretty good, and have always done very well competition wise. I've looked a little bit at Pioneer, and Colts but thats it so far. Can anybody help me?
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  6. What do YOU play?

    Geez... is this really gonna be yet another thread beating the crap out of eachother? C'mon lets at least find something worthy to fight about. Pick me. Beat me up, I don't care, just do something different then throw a tantrum about which three year old has the best and shiniest toy. *I feel sorry for all the trumpet players out there whos egos really arent as big as their brothers and sisters's egos.*
  7. What do YOU play?

  8. Postseason...

    Yup, its possible. We can march and not play in a band class. Im sure it effects our sound and stuff though. We don't get credit for marching band though.
  9. Postseason...

    Pep band. Winterguard. This season should be interesting though. We have 5 or 6 guys+ that want to do it, so it should be a lot of fun. That and we're kinda sketchy on what the leadership is gonna be.
  10. BOA Indy

    ok, once again I DON'T CARE ABOUT SCORES! All I ment to say was my own, personal reaction to what happened. And I didn't say that being placed in the bottom three bands was "disgraceful" or anything. It was just my personal oppinion about how I was affected and reacted to it. I don't think there is any wrong or right way to react to it, and I don't think there is any right or wrong way of judging how a performance went. When if first happened happened, I was talking to people and the statement i kept saying was: ........ that I was so happy how our performance went, but it killed me to see people who have been working 5 years get upset over this. Thats it. Really. If we had deserved what we had originally got, fine, it wouldnt have change how I felt about our performance. Its seeing the faces of everyone else that made me so upset. And in no way do I think we are better then any other band, and I just thought people would want to know what happened, since BOA is going to post it on their site anyways. People from other schools have been IMing me anyways, so it should probably be posted anyways since people are asking what happened.
  11. BOA Indy

    "But going on to this forum and the BOA forum to tell us this error on every Indy thread isn't going to put you in finals." Wow, um wait. When exactly did I say this would change anything about us makeing finals?! Definitly caught the wrong message off that post... Let me put it this way: Freshman year, its your first year marching. You suck so much, you want to quit. Not only that, but your director thinks you suck so much that he thinks you'll quit and doesnt't even write you a drill spot. So come band camp, your told you will only get to march half the show because you and one other person where both assumed that one of you would quit. You finish out the year with a band doing excellent at ISU and decide to come back next year. Sophomore year, your still a young marcher, so when your band gets 17th at ISU, and don't make finals for the first time in like 15 years, you can tell the seniors ar just devestated... you go to indy, place in the low teens, with a division II rateing. Junior year, for the first time since 1999, your band wins 5A at ISU, unexpectedly. Absololutly amazing, a moment you will never forget. You can tell you band is going to do amazing things next year. SENIOR YEAR, you compete and place well in numerous competitions, and as the season gos on, you have to keep raising your goals because you keep reaching them. And for the first time ever in the history of the band, you make a BOA finalist band at Pontiac, where you were expecting 10th place, but actually recieve 6th.You take 5A again at ISU, and looking at other bands, realize you are actually scoring in the range of BOA Indy finalist bands. This has never happened as long as you can remember, so you are so excited to have a chance at makeing Indy finals. So, its one week before Indy, its a Saturday 9 hour rehersal. You work hard, with the rest of the band to become the best you can. All week people are pumping eachother up for this weekend because of what may actually happen.. Now its Indy, you put on an amazing show both individually and as a band. Seniors are crying, people are so happy the show was amazing, and you await scores and placements. At announcements, you recieve 32nd place and a division III rating....... and this wouldnt phaze you? We place higher with our sophomore show, which didnt go over that well at any competition that year... and now we come here with an amazing show that is worthy of a 5A title and are told we are one of the worst bands with worst executed show? And this was the show you have been working four years toward, and even though you feel like you had an amazing show, you still feel like you failed. Something i firmly believe in is that one goal of marching a show is to capture the hearts of the audience, and give them that amazing feeling we as marchers get after marching an amazing show. And Saturday I felt like I had failed them. They came with the expectations of us, and until I heard the correction, I felt as if I had failed them... I felt I had given my best, done my best, and the judges told me that, in their eyes, that I had failed them. BUT. I still felt like I had failed THEM. NOT MYSELF OR MY BAND. A big part of band, other then marching for yourself, is the competitive side as well.... so people focus more of their goals on the feeling they get after a performance, and more people focus their goals on scoring. It changes person to person and band to band. Tell me that wouldn't phaze you just a little. Wow, that sounded really harsh. Sorry. I hope this clears up what I was trying to say in my first post. Please don't get upset over this post, its not meant to cause any problems, its just a statement reguarding something I feel very, very strongly about...
  12. Pep Band

    You guys have the Mortal Kombat Theme song thats freakin sweet. and our school banded a song called The Stripper. i guess people acually started to stip when we played it. i don't know they banned it right before i got into high school so i never got to hear or see why but we still play centerfold every so often and my fav pep band songs are "i can't get no statisfaction" and "blue collar man" or something like that. Hahaha... We play "The Stripper" too, funniest moment ever: "C'mon guys! Listen to the music! You need to play with some emotion! Look at the title, now picture in your head what the music in convaying.... ok lets take it at letter B. This would be the part where letter A's brother jsut took the stage....." Haha, I'll never forget that... We always have a favorite called "Hey Baby".... fun times!
  13. anyone see macombs show?

    Is there a senior trumpet named Kyle in Macomb?
  14. BOA Indy

    Hey all, I just got back from Indy! Wow, what a day... I hope everyone had as much fun as I did... so heres my expirience: I personally had an amazing show, and I think almost the entire band thinks the performance was amazing! Yay! It was quite a rollercoaster with the judging though... ***its not up on the site yet, but Wheaton Warrenville South (us, Illinois, "aka "The Lion King Show") was announced as a division 3 rating in prelims. Really we had a division 2, and our placement was 17th, and not 33rd (I think, I know they put us in the last three). I have no idea what happened, and the director of BOA Indy said the changes would be posted and he was going to find out what happened, so I'm VERY interested to find out how in the world this happened. Whats not good is this messes up the placements for bands 17-32 or 33 since I guess that screws up placements... idk. Oh yeah, apparently class AA Bellview was place 3rd, but that was wrong, with Bluevalley actually placeing 3rd and Bellview placing 4th. Hope all these changes make sense! Its 4 in the morning, and I'm barely coherent so there is probably something wrong in here... Yup, so I guess my last senior performance was amazing.... lots of crying... followed by more crying out of pure... I dont know what you would call it. I don't even care about scores and I know our show was amazing (ya, that feeling you get after a REALLY good run..), but just seeing the look on everyones faces as we headed back to the buses after getting the scores.... everyone looked horrible, and no one could understand what happened. This year we really believed we might have made finals, we worked all week adding a whole bunch of new stuff, and a 8 hour Saturday rehersal....and then be told we had a division 3 rating... ouch. Kinda a blow to the face... But, all I can say is that this was an amazing day, I got to expirience all the emotions I've felt over the 4 years... all compacted one last time in a period of 20 hours. Wow, doesn't happen often. ***Marching Band is officially over for me.... tear...*** Bye dudes! ~Kate
  15. ISU Big Red Marching Machine

    I LOVE MIKE MCGUINESS! (Freshman Tuba!) WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Yay for fire tubas!