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  1. Fields

    more on topic. The four LW schools all have astroplay fields in their stadiums (the upfront cost is high, but maintenance is virtually nonexistant for the life of the field). The other practice fields are all grass and not in great shape (at least at LWE and LWC, i've played soccer/marched on both), i can't speak for N or W. Central has a field painted on a parking lot, but I again don't know about the others.
  2. Fields

    I don't think this is about technique, but more about the different feel of different surfaces. A sports analogy if you will: I've had the opportunity to play TE/OLB in pick-up football games on 3 surfaces in the past few years, grass, old school astroturf, and brand new astroplay (literally, we were the first on the surface after it was installed), and each present their own challenges, even though the mechanics of football stay the same. The feel under foot effects you, your knees, and, slightly, your style of play. In marching, the same holds for the different surfaces. Grass will be rough and begs for great technique to march and play really well. Astroplay feels like grass, but you won't get the divots and uneven patches that come with grass. Old-school turf is basically carpet. ISU used to have it and it doesn't force great technique like real grass because its smooth and relatively firm. From a pedagogical point of view, getting students to understand the different challenges of each surface will help prepare them for various competitions. Its like how we used to put cotton in our ears to get used to the muddy sounds of the RCA dome. Its just trying to prep the kids so they can be as successful as possible in any environment.
  3. Lincoln-Way West

    what fight song are they using (or did they commission/write their own)? I don't recognize it, but I only really know Big-10 songs... and not all that well.
  4. Lincoln-Way West

    probably 2003. my senior year (2004), there were 143 in the group that marched ISU
  5. What is your favorite high school band memory?

    I have more, but this is what i'm feeling right now... BOA Toledo 2001 - Having our prelims performance at some insanely early hour (like 815 AM). It was cold enough that at the end of the performance, I snapped my horn down and both the mouthpiece and large back pipe were steaming. As a freshman, I did not realize this would be a reoccurring phenomenon in cold weather. ISU 2001 - Making finals as a "new" program, after doubting if we would after a poor prelims performance Outback Bowl 2002-2003: The parade in Ybor city. We got to the parade route early (as per normal) and, after hanging around for awhile, did music warm-ups. We still had the field show competition the next day, so we were running show music. That year, LWE's closer started with a 16th note run to a staccato note and then a measure of rest. Well, in this narrow, building lined street we hit the last note and it echoed up and down the street, which is still one of my favorite musical memories. After all this, the weather turned and the parade stepped off in the pouring rain. About 2/3 of the way through, we went between two bars where people where throwing things back and forth over the parade and a set of green Mardi Gra style beads ended up over the lead pipe of my baritone. They are still on the giant rubber duckie (also from HS band) here in my dorm room. Band Camp 2004- Kurt, I'm sorry to hear you did not enjoy being a drum major, because I had a blast. Band camp, with the frustrations that came with being drum major, was a great time. Highlights: Being in the auditorium bathroom doing conducting exercises in front of a mirror with a midi CD (thats right kids, CDs) and met learning scores and camp staff wandering in and out trying to clean it. And, for the final evening block, borrowing someones (I believe it was Kurt's) Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice hat and wearing my white gloves and hamming it up, even if I was the only one who knew how much I was into the part. ISU 2004 - At ISU 2004, I realized during finals why scores didn't matter. We started the show and the batterie, pit, and hornline all took different tempos. It was actually kind of cool until the horn line entered about 8 bars in. It got back together and was probably the best run of that show's life, and more importantly, the band was happy with the performance and, as a senior and drum major, I was (and still am) proud of the group and the season. The placement the judges gave us really didn't matter, just what we were able to do together did. ISUs since 1992 - I've never been to an ISU where a LW has won. I've been to most every since 1992, except the 3 years (1999, 2007, 2008) with a LW champion. I still support the program and have since my oldest sister started way back when, but just keep missing those. (this may be more amusing to me than others, sorry) LWEHS since 2005 - running the high school track during rehearsals. I realize it may be distracting, but I enjoy running there when I'm home because the track is easier to run and interval train on than suburban streets, plus hearing the doctor beat and watching the band do basics (or them watching me run when its 100 degrees, I'm on mile 6, and they are on water break #2 since I showed up) ok, thats enough. I have other stuff i could add, but i'm supposed to be writing for class, not for my own gratification.
  6. ISU Results/Scores

    1) There is no illinois state championship, they've won ISU two years in a row. Its a big show, but there is no state championship. 2) Winning locally does not necessarily make them the best. I would still claim Marian is a stronger program because they carry their success into November and onto a national stage.
  7. Marching Band: A Modern Medium

