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  1. Shows for 2007

    My guess is since you aren't doing BOA, you probably aren't legal. And you're not alone. BOA requires documentation of permission to arrange, but nothing in IL does. The fees can be astronomical if paid per tune included in the show, and I would guess very few of the competition bands that compete entirely within the state borders are paying their arrangers and Hal Leonard thousands of dollars for their show music. We've all heard DeMeij on the field, but he hasn't granted any permission...I'd guess the number of people in IL playing custom arrangements with legal permissions is a tiny speck floating in the enormous pool of stock publications and illegal band director arrangements. And I would go further to guess that the majority of the legit custom arrangements in the state are heard at ISU and/or BOA each year...maybe two or three are heard at U of I out of 45 bands, but all but one of those will attend ISU and/or BOA most years. Yet another reason that some might feel ISU is a superior competition to U of I...right or wrong, another reason one might lean that way. If you find repertoire important and all?
  2. Chicago Showdown

    Anyone ever made it to a Chicago George Henry Corliss vs. Proviso East football game to see a show band showdown? I was curious if they actually compete ala Drumline, or is it more of blowing across the field at each other? I was just looking at the band list, and those were two bands I had never seen in competition, so I checked out their sites. Apparently they battle big time and take on other show bands out of state. I was especially glad to see Big Ballin' in the Proviso repertoire, because sure its been done by everyone at BOA, but its like Firebird and the Planets...Big Ballin' is an absolute public school classic!!!
  3. Shows for 2007

    Norwell makes Finals too. Has won class AA, but last year they didn't place in AA, but they win the Class C State Champion for Indiana. Last year Bellbrook, Bellevue West, and Morton pushed Norwell out of placements. Typically a strong program though. I'd say with Bellbrook and Morton gone, Lemont could probably land somewhere around where Morton did last year with a 3rd in class and 14 overall. Depends on whether they peak at ISU as usual or plan to peak 2 weeks later in the season. Funny thing though is Downer's Grove South took Morton by 4 points at ISU and then got almost 5.5 points lower than Morton at Indy Regional and came in 22 So maybe ISU isn't a good judge at all compared to BOA. Naperville Central also beat Morton at ISU and then fell 7.5 points behind at Indy taking 23 place. "also lemont has been getting a higher score at state every year. " This really isn't true is it. They did real well last year (only at ISU), but over the last few years, they rollercoastered up and down score-wise staying mostly 10th or 11th place. So I would say somewhere between 14th and 22nd place is where Lemont will fall...hard to say as year after year ISU results vary significantly from where the some of the IL bands land at Indy Regionals and Grand Nationals. It's actually a really good gauge of how good or bad score to class inflation (or playing next to Marian) at ISU was in a given year by looking at the next few weeks in Indy. Even the apparently outright top ten Normal West from last year fell oddly close to other IL bands it hammered at ISU when they traveled to BOA GN? Which is 8th in class AA on Thusday webmasters, not AAA as posted on the Normal West info of this site. I'm going to guess...19th. We'll see in 5 months. But that's my guess.
  4. 2007 Shows

    Competition...with an E please. BandIsFun can be a jerk, but you bragged that you won a lot of awards and opened yourself up to be taunted. In the grand scheme you didn't have much if any high caliber competition. Murphy had a down year and you were two classes later in a show full of, well nothing. Robinson was decent group too, but edging out Olympia for 28th place at BOA Regional is hardly a major contender. Bigger isn't better by default, but few people in IL do little well, and a lot has to do with resources. Murphy travels out of the little southern state shows occasionally because there is little down there. SO...he was being a jerk, but I can't argue that he's wrong, because he's not. Don't feel disrespected, just go out and earn some.
  5. Bands of the Year.

  6. Bands of the Year.

    True. Which is why I don't feel like I'm putting them down when I say they don't belong in the very top tier. As far as BOA juding, yes and no. A perfectly executed Eureka show won't break into the upper boxes which in which demand is necessary. Perfect achievment would only take you to a certain level. If execution is too poor for demand to be credited, then yes, your argument is correct. You can't do more demanding, without demanding more of yourself, can you?
  7. Bands of the Year.

