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  1. Where to post?!

    The only thing I can think of is you put like UIL and Indiana state competition in the out of state bands, but BOA in general because every regional within one state of Illinois has at least one Illinois band in it.
  2. It's official...

    17000 students... that's more people than we have in most towns around where I am. I guess things are different way up north, but man... that's crazy. It is crazy but some how it works. Yes our taxes go up but so does the educational excellence. My daughter graduated central '97'. Number one son east'08', #2 son north'09'. A vasectomy will for go "West" but believe it or not with right elected officials there can be responsibility. Dr Wiley has been the superintendent for 20 years for 210. I will admit after 09 I want to return to my roots and join a smaller community. I was under the impression that nobody was graduating North '09...
  3. Should we upgrade to Zetaboards?

    Man, do it. It looks better.
  4. Fantasy Basketball?

    How the heck am I winning this?
  5. If you could create a marching show...

    Good luck getting Williams to grant you permission to arrange his music-he won't. I recall some school doing a John Williams arrangement... ?!?! dunlap did a star wars show a few years back...2005 I was about to add, I don't think John Williams actually has exclusive rights to the Star Wars music. I think you can actually go to 20th century and do it. I can see how it is possible that there are only a select number of approved arrangements.
  6. 2008 Illini Marching Band Festival

    Like Lake Park. Seems rather odd that LWE would be mentioned before Lake Park in regard to BOA Grand Nationals. How may times has LWE even been in semi finals?! Correct answer, 0. In 2002 they finished in the upper 30s lower 40s. They're a completely different band now.
  7. Favorite Finals Show at ISU

    Haha, but even if the kids are voting for their own school isn't that a good thing? That means they really enjoyed their show and wanted to perform their best so they could showcase it at the highest possible level. You shouldn't have to vote for your own band. You get to work with your show a lot, but at competition you get to see other ones. Voting for yourself is just not classy.
  8. Fantasy Basketball?

    NNHSax, I expect full weekly recaps. Haha, jk. This is exciting.
  9. Fantasy Basketball?

    Pb and the Zeppelins are prepared for battle.
  10. ISU Results/Scores

    I think the solution which will never happen is to do ISU and U of I together and have a qualifying round at ISU the week before the finals at U of I. Pipe dream. Never going to happen, but I think that would make sense.
  11. ISU Results/Scores

    Good call. Lake Park de-emphasizes their percussion so much that when it came time to replace their extremely successful director, they promoted their percussion instructor to the head band director position. Please...all bands play to their strengths, or if they don't, they should. Since Lake Park's percussion instructor has taken over, Lake Park has been very successful, percussion wise. And when somebody beats them, it isn't because somebody "featured" their percussion more, it's because they got beat fair and square. All sections of the band are important. But the difference between having a good and bad percussion section can be much more impactful (both beneficially or detrimentally) to your program than having a good or bad sax section. And if you disagree with that, then you're just wrong. A drumline needs to be at least function. If your band is weak musically or technically, you need an awesome drumline to cope for it. On the other hand, Marian Catholic's drumline needs to be a functional aspect which can keep time.
  12. Marching Band Videos/Footage

    Kyle outdoes himself again. Videos are awesome.
  13. Favorite Finals Show at ISU

    I really enjoyed your show as well. Especially the part where the mime stole the baritone and ran around "playing" it, I was practically crying from laughing so hard! The whole baritone stealing thing was awesome. I loved how Normal West's show was like organized chaos in some ways. So many things seemed like they were random, but in the end, the baritone player was right where he needed to be and so on. Edit: fixed, sorry i'm really friggin tired.

    I don't know what's crazier, the fact that this thread is from my sophomore year of high school, or the fact that you probably weren't in high school when this was started. I enjoyed NN a lot this year.
  15. Straight or To The Side?: The Bari Sax Controversy

    I think it was a matter of age, not model.