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  1. Scores for the weekend of October 22, 2016

    Great shows Morton and Limestone! Marian Catholic's show was wonderful.
  2. Scores for the weekend of October 15, 2016

    How about scores for U of I small schools? Please.
  3. U of I Re-stream

    I can't get any sound. Help! :'(
  4. Scores for September 29/30, 2012

    Where are the Geneseo scores?
  5. Scores for September 29/30, 2012

    Geneseo scores please. I know that Dunlap was Grand Champion.
  6. Shows for September 8, 2012

    Looking forward to tomorrow's competition in Washington. Suppose to be great weather!
  7. Scores for October 22, 2011

    Does anyone have scores for U of I 4A-6A? Thanks.
  8. Who wins Class 2A at ISU?

    Do people really think Lincoln Way West could beat Morton?
  9. Scores for October 8, 2011

    Field only 1A 1 Mt. Zion (Aux, Crowd) 2 Oregon (Winds) 3 Fieldcrest (Perc, DM) 2A 1 LaSalle-Peru (Perc, Winds, Crowd) 2 Thornwood (DM) 3 ROWVA 3A 1 Dunlap (Aux, Crowd) 2 Geneseo (Perc, Winds) 3 East Peoria Streator (DM) 4A 1 United Township (Perc, Winds) 2 Rock Island (Aux, Crowd) 3 Limestone (DM) 5A 1 Morton (Perc, Winds) 2 Mohomet-Seymour 3 Bloomington Bolingbrook (Aux, DM) Washington (Crowd)
  10. Scores for October 1, 2011

    Anyone have scores from Limestone?
  11. ISU's Hancock Stadium to be renovated

    This will be great. Can't wait!
  12. Scores for September 24, 2011

    Does anyone have results from Geneseo?
  13. 2011 Videos

    Thanks for posting these.
  14. BOA Grand National Championship Thoughts

    Congatulations to Morton on a wonderful season. This was my first time to go to Grand Nationals. I was amazed by every band that I saw. Every participant should be very proud.
  15. ISU reviews

    I'm not saying this to start any kind of arguement, but as a long time marching band fan I need to get this off my chest. L-W North enough already. Wonderful music, well marched but is all the stuff necessary? Marian Catholic is too far out there for me. Not sure I would have chosen them to win. Really enjoyed L-W East and Lake Park. Morton, your show was wonderful. You get better every year. It was a great finals. The weather couldn't have been nicer. Those who are complaining about who got into finals, you can't really blame the system. The judges score subjectively and there isn't much that can be done to change that.