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  1. This has been bugging me

    and i dont think its going to even be built for another 2 or 3 years.
  2. This has been bugging me

    well if you are talking about marching band wise, central has a bigger marching band. if you are talking about the number of students in the school, east has more.
  3. DCI Frankfort?

    yea me too
  4. DCI Frankfort?

    yea im hoping we are having it because the dci show here is so much fun *crosses fingers*
  5. DCI Frankfort?

    i can ask someone what is going on with the dci show this year or one of the other east people can too. ill try to find out sometime soon.
  6. isu or u of illinios

    welcome home after your 22 hour bus ride. (sorry it turned out like that cause of the huge snow storm) but i bet your glad to be off that bus lol. also, good job at the parade!
  7. isu or u of illinios

    lol good idea. except not really many of them post on here anymore.
  8. isu or u of illinios

  9. Question

    no your right lol. isu is probably the one we get ready for the most with the exception of BOA. isu is definately my favorite competition of our entire season, and i definately cannot wait to go back next year!
  10. Question

    it seems they are having the competitions a little earlier this year. that should be interesting to see how well bands will get their shows done by then.
  11. Just curious

    hows the strike going? do they think it is going to end anytime soon?
  12. News

    congrats on getting on the news, even if it was 15 seconds. its still pretty cool that they acknowledged you guys!!
  13. Just curious

    oh thats not cool.
  14. Just curious

    i would be happy, i dont want to go back to school tomorrow lol.