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  1. I need your help

    Hello everybody! Even though I officially left these boards awhile ago, I am making a one post return in a plea for your help. I am in need of a used concert tuba, and by used I mean very used/very inexpensive. I am now a business student in college and all I need is a tuba that I can practice audition materials on as I am also a member of a top 12 drum corps. My budget is very tight, so I am looking to possibly find a high school that is looking to sell off one of their "unusable" horns. If you could please ask your band directors if you have such a horn and/or if they have any that they are looking to sell, I would greatly appreciate it. Please reply on this thread and I will pm you as I would rather not pubicly discuss what corps I am affiliated with and so forth! Thanks again! Please respond!
  2. Marching Tubas

    Nope, most use either Yamaha, King, Dynasty, etc, and most, irf not all are made in BBb I'm not sure who makes the G ones, or if anyone is still making them
  3. U of I

    simply... CD/B-MAcomb A/AA-Prospect
  4. U of I

    clarification...it is not the first time that Prospect has not won the field show in the 20something consecutive years of winning the governers trophy great job to all bands! what a day...a day ill truly miss being a part of
  5. U of I Class AA Predictions

    Congrats to Hersey...you guys marched great, and sounded great on a side note...it is not the first time that prospect has not won the field show in the 20some consecutive years of winning the governers trophy...and the streak lives on...just like MC...congrats to them too!
  6. Locking LOCKPORT thread uncalled for.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread and ask for people to pm you with their responses. HAving been here awhile, its true that these threads are started with good intentions, but they always end up with someones band getting bashed or turning into a why so and so is better than so and so...and it gets ugly. Heres what I have to say...Lockport, you are a good band and congratulations on the year you are having.
  7. lockport's up coming

    diddo bandmom... contributors/moderators/people with special magical powers...you know what to do
  8. Prospect Knight of Champions

    From midwestmarching.com Prospect Knight of Champions Mount Prospect, Illinois October 14, 2006 GRAND CHAMPION - Lake Park CLASS AAA 85.45 Lake Park 75.10 Warren 72.60 Downers Grove South 66.95 Lemont 65.50 William Fremd 65.35 Plainfield Central Music - Lake Park Visual - Lake Park Effect - Lake Park Percussion - Lemont Auxiliary - Lake Park Drum Major - Warren CLASS AA 71.10 Lockport 70.50 Normal West 60.40 Crown Point Music - Lockport Visual - Lockport Effect - Normal West Percussion - Lockport Auxiliary - Normal West Drum Major - Normal West CLASS A 47.20 Grant 46.40 Reavis 45.70 Round Lake 44.00 St. Rita Music - Reavis Visual - Grant Effect - Reavis Percussion - Reavis Auxiliary - Grant Drum Major - Round Lake
  9. BOA Indy

  10. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    Second only to a tuba feature :-D ...sorry...continue on
  11. Epiphanies

    2003 U of I playing "Bogoroditse Devo" in encore after the show...it was the end of my first season, and a very memorable one, and the music was just so pretty that I cried, and had goosebumps the size of Memphis... Although I really really believe that the greatest moment is that in which someone looks at what you do and just says "wow", and when people, parents, but mostly students from other bands, tell you how great of a job you did and how amazing everything was, you cant help but feel soooooo good!
  12. U of I

    Multiplier would be about as popular as "A Major"...haha...but i like the icon... anyways...predictions, thougts, comments, anything that doesnt have to do wit ISU v U of I... anyone...bueller....
  13. U of I

    IMEA does not...not a bad idea though
  14. U of I

    IHSA + Marching Band = Bad Also, there is no official documented one and only one "STATE CHAMPIONSHIP" While some of us (probably a majority) see ISU as the state competition, some of us see U of I as the state championship...so you can think whatever you want, but that isnt going to make one an official state championship until some state department mandates that one or the other or god knows what is the official championship... ...so can we end the pointless fighting and, if anything, talk about the U of I show on this thread...maybe...
  15. U of I

    i believe its called the olympic system...