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  1. Indoor drumline

    " Black and Blue " drumline is made up of players 18 and older , mostly LWAy and Marian alumni percussion players. We are currently surverying to see how much interest there is in the south suburbs to form a more active group. Emphasis on periodic rehearsals with all members able to play the " book " so that we have a group readily available for parade and corporate events. Please reply with any comments or thoughts. Thanks, MIke Coers
  2. Chicago area drumline?

    Hi......Believe it or not..I just read this post from over a year ago.. yes I do have a chicago Area drumline called the " Black and Blue " drumline.. totally independant..so far we have done some parades and corporate events in the midwest. If anyone has drumline experience and wants to play from time to time ( sometimes for $$ and sometimes for giggles )..please get back to me. It would be great if someone who has access to former L - w members contact info would reply. to date the group has included mainly lw and marian alumni and all players must be out of high school and at least 18 yrs old. If interest level grows, we could have monthly meetings / rehearsals and build a group of " on call " players who all know the same book and can play whenever I get a call for the group.......pssst..... ( more " contest oriented " tendancies may form if the right people show interest. ) MIke Coers