  8. Bands of the Year.

    2006 it didn't happen, but in 6A Brother Rice/St. Laurence scored 50.90. 2005 in 6A a 43.55 for Brother Rice/St. Lawrence and Eureka only beat Wheaton North in 5A and the usual suspects in 4A 2004 Eureka's 53.25 didn't beat anyone in 5A or 6A, but it did take Danville, Argo, and a then 4A 44.45 by Brother Rice/St. Laurence 2003 Eureka only outscored Pekin and Argo in all of 4A, 5A, and 6A. And they still would have only scored 5th in 2A, or 5th in 3A. Beating the last place bands in other classes isn't really a litmus test for quality is it? There is quality in Eureka, but not at the same levels we're talking about here when it comes to marching. I agree. U of I is an awful system compared to ISU, and yes I know what you mean about the Galesburg drill. You're going to tick them off though, because we already had the argument of drill demand on this one. U of I typically rewards loud and simple over demanding and dynamic, but we're talking about Eureka right? They do box music. They have relatively simple drill with more halts than any band I see each year. They aren't moving half of the show. Why? They don't practice. That's there thing. I heard their philosophy is if you can't get it done in daily rehearsal than we aren't going to do it. So they do well for not practicing. But they aren't doing something that requires practice, so there is little demand, as should be required in BOA style ISU judging. So playing the drill design difficulty card is hard with Eureka shows. You have me with the rest of this one, but Eureka isn't doing demanding. I think Patek does their drill. He can write good stuff and could probably give them a lot if they were going to take the time to learn more, but then it would take even more time to learn more. And then it would be harder to sound good if they were moving more. Well executed GE? If standing is GE. It generally effects me into saying, "move, its MARCHING band." All joking aside, I think the Eureka kids do the best they can with what they are given. But I think saying its some of the best stuff in the state is dangerous. Unless we'd all be happy with every band in the state pushing themselves to the very best they can attain without any extra effort. If we didn't want anyone to wow us with something new and exciting. If we really wanted the activity approached that way. You can't compete with the big boys that way. You can put on a fairly clean and conservative show that will take the 50's and 40's the rest of 1A is scoring, but you can't compete with the the top bands that way. I think that's fair to say. And if you can critique Galesburg drill that way, then you must have thick enough skin to take Eureka criticism in the same way.
  9. Bands of the Year.

    I don't think 2A was a wild-card before, IVC was taking care of business. And I would say IVC had a down year until ISU, they were a different band at ISU then even a week earlier, so I think they actually finished with a better show than they did last year. That being said, 2A isn't a wildcard. Herscher is down it seems. Murphy was off. IVC kids put the work in this year the last week and deserved that big jump, but the show design was stale. I don't see Morton going anywhere by up. I think they planned to peak at BOA, not ISU. I don't see a wildcard. I meant planning to just go to ISU and win 2A with out pushing for higher goals has left IVC clawing to stay a top a class they once dominated by 10 points at ISU.
  10. Bands of the Year.

    Quality yes. Top 5. No. I think he has plenty of evidence to think this. IVC Murphysboro Macomb Mater Dei Newton Carterville and even Watseka All bested them on their last day of competition. They did win 1A at ISU. So you have support for either argument. 7th, 6th, 5th? And lets be honest, they outscore 4A and 5A bands. Who? The ones that get destroyed in those classes? They beat no 4A schools this year and what Thornwood and Wheaton North in 5A. Not exactly mind-blowing. I'll even give you the fact that inflation seemed worse this year than last over the day, but come on. It was ridiculous actually. BUT. They USUALLY get topped by 4 of the 2A bands, beat Danville and below in 3A, beat anyone below Rock Island in 4A, beat Wheaton North in 5A and maybe anyone posting scores in the 40's in 6A. Let's be realistic.
  11. Bands of the Year.

