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  1. Judges' Tapes

    What school do you guys go to? I remember my friend telling me about one of the trombone players from our band running into a judge last year...
  2. Judges' Tapes

    We got to listen to some of the tapes. They were very amusing, some of them. One of the tapes had a comment about the mellophone soloist in our show. The judge said, "Good job, young man....young lady...whatever..." Everyone cracked up and the soloist turned bright red. So the tapes can be interesting to listen to and have funny comments. Some comments are also useful to make your band better.
  3. Solos

    There was a mellophone solo in my band's show this year, and we had the soloist standing in the middle of a circle as the circle marched around him, which I thought was pretty good, but I don't have a lot of marching band experience...
  4. Silly Songs

    At our band Awards Night, they always play "American Pie" as the last song. Everyone stands in a circle and sings it with our arms around each other. My section would always sing "Lips of an Angel" on the back of the bus. And...my sister rode on the guard bus to the last competition and apparently they were singing "My Humps" and that peanut-butter jelly song. "Peanut-butter jelly time, peanut-butter jelly time..."
  5. Good Luck Traditions

    Before every comepetition and after every practice, my flute section would stand in a circle with our hands in the middle and scream, "OHH YEAH!" Some sections in my band did "Secret State" - before State they would do a Secret Santa type thing, but since my section are cheapskates we didn't. I wish we had done that though. People got some good stuff. Another tradition of my section (not really for good luck but more to say goodbye) is that we always get the graduating seniors gifts. Everyone chips in a little money and we get them something. This year they got posters with picture of the section, framed and signed by everyone. It was so cool.
  6. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    Illinois weather is weird. At band camp this summer it was soo hot and we were all like "We wish it was October." Then at rehearsals in October it was really really cold (it snowed at one) and everyone was saying, "I wish it was August." Kind of ironic, when you get the weather you want, you want the weather you had, if that makes any sense at all.
  7. Last Comp

    UT's last comp was ISU. Veeery long but fun day for me. Who else was there?
  8. Review: ISU Finals

    I didn't see a lot of the finals bands at ISU after my bands performance, (it was raining, and due to the fact that my instrument's case was missing I wasn't back in the stadium for maybe an hour) but I did see a few. Which band did "Around the World in 10 Minutes?" I liked that one, and there were a few others I liked, but I can't remember the names of the all the bands. (I think one was Lincoln-Way East...?) I was pretty happy with the scores. It was no surprise for me that Marian Catholic won. Haven't they won Grand Champian for like twenty years or something? Did anyone see the show in prelims "The Dream of Angus?" Was that Collinsville? I'd never sen a show like that and I thought it was pretty interesting, even though it was sort of weird...