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  1. IL Bands at Presidential Inaugural Parade

    Marched the parade in 2005 at Lincoln-Way. ALMOST got to march this one. The Colts Drum and Bugle Corps will be attending and marching. I'll be there to support my corps.
  2. ISU Finals

    Congrats to all the bands! What a fantastic show!
  3. ISU Results/Scores

    While I was not so much a fan of yellow balls and bubbles, I LOVED East's use of amplified voice. Gorgeous, I thought. And to pull that off with the correct balance? Incredible. Congrats to ALL the bands who performed! I was only there for finals but I was SO much more impressed than I thought I was going to be!
  4. Shows for 2008

    I take it you'll be heading to Rockford? Great corps, great staff, not so friendly.
  5. Naperville Central Festival

    Someone call Hoppy!
  6. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    LWC hasn't won their class since 2005. Then we dropped to 5th at the night show. Who knows.
  7. My Lincoln-Way Review in 4 parts (with a door)

    Requesting a preview of what us alumni can expect of our alma mater next weekend. SIAM.
  8. Diesel Fumes and Perpetual October

    There's a way to make it year round - march in the summer, march in the winter. If you choose the summer, you'll get to REALLY experience what it means to smell deisel. All of you who lament the passing of marching band and still fail to make it out to march are really missing out. Marching band is only the BEGINNING of the great adventure of marching music. I wish everyone could continue on or do it simultaneously. I marched with a high school band much more steeped in tradition than the drum corps I marched in. There is no comparison. I had an EXTRAORDINARILY unique experience in high school (as does anyone who gets to yell "SIAM") but it was just the start. To be honest, the sights and sounds of what I thought was the most important activity I would ever be a part of is now but a distant memory and a reminder of the stepping stones I walked towards the Big Show. Go march. It will be an experience far more reaching than your high school one. And that's NOT to degrade marching band. Imagine the experience you have with yours. Imagine how wonderful and amazing it is. All those things the stories described. Marching band IS all those things. Now kick it up 1000 notches.
  9. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    It's really been 7 years since the split...Wow. Go LWN - what a staff for such a new school. Do we have that to look forward to when the Lincoln-Way West Marching Warriors take the field? Probably not.
  10. 2008 Illini Marching Band Festival

    Thankfully, I will NOT be marching in this show this year! ^^
  11. Official 2008 ISU Thread

    I am coming to the proper place to root for Naperville Central!
  12. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    I never said anything about actually thinking NVC would take it home. We all know who has this class "on lock" and the predictions show. I just said I'd be rooting for them for that reason. Gotta keep it in the family. I don't disagree with anything you said and I'm not an idiot; we beat up on NVC and then I ended up marching with people we used to beat up on. And we had zip in corps as well. It has little to nothing to do with anything without all the stuff you guys mentioned. Never said anything to the contrary. Mrching Band r srs. Srs bizness.
  13. Who wins 6A at ISU?

    Rooting for Naperville Central - the band with most kids in drum corps!
  14. Who wins 3A at ISU?

    Just going to say that I still can't get over seeing "North" after "Lincoln-Way". Weird...
  15. Shows for 2008

    Central's show is entitled "360" ("Three-Sixty"?) and is most DEFINITELY different than anything I've seen/heard/marched - it's an exciting departure for the Marching Knights! I'm so excited!