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  1. Uniforms for Sale

    Salem HS Band will be getting new uniforms for 2014. We are currently seeking any school which may need to buy uniforms as we will be selling our current stock. We have 75 uniforms still in great shape. Below is a picture of what we are selling: plume, hat, jacket, gauntlets, bibbers are all being sold together. 75 full uniforms! As far as price - please contact me and we can talk individually. We are willing to negotiate! There is NOTHING on the uniform which says Salem or distinguishes us by name. Colors are Red and Green. Plumes have a little bit of silver linings in the black feathers.
  2. Previews and Predictions

    I am a band director and I must say my kids think the predictions are fun. Whether we are predicted 1st or nothing, they like the little competitive edge it gives. When we aren't listed on a prediction, their attitude is "well we are going to work to prove them wrong." I actually had a student ask me yesterday why there wasn't predictions last week and why they hadn't posted any this week. None of the students have complained about predictions doing harm or hurting their feelings.
  3. Good luck to all the bands performing at IHSA Organizational Contest this weekend!
  4. ISU Finalists Over the Years

    United Township is also at 17 with Victor J. Andrew.
  5. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    This is actually inaccurate. History would tell us that United Township would come in 2nd. They have beat Normal West a lot more than Normal West has beaten them.
  6. As a host of multiple IHSA contests - I have attended the Music Manager meetings the last 4 years at the IHSA office. Let me be clear, the intent is that if IHSA gets enough member schools interested in a competitive circuit, it is their goal to appoint a committee made up entirely of competitive marching band directors to form the rules for the marching circuit. It will not be run by the Music Advisory Committee to my understanding - which is made up of administrators, vocal teachers, elementary teachers, and band teachers. For someone to say they are just in it to make money may be right, maybe not. All I know is that IMEA has had years to form a circuit and they haven't (to be fair - same with IHSA), and now all of a sudden after IHSA expresses interest, IMEA has had a revelation of their own and now they want to do it. Seems pretty suspect to me. Also - we do not charge admissions at S/E or Org. contests - so music is dependent on some contests making money through entry fees vs. what they pay in piano and juge fees, but the rest coming through athletic event income from regionals, sectionals, and state tournaments. If we could become financially independent with a marching band regional/sectional/state format that assists in paying for S/E and Org. contests, that would make the music aspects of IHSA look better as well. I say - let's see where the IHSA gets us. They are THE only recognized official HS organization by Illinois high schools, so a state championship run through IHSA gives more credit for our case to administrators than something run by IMEA. As we are facing budget shortfalls, anything not an IHSA event can possibly start to be considered voluntary and some schools are having to pay for mileage for any trip they go to that isn't an IHSA competitive event. IMEA discussed competitive marching band years ago, and some of the "legends of IMEA" were the the staunch opponents to it. It's time Illinois had a state system. The days of individual shows, individual rules, and individual classifications need to end. I encourage all directors to vote "YES" to IHSA when that survey comes out. It doesn't bind you to having to participate in the system....but it will allow you to see what they can come up with. Don't complain without seeing what can be done first. If their results aren't what we want, then we can look to IMEA as a second option. Until then, IHSA did step to the plate first, and I think that warrants credibility and a genuine interest to do this the right way. Salem will be voting yes.
  7. IMEA All-State 2012 Convention

    Morton was also selected to perform, as well as the Lincoln Way North Percussion Ensemble, and the Hinsdale Central and Maine West HS Bands.....not to mention all the jazz bands too! Congrats to all of them.
  8. Shows of the weekend of October 8, 2011

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow!
  9. Chase Community Giving

    Attention everyone! YEA! (parent organization for The Cadets) has slipped to 3rd place in the Chase giveaway on facebook! Please use this link and vote for them to send them back into first. Watch the video and read their description about their BIG IDEA on that page too - which they will implement should they win the grand prize of 500K - which could financially help many music programs across the country! There are other music organizations you can support as well such as MENC, SCV, Glassmen, WGI, and more! Today is the LAST DAY TO VOTE! http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/222052456-youth-education-in-the-arts?src=vote_share
  10. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    Most of the 1A and 2A schools are that close because of how early they perform. If 1A and 2A were later - you would see bands from farther away come to ISU. I didn't return this year because last year we had a departure time of 4:15am. If times were later - you would see more bands come from farther away from Bloomington. The Indiana way of splitting up the classes is better - and not trying to cram all bands in all classes into 1 day.
  11. Scores for 10/23

    Congrats so far to all the bands!
  12. Student Behavior

    From a director's standpoint I will tell you why your statement isn't valid regarding maintaining numbers. Some high schools have the benefit of having all their students come from one feeder - or very large schools - from one or 2 or 3 big feeders. I have the disadvantage of multiple (5) feeders. One of them doesn't offer a band program, and one of them the music teacher that does everything K-8 is a vocal major - so the band is slim to null and the ability of the students that do come up are below par. The other 2 only have about 25 in each grade. The main feeder in town is only 50% of the high school. Then you talk politics......when you have everyone in a central feeder or 2 and it's all the same district you can work for unity in developing programs. In a case where there are multiple small towns feeding into one - the high school is a separate district from everyone else - and they are each their own district (Even the elementary and JH in Salem are separate from the HS). It seems the point being made with sports is you have certain positions and EVERY school has a set # of positions (i.e. every school only has ONE quarterback playing at once). You can pick and choose who you want to be in that position and develop them. (and obviously a couple back ups). With band - you only have what you are given to you from your feeders. Trying to start students in band once they are in high school is very difficult.
  13. 2010 shows

    Salem Community HS will be performing "Heartbeat" by Key Poulan this fall.
  14. Salem Community HS in Salem, IL is seeking a Percussion Instructor (or split battery and front ensemble with 2 people) for the upcoming season. Summer Mini-Camp would be ideal in addition to fall teaching duties and week long band camp (Aug. 2-6). Battery and front ensemble meet one night a week in addition to full band on Thursday nights from 6-9PM. Size of percussion last year was 2 snares, 2 tenors, 4 basses, 7 front ensemble. Pay based on experience. https://www.illinoiseducationjobbank.org/JobSearch/Jobdetails.aspx?jobid=58468
  15. 2009 Bands of America Grand Nationals Schedule

    Congratulations to all the IL bands who represented Illinois. Great Job on Lake Park advancing to Semi-finals. Special Congratulations to Marian Catholic - once again not only making finals, but getting 3rd place and winning Visual!