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  1. Show Titles and Music for 2019-20

    Collinsville- "One Step Closer" Angels In The Architecture-Frank Ticheli Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin Original Music by ? (Will edit later)
  2. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    I also do very much like the fact that they moved U of I and ISU to separate weekends again. Allows for some of the best programs to show their stuff at two high-caliber competitions.
  3. ISU Very Very Early Predictions

    O'Fallon isn't coming because of BOA St. Louis being the same weekend. I was mildly surprised when I saw that they weren't going to U of I. I personally think that Warren Township will be a bit lower than most people have them predicted. Prospect, Lockport, Hersey, Lake Park, and Morton all will most likely finish higher than them in my opinion. Then again, Gurnee is the opposite corner of the state from me (basically, anyway) and they have shown great growth over the past couple of years. And of course, as a previous poster said: "I'd love for most of this to be wrong, as changes are good for the competitiveness and education of Illinois."
  4. 2019 Competition Dates

    I can confirm that the Gateway Marching Classic will be happening in 2019. The 5th edition of the competition will be held on the 28th of September at Kahok Stadium.
  5. Prediction for University of Illinois Marching Band Championships

    1A Don't know a lot about any of these bands. I'll predict Watseka in 1st, Blue Ridge in 2nd, and Tri-Valley in 3rd. 2A One of the most competitive classes top to bottom all day, several good groups participating. I think that Newton will be 1st, Monticello 2nd, and most likely Paris in 3rd 3A Another solid group of bands. I'm curious to see the gap between Mahomet-Seymour and East Peoria. I think the Marching Bulldogs will win by about 2 points. The battle for 3rd will be between Morris, Highland, and Normal University. GC: Mahomet-Seymour 4A This class is a crapshoot, I have no idea how this will turn out. I'll give a range of positions for each band. Triad (3rd-6th) Solid program,late 80s DCI-like show. (Thematically anyway) Grayslake North (2nd-5th) Don't know much apart from them being a good group of musicans Antioch (5th-7th) Don't know anything. Lakes Community (1st-6th) I have no idea on this group. Far end of the state (I'm in SW Illinois), very little knowledge but people seem to think quite highly of them. We'll see come Saturday Galesburg (1st-4th) Nice to see them rise back up Champaign Central (4th-7th) "Home" show for them, looking for good run after GC at Danville Washington (1st-3rd) Consistently one of the better bands amongst the very talented Peoria suburbs. 5A Expect the Metro-East bands to run placements in this class. Belleville East have a very good show (Jazzy Alice in Wonderland effectively) and should win the class fairly comfortably. Granite City are looking to defend their class championship with Somewhere over the Rainbow and their 2-wheeled GE generators. Collinsville bring their always solid hornline as well as an improved guard (MCCGA champions last winter), but I don't think they'll catch the Warriors. Stagg should get 4th, with the bottom field battles being interesting as well. 6A Either Waubonsie Valley or Minooka for 1st. Neuqua Valley probably 3rd.
  6. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    Does anybody have McKendree recaps?
  7. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    McKendree Placements 1A 1. Orchard Farm (All) 2A 1. Murphysboro (All) 2. Civic Memorial 3. Salem 4. Freeburg 3A 1. Highland (Music,GE,Visual,Guard) 2. Nashville (Percussion) 4A 1. Mehlville (All) 2. Seckman 5A 1. Triad (All) 2. Marion 6A 1. Edwardsville (All) 2. Collinsville
  8. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    Predictions Wise: Murphysboro should win 2A fairly comfortably. Salem and Civic should be 2nd and 3rd. Highland will take 3A. 4A will be very competitive, but I will give the slight edge to Seckman. 5A should be fairly competitive as well, but I would favor Marion. 6A should be fairly tight. Collinsville are looking to maintain their 8 year class winning streak, but Edwardsville will be the favorite for GC. Top 5 Overall: 1. Edwardsville 2. Collinsville 3. Seckman 4. Murphysboro 5. Mehlville
  9. Saturday, September 29th Discussion

    McKendree Schedule: National Anthem 2:20 2:30 Orchard Farm, MO (A) 2:45 Salem (AA) 3:00 Murphysboro (AA) 3:15 Freeburg (AA) 3:30 Civic Memorial (AA) 3:45 Break 4:00 Nashville (AAA) 4:15 Highland (AAA) 4:30 Break 5:00 Mehlville, MO (AAAA) 5:15 Seckman, MO (AAAA) 5:30 Marion (AAAAA) 5:45 Triad (AAAAA) 6:00 Break 6:15 Collinsville (AAAAAA) 6:30 Edwardsville (AAAAAA) 6:45 Break 7:00 McKendree University (EXB) 7:15 Awards
  10. 2018 Metro East Marching Classic

    Part of that is my fault. I sent the scores in (sans recap) and didn't think to specify Triad as Small School GC. I thought I said that FZN and East tied and that FH didn't show. Maybe my wording was confusing?
  11. 2018 Metro East Marching Classic

    First competition of the year for the Metro-East. What are everyone's predictions for Saturday. Here are mine. 1A 4. Civic Memorial 3. Nashville 2. Effingham 1. Mater Dei (All captions) 2A 4. MacArthur 3. Highland 2. Mascoutah (Guard) 1. Triad (Music, Visual, Percussion) 3A 6. Francis Howell North 5. Collinsville 4. Fort Zumwalt South 3. Rockwood Summit (Percussion) 2. Granite CIty 1. Fort Zumwalt North (Music, Visual, Guard) 4A 6. Alton 5. Francis Howell Central 4. Edwardsville 3. Francis Howell (Percussion) 2. Lindbergh (Visual) 1. Belleville East (Music, Guard) Let me know what your thoughts are
  12. Show Titles and Music for 2018-19

    Collinsville- What Dreams May Come Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens Waltz from Sleeping Beauty by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky Sweet Dreams (Are made of this) by Eurythmics
  13. Who's going where 18-19

    Alton Metro East Marching Classic Murphysboro Drums at Appletime Mt. Zion Marching Contest Washington High School Marching Contest (MO) Bi-State Marching Invitational (MO)
  14. Who's going where 18-19

    I know this is still pretty early, but with the summer season just around the corner (or even already begun), I was curious to see which bands would be going to which competitions. Here is what I have... Collinsville Metro East Marching Classic Tiger Ambush Classic McKendree Preview of Champions University of Illinois Championships BOA St. Louis Super Regional (MO) BOA Grand Nationals (IN) Belleville East Metro East Marching Classic Tiger Ambush Classic BOA Clarksville Regional (TN) Fort Zumwalt North River City Showcase (MO) University of Illinois Championships Belleville East Marching Invitational BOA St. Louis Super Regional Edwardsville Metro East Marching Classic Tiger Ambush Classic McKendree Preview of Champions Carterville Lions' Classic Illinois State Marching Band Chamionships Belleville East Marching Invitational Feel free to post others as you get them.
  15. Results 10-28

    Finals Scores from Belleville East All captions: Edwardsville 9th Mater Dei 65.20 8th Mascoutah 68.90 7th Highland 70.725 6th Waterloo 74.15 5th Alton 74.725 4th Murphysboro 75.675 3rd Collinsville 76.075 2nd Limestone Community 79.325 1st Edwardsville 84.85