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  1. Random Question

    Can somebody explain the "7+7" system ISU use for Finals?
  2. Who's Going Where 2020?

    Warren Township Sep 12th: Lake Park Sep 26th: NIU Oct 17th: ISU
  3. Show Titles and Music Fall 20 Season

  4. Who's Going Where 2020?

    I know some Indiana bands have crossed the border to Chicagoland competitions and traditionally done pretty well. Maybe that'll happen again this year?
  5. Who's Going Where 2020?

    Plainfield North Sep 12th: Stagg Sep 19th: Plainfield South Sep 26th: Romeoville Oct 17th: ISU Oct 23rd-24th: BOA Indianapolis Plainfield Central Sep 12th: Stagg Sep 19th: Plainfield South Oct 10th: Downers Grove South Oct 24th: WIU Plainfield East Sep 12th: North Central I don't if they're only doing that, or...
  6. Who's Going Where 2020?

    Victor J. Andrew Sep 12th: North Central Sep 19th: Victor J. Andrew Sep 26th: Romeoville Oct 10th: Lincoln-Way Oct 17th: ISU
  7. Who's Going Where 2020?

    Lincoln-Way Sep 12th: Stagg Sep 19th: BOA Clarksville Oct 10th: Lincoln-Way Oct 17th: ISU Oct 24th: BOA Indianapolis Morton Sep 12th: Washington Sep 19th: Morton Oct 3rd: Dunlap Oct 10th: Lincoln-Way Oct 17th: ISU Oct 24th: BOA Indianapolis Nov 13th-14th: BOA Grand Nationals Champaign Central Sep 12th: Washington Sep 19th: Monticello Oct 10th: U of I Lockport Sep 12th: Lake Park Sep 19th: Victor J. Andrew Oct 3rd: BOA Cedar Falls Oct 10th: Lincoln-Way Oct 17th: ISU Oct 24th: BOA Indianapolis Nov 12-14th: BOA Grand Nationals
  8. Who's Going Where 2020?

    Feel free to post schedules when you know them Collinsville Sep 12th: O'Fallon** Sep 26th: Collinsville Oct 3rd: Washington (MO) Oct 16th: BOA St. Louis Oct 17th: ISU Oct 31st: Greater St. Louis *I've heard that this competition has been moved to later in the year, but that is not confirmed* Belleville West Sep 26th: EIU Oct 3rd: Washington (MO) Oct 10th: SIU Oct 17th: Quincy Oct 31st: Greater St. Louis Granite City Sep 12th: O'Fallon** Sep 19th: Edwardsville (Tentatively) Sep 26th: EIU Oct 3rd: Washington (MO) Oct 16th-17th: BOA St. Louis Oct 31st: Greater St. Louis Edwardsville Sep 12th: O'Fallon** Sep 19th: Edwardsville Oct 10th: U of I Oct 17th: ISU
  9. COVID 19

    I've heard from my younger friends that Collinsville started this past Monday with each section rehearsing once a week, with 3ish sections a day, and with their usual parades being cancelled, I assume are working on show music.

    My opinion... 2A 1. Morton (Undefeated in class since 2005, I don't see that changing. Not my favorite show, but quite well done.) 2. Providence Catholic (Solid program, having a good year.) 3. Canton (Curious to see margin to Top 2, Providence especially) 4. Metamora 5. LaSalle-Peru 1A 1. Illinois Valley Central 2. Eureka 3. University 4. Paris 5. Macomb 6. Olympia 4A 1. Romeoville 2. John Hersey 3. Rock Island 4. Batavia 5. Alan B. Shepard 6. Argo 7. Elk Grove 8. Pekin 3A 1. Marian Catholic 2. Galesburg 3. Limestone Community 4. Bloomington 5. Lemont 6. Dunlap 7. Antioch 6A 1. Lincoln-Way 2. Lockport Township 3. Downers Grove South 4. Warren Township 5. Lake Park 6. Normal 7. Minooka 8. Huntley 9. Joliet West 10. Glenbrook South 5A 1. Prospect 2. Victor J. Andrew 3. Edwardsville 4. Plainfield North 5. H.D Jacobs I'll leave Finals to the more knowledgable people on here.
  11. McKendree Preview of Champions- Oct 12th

