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  1. Concert Festivals

    I'm just curious as to where and when there are concert festivals this year. I'm looking to take my band to something other than IHSA this year. Thanks.
  2. Bands of the Year--for the rest of the board...

    I hate that not going to UofI or ISU are the deciding factor. El Paso-Gridley had out performed some of the bands on Div IV list...
  3. Favorite Pieces

    Variations on a Korean Folk Song anyone? I know current composers are doing some cool stuff but I really like the 50's and 60's wind band music. Gillingham and Whitacre are two of my favorite newer composers. I love marching band, but my favorite stuff in the world is the concert works in the grade 3 to 4 1/2 range.
  4. Scores for 10/18

    I didn't see it. However, I'm thrilled that it might be swinging back. My band is always making comments about how ticked they are at me because we don't use more props or staging. I just really don't think it enhances the musical performance. There's no way that I'm old school at the age of 24 right? haha
  5. Shows for 10/18

    I'm looking forward to seeing Dunlap for the first time in 5 years. 1A is a tough draw for me this week. I'm hoping my band stays focused and comes away with something. I guess after Metamora I can't complain though. Good luck to all! I hope everyone enjoys another weekend of this wonderful activity. I know this will be a tough one for us since it's the end our season.
  6. Scores for 10/11

    Dan do you still need composites for Metamora?
  7. Scores for 10/11

    Metamora Field 1A, 2A, 3A 1A El Paso-Gridley(Music, Visual, DM, Perc, Tie Winds) 55.75 Bremen (Tie Winds) 50.60 Wetherfield 48.95 Ridgeview 48.50 (tie Winds) Oblong (aux) 48.40 2A ROWVA(music, aux) 65 Thornwood (visual, DM, Perc, Winds) 62.15 Orion 57.9 Mt. Carmel 56.65 Leroy 55.80 3A Herscher(Aux, Winds) 67.45 Niles West(Music, Visual, Perc) 66 Watseka(DM) 65.20 Rockridge 60.95 Farmington 57.80 La Salle Peru 56.85 Hopefully someone who can scan will post composites
  8. Cookie Cutter or Custom

    I think the best groups can get the point across without props. I find them to be cumbersome and a distraction, from what the shows should really be about. I love stage shows, but I don't need to see them on a football field.
  9. Special Ed Band Members

    As a director, I know I would want to include any kid who wants to be included. I think it's not necessary to change how groups are judged. I do think that we have to be accomodating, without being patronizing. It's a fine line, but I think a lot of program handle the situation with dignity. You just have to get creative.
  10. Scores for 10/11

    I'll have Metamora's tomorrow night. The classes are different than what are posted. Dr. Parks divided the bands into 5 divs. I sent Dan the new schedule, but it didn't make it up, so prepare to be confused.
  11. Shows for 2008

    I would go with the Colts Cadets. The Colts are a quality organization all the way around.
  12. Cookie Cutter or Custom

    El Paso-Gridley's show is custom arrangement/drill by the director(ahem, me) The piece is originally a concert band work, but I did one other school that did it from Colorado. However our design is vastly different.
  13. Scores for 9/27

    If you notice El Paso-Gridley missing, it's because they went exhibition only due to an eligibility policy that became active last week. They will be back next weekend at Metamora and the show is only getting stronger. The group is off this week for homecoming. KF
  14. Scores for 9/20

    Congrats to all the bands out last weekend. Predictions seemed to go pretty well. It was nice to see some good central IL bands at Pekin. It looks like there's lots of potential in the shows(Macomb's especially). Can't wait to check stuff out next weekend. I hope my kids are more excited now that they've been out once. I have a young group this year. I think some of them were pretty nervous.
  15. Shows For 9/20

    You know as a director...the restrictions probably have many +/-'s. I think we could all use to be more efficient with our time with the band. I know there is a difference between working hard and working smart.