    You're kidding right? This is what I disagree with so much. Saying how great it is, when we know its not. Pull up Indiana Marching. Watch a bunch of bands that compete. Then watch the festival schools that don't compete in the state contest. It will remind you of most Illinois marching competitions. And after watching the competition schools, its painful to listen to. There is something terribly wrong if you'd prefer to listen to 12 bad Pirates of the Carribean shows in 40 degree rain over sitting at a competition with schools like L.D. Bell, the Woodlands, and Ronald Reagan in TX or Avon, Lawrence Central, Ben Davis, Centerville, Castele etc in Indiana. Concert programs must be the focus. But, if you are going to spend 3-4 months doing marching, it better have some meat to it. It better challenge your students from July-Nov. No group has a bigger audience for PR, public support, funding, etc. While some of Marian's shows are too dark for football (and they do two shows) most times a well designed show can intrigue a football crowd too. If you let the football team set the bar for what is exceptable, you are in a world of hurt. They aren't coming to your concerts and cheering, so why plan around them. They'll never support the funding you need, even if you do play pep band Big Ten half-time shows.
  12. Bands of the Year.

    No they wouldn't. They can tango with VJA and LWE in September, but they don't peak at the right time. That's a BIG maybe at best, but I'd wager no. That was my point with IVC and Prospect. Both great programs, but I think they're shooting too low and being passed as a result. The argument about the hashes was just crap last year, Carmel (who won), Lake Park, and many other bands marched on that same field in the same chunk of the day with the same lack of hashes. I'd prefer to see Prospect go out there and get beat every once in a while and then get mad enough to come beat Marian at ISU. Not because I dislike Marian, but because I think that is what Illinois needs. I used to think it would be interesting if Prospect came to ISU to compete with Marian. I don't think Prospect would make top 3 anymore in late October. And I want them to. I want to see IL bands competing with the other states.
  13. Bands of the Year.

  14. Bands of the Year?

    Don't feel bad. He was in the top two. Yeah, that's alright, so was Bush in 2000. LOL. He may not have won the popular vote, but I bet he'd take those numbers over his current approval rating. What a goon. I like how when Congress went to the Dems in the last election that he said, I don't think it was a big statement from the people. All these races were so close. We almost won. This from the man who got the job by losing the popular vote. He should just stop opening his mouth, let some of his staff with brains do the talking for him like they did to get him elected. The only talking I want to hear from him in the next two years will be under oath on his impeachment hearings. I'd rather have Dee Brown running things than Bush, Robes! Okay, back to band.
  15. Bands of the Year?

    Mahomet started their season at Danville. Where they lost to Morton. In their class on the ballot. Then they hosted their own competition. Then they went to U of I and got 7th Place behind Morton, Pontiac, Galesburg, Washington, Bloomington, and Dunlap. All but one was in their class on the ballot. Then they traveled to Effingham and won over the stiff competition of second place band Charleston, who finished umm, oh yeah 16th of 18 at U of I. The only people from their class in the ballot at Effingham were bottom ten finishers at U of I. All the big guns were at tougher shows. Normal West and Rock Island were at Lincoln-Way. Lemont and Normal were at Prospect. Washington, Morton, Bloomington, Geneseo, and Galesburg were all at Metamora. I'm not trying to be a smart-@$$, but someone has been drinking from the urinal if that adds up to Band of the Year. You don't send a football team that's 1-12 to a Bowl Game, especially when their only win was against Southwest Central Louisiana Community College for the Blind. And I'm not equating any of those bands to that, I'm just saying you weight the opposition as well. Undefeated means nothing for a team in college football if they aren't playing ranked teams. I'm really not trying to beat a dead horse here, but Pontiac and Galesburg are two immediate bands that come to mind when I wonder how on earth Mahomet got 9 points when Pontiac got 7 and Galesburg didn't even snag an honorable mention score. Pontiac took two shows if I remember right and along with Galesburg finished 2 and 3 to Morton most of the season and definitely at U of I.