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  1. Band camp !!

    Normal West does two weeks of camp. Monday through Thursday from 1pm-9pm. Typically the schedule looks like this: 1-2 Stretching/Basics 2-3 Visual Rehearsal (learning new drill without music) 3-4 Sectionals/Ensemble Rehearsal (changes depending on day) 4-4:30 Dinner!!! 4:30-5:00 Section Spirit 5-8 Full Rehersal (Putting music with new drill) 8-8:45-Parade Rehearsal (for State Fair Competition) 8:45-9 Ave Maria, Announcements, Section Hype
  2. Lincoln-Way West's director passes away.

    Wow. Truly Tragic. I Send my Regards to his Students at Lincoln Way West and to his former students from Lincoln Way Central.
  3. 2011 Marching Shows

    Normal West: "MoonLIGHT" Waxing (12 Seconds to the Moon- Robert W. Smith) Half (Moonlight Sonata/Claire De Lune- Beethoven/Debussy) Full (Kingfishers Catch Fire: Mvt. II- John Mackey)
  4. Scores for 10/23

    Those were not the three in I was expecting.Agreed
  5. Shows for October 9, 2010

    I looked at the Panther Marching Band festival schedule and it says that LWE performs at 8:00 with NW at 8:15 and the EIU Band at 8:30
  6. Scores for 9/18/2010

    Recaps for Edwardsville http://midwestmarching.com/pdfs/2010/tigerambushscores2010.pdf
  7. Scores for September 11, 2010

    Because Guard is a caption and isn't factored into scores for placement. Only Music/Visual Individual/Ensemble and GE are factored into placements.
  8. IMEA all state convention question

    Usually two or three I believe. I think it was two this previous one.
  9. 2010 shows

    Normal West: Musical Selections to Include: Chorus Angelorium by Samuel R Hazo Angels in the Architecture by Frank Ticheli Attending: St. Louis, MO VP Parade-7/3 State Fair Parade-8/12 Washington-9/11 Edwardsville-9/18 Eastern Illinois-10/9 U of I-10/16 ISU-10/23 Bands of America Indianapolis Regional-11/6
  10. 2010 shows

    Doubt it, as they did a baseball themed show back before West split from them (or so I have heard. . .) although it would be interesting to see either way
  11. 2010 Contest Dates

    Washington, September 11th
  12. 2009 ILMarching Bands of the Year

    Div I Marian Catholic Lake Park Prospect Lincoln-Way North Lincoln-Way East Lockport Downers Grove South Victor J Andrew O'Fallon John Hersey Div II Morton Bloomington Limestone Lincoln Way-West Normal West Washington United Township Lemont Div III Eureka U-High Macomb IVC Prairie Central Murphysboro Div IV PBL ROWVA Altwood-Hammond Tri-Valley
  13. 2009 Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    idk the only twitter updates that came in where the ones for A and AAA
  14. 2009 Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    At least they had a great show from what I heard I am more surprised at Plymouth Canton not making it, but at least it shakes things up a bit