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  1. BOA Grand National Championship Thoughts

    Gasp! Western Brown is moving up!
  2. ISU reviews

    My incredibly brief thoughts on some finals performances: Eureka: Nice sound for their size Warren: For as big as they were they were very quiet. Their size really limited their drill. Just too big in my opinion Lockport: Was that show bought note-for-note from Ronald Reagan HS? LWW: Loved the demand for such a small band. Well-deserved their finals placement Plainfield North: Wow! The surprise of the evening. What a showing for their first time at ISU! Since when were these guys good? Kudos to you all. Naperville North: I feel they're like the Cadets of Illinois Marching Band. A group with great potential plagued by poor show selection. Morton: These guys are at the edge of taking it to the next level, and I believe they'll get there eventually. It took me a while to get into the show... I feel kind of left out because I haven't seen the movie. I tried to pick up as much as I could but it was difficult at times. LWN: I'm glad they used the beige/gold pants this year. It gives them an identity apart from the other lincoln-ways that they so desperately need. As for the show, I wish they would have marched outside the 35 yard line... Still undetermined about whether I like Don Hill's music this time. Score wise, they blew everyone out of the water musically, although that wouldn't have been my opinion. Prospect: My first time seeing this show this season. It's definitely different than past Prospect shows, but in a good way. I was kind of hoping for a little more both musically and visually, but they were good nonetheless. LWE: Not going to lie, I had a big problem with replacing the tubas with a synth. I understand using synth on big hits to boost the sound of the band a little bit, but to replace them the entire show? Someone around me said that's cheating, but I will hold judgement until I hear their reason why. Anyways, I feel they tried to pack a little too much into this show. Conceptually it's packed with GE but I feel like I missed out on things at times. Execution is way up there and I loved the body work in the beginning. Love the uniforms, and nice job integrating the guard into the show. Hopefully they can improve between now and nats and don't peak too badly. This is probably the one show I want to see again LP: It seems like for the past two years they've been taking a new direction in show design, both musically and visually. And it's working. It's about time the old Lake Park started emerging a perennial threat again. Visually they were very clean but I feel the music book was a bit bland, but that's not the students faults. I do wish however they would bring back that beautiful woodwind sound that has defined them over the years. I really enjoyed this show, and was expecting them to place lower than they did, until I saw them perform during finals. Great job. Marian: Very clever. Very very clever. Personally this is another show that I would have to watch again to pick up on the things that I missed the first time. Execution wise, it's Marian. No need to say more in that respect. Well deserved title of State Champion. Did I see some conversing with Lake Park on the way out? Good to see that friendship is still going strong.
  3. Top 14 Bands in Illinois

    People complain about last year's format... they adjusted something very little to try to make it better and people still complain. Give them a break. At least they tried. By some reasons it was an improvement and by other reasons it wasn't. Relax. They'll never be able to please everyone
  4. Scores for 9/18/2010

    Bonk on the Head
  5. Warren Township to march 300 +

    Reminds me of Duncanville HS from Texas in the 90s... or Ben Davis way back when. How many does Marian march?
  6. 2010 Illini Marching Band Championships

    Well, it's a step in the right direction
  7. This will be aired on the 9 pm news this Thursday. Congrats! http://www.wgntv.com/videobeta/watch/?watch=cd99c87d-fe15-44dd-8121-9101be67cde9
  8. Scores for 10/24

    I think most people want to see scores and placements and don't care if Johnny fingered his clarinet keys right in that exposed final section of the show. I don't know you sir, but my bet is that you and 95-percent of regular viewers come on here to see what the results were from the previous week and what the projections are for the upcoming week. There is some genuine interest in what shows are being performed, who was invited to what festival or parade and which parents were ruder, but for the large part, without scores and placements, this board would be like Ward Cleaver at a Sunday afternoon picnic: Bland and boring. I my bet is that 95% of the people who have marched will tell you that there's a lot more to having fun than learning about the placements. I don't know what program you come from, but it's my hope that they're not teaching the students that "marching band is no fun if you take away the scores".
  9. Scores for 10/24

  10. ISU 2009

  11. ISU 2009

    Yea, right after they move the pressbox off the 40 yard line That is too funny...Is it really on the 40 yard line?!?!?! Indeed it is
  12. ISU 2009

    FieldTurf. Also, is the renovation ever going to happen? Yea, right after they move the pressbox off the 40 yard line
  13. ISU 2009

    Personally, I think it would be great to see some newcomers to finals. Would Prospect count as newcomer? This is just their second year (I think).This is their second year after about a fifteen year hiatus My prediction: The state title will come back to Illinois
  14. Scores for 10/17

    The U of I show will never disappear. Point being, the Marching Illini need the funds
  15. Who wins ISU Finals?

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here... The predict the state title will come back to Illinois.