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  1. '06 shows

    I'd love to hear some examples from you, and decide based on that if I really do need to get out more.
  2. Midwest Championships

    Congrats to all the Midwest units, and Morton on an incredible first season.
  3. u of i 2006

    Since Prospect hasn't decided on a director to replace the retiring Morrison, I'm not sure if anyone knows what Prospect is attending next year.
  4. LW district splitting again???

    Now its Morton High School, but not the one from Central IL that we talk about here...the one from Berwyn-Cicero. 7721 students...OMG. Thats 8 Mortons. Or 15 Eurekas. That's incredible. That's even 2.25 Lincoln Way Easts.
  5. ISU Question

    Well Morton's last show was Indy. Where did they fall with LWC that day? They were 3 hours apart. If you go back to ISU prelims, you can compare scores where Morton played 8 hours and 40 minutes before Lincoln-Way Central. If you look at Finals you can compare scores where Morton played an hour before Lincoln-Way Central...playing there 4th performance in a 24 hour period. Remember after winning ISU 2A, they drove to U of I, won Class A (3rd on the day to AA Hersey and Prospect who were over 3 hours later), and came back in time to go straight to the warm-up field for finals. You say the true representation should be the maxed product. Later results. The last performance. Isn't that BOA Indy? Sorry, I just stumbled on this thread, and I'm confused. Your last two paragraphs contradict each other.
  6. BOA Indy Prelims recap for IL and IA

    I know, I was just staying relative to the IL Marching site, and didn't feel like typing them all. I threw in IA, because Davenport come to a lot of IL shows.
  7. Bands are judged across the day with no class information available until awards...but here is how IL and IA finished in prelims. Marian Catholic 87.10 Place in class AAA 5th Lake Park 81.45 Place in class AAA 9th Prospect 80.15 Place in class AAA 11th Lincoln-Way East 73.80 Place in class AAA 15th Morton 67.25 Place in class AA 4th Wheaton Warrenville South 66.60 Place in class AAA 18th Lincoln-Way Central 66.25 Place in class AAA 19th Waubonsie Valley 65.80 Place in class AAA 20th Davenport Central IA 65.60 Place in class AAA 21st Mahomet-Seymour 62.60 Place in class AA 5th Downers Grove 59.30 Place in class AAA 24th
  8. ISU- Field judges never went on the field!

    I was just joking about the DVD's. I videotaped a lot of the shows.
  9. ISU- Field judges never went on the field!

    I just found these DVDs laying on a table in lobby. I thought they were giving them away?
  10. ISU- Field judges never went on the field!

    What band are you a parent for. I have many of the bands taped and can watch. Knowing which classes and bands would help a lot.
  11. Woodwinds

    As a Morton person...please look up sergeant. Sorry I couldn't stand you spelling it wrong.
  12. ILMarching Predictions are up

    Prelims Visual Perf Ind - Warren Reikart Wahington DC Visual Perf Ens - Frank Miller - Pittsburg PA Visual GE - Eric Saybock - Indianapolis, IN Visual GE - Bob Thomas - New Castle PA Music GE - Cody Birdwell - Lexington KY Musc GE - Tom Verrier - Nashville TN Music GE - David Waybright - Gainsville, FL Music GE - Gary Green - Coral Gables, FL Music Perf Ind - Luis Cipriani - San Diego, CA Music Perf Ens - Ed Argenziano - Newark, NJ Auxiliary - JR(john) Carlisle - Dayton, OH Percussion - Rob James - Richmond, KY They switch around a bit for finals. But that is the list I found. Hope that helps.
  13. Metamora Results

    If that is the case with them posting crap....I apologize and will hammer them accordingly. That is not the general feeling at Morton. It is great respect for IVC, and the desire to be at that level. They are taught to support and cheer for all groups. These darn Xanga pages are ridiculous and I apologize.
  14. New ISU Thread

    My sister marched for Rocky before we moved to the Peoria area. I would have gone to Rock Island High School like my parents and sister did, but we moved. I went to many football and basketball games as a kid and hung out with the band. My sister was 8 years older, so I was like 8. Fond memories.
  15. U of I

    Mt. Zion and Morton flip-flopped so that Morton could play at both U of I and ISU.