    Since this sparked a discussion in a different (and off topic) thread, lets explore this question here. Remember, these are opinions belonging to individuals and are only that, opinions. This is not a finite science, I cannot inarguably prove my ideas via induction or counterexample and neither can anyone else. That being said.... Marching Band: A Modern Medium My take: Marching Band as we know it is an ever evolving form of entertainment. If it did not involve, marching bands would be confined to the world of Big Ten football (go u northwestern!) with minimal movements, all of which would be linear. That being said, while I love the older style high school and even the current DCI style shows, they are not really the modern marching band. Even shows that are only a decade old seem kind of stale compared to more recent shows. Looking at Lake Park and Lincoln-way shows from the mid-90s, they don't seem to have the same GE element that current shows (even those sans props) have. As for DCI, Drum Corps is not marching band. If it were, it would be called such. In recent years, I assert that high school marching band has departed from the drum corps style design to a more WGI style. It is a marching art: the combination of guard, pit, batterie, and hornline. If you watch shows that are successful now you will see that the members do still march and play well. I cannot speak for LWE tonight because i was not there, but even in local parades they look better visually and musically than some other near by schools. The same holds at rehearsals (i see both central and east during the summer since I am a frequent runner on the tracks at both school's stadiums). The point being that big, gaudy props and elaborate guard work will not offset a poor marching/playing group. In the modern mode of marching band, they have to work together. Marching band has changed as an art since its inception and we are witnessing another change today. From the stadiums of Michigan and Illinois to the high school fields around the country, marching band is very different from the first time a group of volunteers played 'victors'. If you want marching band to exist as it is 'supposed' to be, that is what you have to go back to; otherwise you want marching band to be what it was when you were first exposed to it, a then modernized version of an older art. Marching band still exists, but in a new way, different way. And personally I'd rather see directors and schools playing with innovation than seeing 12 different schools play 'the planets' every year.
  8. Official 2008 ISU Thread

    based on nothing but gut, the top 3 will be close between LWE, Marian, and Prospect. Being earlier will hurt marian, but Prospect and LWE will be on top of their game, regardless of how early. Their performance curves are both very steady while i have always thought that marian performed considerably better the last 2 weeks of the season (BOA Indy and GN). LP will be outclassed by the other three and fall, being overtaken by VJA if anyone is to overtake them and being near LWC who will round out the top 6. Beyond that, I see LWN making finals. They will finish at the bottom, but I still have faith for 3 LWs in finals. Obviously i still carry a flame for my high school(s), so with that in mind I peg LWE to win over prospect by the thinest of margins followed equally closely by Marian, but decisively over the next group (LP, LWC and VJA).
  9. It's official...

    17000 students... that's more people than we have in most towns around where I am. I guess things are different way up north, but man... that's crazy. thats what happens when a 105+ sq mile former farm district goes heavy suburban
  10. The official 2008 DCI thread

    where would be cool is Ryan Field here at northwestern. the stadium is friendly to sound from the field, the stadium orientation helps to keep the wind from the lake off, and the place is just fun. there are some problems (like no parking at the stadium), but it would be awesome. obviously it would never happen, unless you are the football team on game day or a multi-million dollar movie (http://www.theexpressmovie.com/, the field scenes were filmed in the stadium and a lot of outdoor university shots are around campus), you can't get into the stadium, let alone on the turf. but it would be cool.
  11. ISU 2008

    The community is too large with too many marching knight alums to not be at least moderately successful. Any director coming in without the drive to manage a successful marching program (if such were hired) would lose the support of the community and the parents. There are too many proud old people (for lack of a better word) to settle on ok. Even Central now isn't as strong, competitively, as it once was, but it is still a strong program, consistent ISU finalist. I think the difference between East and North will be the directors and what they choose to do. Back in 2001, had Mr. Smith gone to central and not to get his Ph.D and Wellman stayed at East as was planned, thing would be very different for both programs.
  12. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    that is for now, however, how long will it take a show designer with a wgi/boa background to come in and realize that with synthesized sounds, you can have a cleaner marimba sound than someone playing with 3-6 mallets, and that doing so would free up more members for the hornline/guard. its not the intent that worries a lot of people (including myself) but the unintended consequences of passing such a rule. the solution would seem to be amend the rule so that it eliminates such options, but then corps will just look for loopholes. its like business regulation, most larger companies have people dedicated to finding loopholes in laws to save companies money. lawmakers work to close those loopholes, but they will always be slower than those looking for loop holes.
  13. Marching Illini at the Rose Bowl

    It would be great if it did happen, but it won't... sadly. as for the illini at halftime, i imagine they will do a show, as well as their pre-game. When NU was there in 1996, i know they did pre-game and am fairly sure they did a halftime show.
  14. 2008 DCI rules proposals

    1) Yes, with good judging parity, there should be little effect from this rule change. 2) No, the current system, while with its haters, works well and makes sense (since DCI is a summer activity) 3) No, water is neither drum nor bugle, nor does it range anywhere near possibly being 4) Yes, so long as time from step on the field to step off remains the same 5) No, its a brass instrument, it will be heard if you need it to be. if you need it to be and it cannot be, you need to rethink your scoring. 6) No, if you want a sound effect, create it in real time. barring that, work around it. 7) Abstaining, I don't know enough about the topic 8) Yes, if it adds to the performance, it should be done by one of the performers. if you're worried about having to create a work around during the performance, do without. 9) Yes, i think this is closer to the intent of the original amplification rule and maintains the integrity of the music being created during the performance. 10) No, using pit amplification allows the pit members to play with better (read: more correct) technique, opening the door for more melodic and better technical playing.
  15. BOA Indy Regionals Review

    I really doubt it, the first year after the first split, LWE was in 5A and LWC was in 6A still. The school is splitting, but will be pushing 3000 students (tho the first year, w/o seniors they will be smaller).