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  1. ISU 2009

    Looking at last year's bands by enrollment .pdf that ISU put out, here's how the classes basically broke down last year: 1A:1-699 2A: 700-999 3A: 1,000-1,599 4A: 1,600-2,000 5A: 2,001-2,500 6A: 2,501 + (smallest school was Lake Park last year at 3,000) Now, if IHSA could get their 2009-2010 enrollments up, I could do a basic estimate of who's going to be in what class. I'm going to venture a guess as to where the Lincoln-Ways will fall into categories. LWE - 2100-2300? (5A) LWC - 2500? (5A) LWN - 1600 (4A) LWW - 1000 (3A) Purely speculation based on what i've heard about the new lincoln-way schools (Yes, West is supposed to be tiny) Idk, I almost think LWC may still have enough to make it into 6A again this year, however, I am not sure. LWE may come close to 6A but I don't think they will have enough this year, so 5A for them, maybe year after. LWN prolly 4A and LWW 3A most definitely. Again these are just estimates as well.
  2. If you could create a marching show...

  3. I have a question

    Our school had the four concert bands: Concert/Symphonic/Wind Symphony/Wind Enemble durring 2-5th hours durring the day and then had marching band after school.
  4. 2009 Contests

    I'm sorry, but the BOA Regional in IN is much more competitive then ISU. I do agree that ISU is stronger then the MN show in regard to the level of competition, though.He was comparing the size of the stadium in MN to the Lucas Oil Stadium. He wasn't implying ISU was more competitive than BOA Indy. I highly doubt anyone in their right mind, even the biggest "homer," could possibly think that ISU is more competitive than BOA Indy. He was saying ISU is more competitive than the MN show, which is the debate in question for his alma mater.exactly, i was mearly compairing MN, to ISU, the crowds are larger at ISU, and in terms of Indy, that is on another planet in terms of the competition levels.
  5. 2009 Shows

    that sounds like another interesting one, i like them all and can not wait to see all of the shows perform.
  6. What Musical is your school doing?

    LWC: Once On This Island
  7. What is your favorite high school band memory?

    that sounds like fun We went to texas my sophomore year for the alamo bowl, but we only got 2nd in AAA, in both parade and field show.
  8. What should we do for reviews at shows?

    it is what dan was doing last year for ISU, i liked how he broke it down into classes, gave his opinions and possible advise, then named the placements in his opinion. I think that is what should happen, it may not be quick, but i think a lot more people would be happier to see an audience member's input as well as a few other additional things that other members will add. I personally monitered that thread last year every day for hours, waiting for my bands review. Idk I could just be me, but that is what I would like to see in the future.
  9. What is your favorite high school band memory?

    any other favorite high school memories, I love hearing the differnet memories of the different people.
  10. 2009 Shows

    True, plus the advantage now is, you get to see everyone's shows at the competition, instead of the shows way before you and after you. I think, like you said, more enjoyable in a different way. Can't wait for the next season to start off
  11. 2009 DCI Show Announcements

    Oh i can't wait to see the bluecoats show, it sounds like it will be really good. the others are sounding great as well, it will be fun to watch them all
  12. If you could create a marching show...

    it would be a really cool sounding show, I would love to watch it also
  13. 2009 Contests

    As I am sure He was, and I am willing to bet that he will, if not already, reutrn the e-mail confirming, like i said I seriously doubt that the director will not go because of a student. Especially not a competition like ISU
  14. 2009 Contests

    true, i personally liked MN, it was a larger stadium and such, almost like the BOA I went to my Freshmen year, in IN at the RCA dome, but I always enjoyed ISU much more, larger crowd, and way more competition.
  15. 2009 Contests

    MOD EDIT: Please do not address what amounts to politics on this board. The person being referenced may be a member on this site. -Kurt
  16. ISU 2009

    I agree this will make ISU a lot more accurate and interesting this year, i can not wait, like said before a step in the right direction!
  17. 2009 Contests

    I can not get why she would want to do that, There are too many memories at ISU, for her, and all the Alumni... I understand that we got better placements at MN, but my god, ISU is 1 millions times BETTER of a time
  18. What would you like to see/What can we do?

    Thanks Dbalash The memory Thread is great. It is fun to read everyones
  19. What is your favorite high school band memory?

    2005, My freshmen Year, obviously I will always have great memories from that year, however ISU was Fun to take 1st place ISU 6A Prelims 2007, ISU Finals, When we took 4th place, that was always fun. 2008, When I had surgery and missed 3-4 weeks of marching. This was a sad memory, as it was my senior year, and I missed a large chunk of it, then came back and marched my first show, ISU!!! and didn't mess up either
  20. 2009 Shows

    I think that it will be fun to watch the shows from the stands now, instead of marching them... Idk if it will be more fun though
  21. What would you like to see/What can we do?

    -Staff biographies Dbalash said this, I agree that there should be something on the ILMarching Staff. It would be interesting to see somethings, like what was your most memorable HS Marching Band memory or something. Idk...just a few suggestions.
  22. Favorite Pieces

    ok so we are playing this piece in concert band it is the song that we played at italy.. it is titled "Florintenier"
  23. 2009 Contests

    Ok so there is word going around that LWC may not be going to ISU this year, I hope that this is not true. Both Youth in Music and ISU are on the same day, and the new head Drum Major wants to go to MN instead...
  24. 2009 Shows

    Yea That will be fun to watch
  25. Favorite Pieces

    I think it was