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  1. Musicals?

    huh... so are we
  2. isu or u of illinios

    ah... Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Great times, great times...
  3. isu or u of illinios

    U of I
  4. Question

    minooka to u of i class AA
  5. Just curious

    well, the tsunami coverage and that darned gas explosion was much bigger than podunk Minooka Comm. H.S. strike. I guess that Channahon, which isn't too far, is more important than minooka (although i can't understand why...)
  6. Just curious

    thanks... Last i heard is they are currently meeting (the school board and the teachers union.) There are two things still left unresolved, wages and healthcare. Hopefully, they will settle tonight, but i really don't see it happen. I will try to update you guys on the strike. The Chicago Media really hasn't covered it very well, and i have gotten all my info from a local station, and www.suburbanchicagonews.com/heraldnews
  7. News

  8. Just curious

    yup, exactly what's goin on... in fact, girls b-ball had to forfeit our game against our ruval Morris tonight
  9. Just curious

  10. Just curious

    i know, and what else sucks is is i really odn't see them settling this anytime soon. Plus, track starts (hopefully) next Monday, and I have to go to Indy for the 500 memorial day weekend and i am NOT looking forward to rushing back to school after an looong weekend...
  11. Just curious

    yup, and there sayin if the strike goes longer than the allotted emergency days, they're cutting some time outta our spring break
  12. Just curious

    nope, they won't even let anyone in, from what i heard of...
  13. Just curious

    well, today it was announced that the teachers are going on strile on Monday. This sucks.
  14. Just curious

    We didn't have a snow day, but our teachers might go on strike (hopefully)
  15. Rose Parade

    I was actually suprised to see Oswego