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  1. ISU 2008

    Given how early ISU is, Prospect and Lincoln-Way East are the early favorites to win the whole thing. Lincoln-Way North will compete but they may be able to stop Marian Catholic's long consecutive class championship streak if 1) They are complete, 2) They are good and 3) Marian Catholic is sloppy and has half of a show on the field. Lemont straight up vs. Marian Catholic goes Marian Catholic's way, but Bert Johnson and LWN cannot be completely discounted..even in their first season. As much as I love Lincoln-Way, respect the great director that is Bert Johnson, and feel for the kids suffering through the split, 1) Lincoln-Way North is not complete, 2) They'll be good, but 1) will hurt them, and 3) Marian is Marian. It stinks on ice, but I doubt LWN makes finals. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.
  2. Review: ISU Finals

    An LWEer on these forums? Uh-oh. Watch out! You're being watched.
  3. ISU 2006

    Lincoln-Way East/Marian Catholic Lake Park Big Space Lincoln-Way Central Waubonsie Valley
  4. Gay Games Vii Color Guard Wants You!

    Why can't gay people compete in the regular Olympics?
  5. '06 shows

    But still doesn't compare to most in the state. Next poster.
  6. summer marching band

    amazing?!?! for LWC maybe....i dont see how multiple un musical block formations make a show amazing... you guys have dun soem cool stuff....but not amazing...unless u compare to illinois as a whole, then maybe... Geez smart guy. What school do you go to? LWC is a great program. If you're in the state of Illinois you'd better go to Prospect, Marian, or Lake Park to talk like that. Although, judging by your attitude, I would attribute you to LWE, but you must understand that your program is similar to LWC and not nearly to the level of the aforementioned parties.
  7. CAVIES 06

    The archaic art of Drum Corps continues to decay with tacky show concepts.
  8. Hello, is there anybody in there!

    Everybody's here
  9. 2006 Competitions

    Heck no!
  10. College Marching Band

  11. Football Playoffs!

    LWE 14, WWS 7 and Prospect won too.
  12. props and tarps?

    The Lincoln-Ways split and now both have good programs.
  13. props and tarps?

    Placements at ISU in 2002 1) Lake Park 2) Marian Catholic 3) Victor J. Andrew 4) Lincoln-Way East 5) Lincoln-Way Central But i get what you mean...
  14. Football Playoffs!

    I beg to differ. Friday, WWS squeaked by Bolingbrook, a team LWE beat by twenty. And after the convincing win last night (in the band weather, i even heard the band left), I can't see LWE losing. But either way, go band schools!
  15. Football Playoffs!

    Wheaton-Warrenville South at Lincoln-Way East for State Semis. Too bad the bands probably won't play.