    Results 1A 1. Murphysboro 56.70 (Visual, General Effect, Percussion) 2. Centralia 53.10 (Music, Color Guard) 3. Orchard Farm, MO 45.85 4. Richwoods 39.70 2A 1. Effingham 51.525 (Visual, General Effect) 2. Carbondale 51.45 (Music, Percussion, Color Guard) 3. Northwest, MO 48.65 4. Richland County 48.275 3A 1. Highland 52.5125 (All Captions) 2. Civic Memorial 49.025 4A 1. Collinsville 61.075 (All Captions) 2. Mehlville, MO 57.775 3. Seckman, MO 56.275 SS Grand Champion: Murphysboro LS Grand Champion: Collinsville Overall Grand Champion: Collinsville The Recap is on the Greater St. Louis Marching Facebook Page
  12. BOA St. Louis

    Friday 10:30 Francis Howell Central H.S., MO 10:45 Parkway Central H.S., MO 11:00 McCracken County H.S., KY 11:15 Collinsville H.S., IL 11:30 Bentonville H.S., AR 11:45 Fort Zumwalt West H.S., MO 12:00 Bellevue West H.S., NE 12:15 Alton H.S., IL 12:30 Break Judge Panel 1 01:00 Oakville H.S., MO 01:15 David H. Hickman H.S., MO 01:30 Liberty H.S., CO 01:45 East Peoria Community H.S., IL 02:00 Washington H.S., MO 02:15 Triad H.S., IL 02:30 Hernando H.S., MS 02:45 Providence Catholic H.S., IL 03:00 Granite City H.S., IL 03:15 Highland H.S., IL 03:30 Monticello H.S., IL 03:45 Normal H.S., IL 04:00 Wentzville Holt H.S., MO 04:15 Break Judge Panel 2 04:30 Francis Howell H.S., MO 04:45 Marquette H.S., MO 05:00 Francis Howell North H.S., MO 05:15 Timberland H.S., MO 05:30 Mascoutah H.S., IL 05:45 O'Fallon Township H.S., IL 06:00 Rockwood Summit H.S., MO 06:15 Northwest H.S., MO 06:30 Fort Zumwalt North H.S., MO 06:45 Break Judge Panel 1 07:30 Lafayette H.S., MO 07:45 Belleville East H.S., IL 08:00 Lindbergh H.S., MO 08:15 Grain Valley H.S., MO 08:30 Air Academy H.S., CO 08:45 Kickapoo H.S., MO 09:00 Union H.S., OK 09:15 Bellevue East H.S., NE 09:30 Blue Springs H.S., MO Saturday Prelims Schedule Judge Panel 2 07:15 Dixie Heights H.S., KY 07:30 Nixa H.S., MO 07:45 Camdenton H.S., MO 08:00 Washington H.S., OK 08:15 Bartlesville H.S., OK 08:30 Coppell H.S., TX 08:45 Hollister H.S., MO 09:00 Neosho H.S., MO 09:15 Bixby H.S., OK 09:30 Break Judge Panel 1 09:45 Lake Travis H.S., TX 10:00 L.D. Bell H.S., TX 10:15 Haltom H.S., TX 10:30 Rosemount H.S., MN 10:45 Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX 11:00 Bentonville West H.S., AR 11:15 Millard North H.S., NE 11:30 Carroll H.S., TX 11:45 Mahomet-Seymour H.S., IL 12:00 Jenks H.S., OK 12:15 Lincoln H.S., SD 12:30 Siegel H.S., TN 12:45 Break Judge Panel 2 01:15 Willard H.S., MO 01:30 Trinity H.S., TX 01:45 Choctaw H.S., OK 02:00 Union City H.S., TN 02:15 Cedar Rapids Prairie H.S., IA 02:30 Jefferson City H.S., MO 02:45 DeSoto Central H.S., MS 03:00 Franklin H.S., TN 03:15 Broken Arrow H.S., OK 03:45 Prelims Awards Ceremony
  13. EIU Panther Marching Band Festival - Oct 5

    In the past, they've used a combination of band size and school size, something like 1A: School <500, Band <50 2A: School <500, Band >50 3A: School 500-1000, Band <80ish 4A: School 500-1000, Band >80ish 5A: School >1000, Band <100 6A: School >1000, Band >100
  14. SIU Music and Motion

    C 10:00 Sparta 10:15 St. Charles, MO 10:30 Kelly, MO 10:45 Freeburg B 11:00 Northwest, MO 11:15 Carterville 11:30 Puxico, MO 11:45 Carbondale C 12:00 Anna-Jonesboro A 12:15 New Madrid Central, MO 12:30 Massac County 12:45 Fort Zumwalt East, MO AA 1:00 Hillsboro, MO 1:15 Marion 1:30 SIU Marching Salukis 1:45 Awards
  15. Red & Black Fall Classic (NIU) Predictions

    The scores are on the page. Some of them are, well, a little interesting...