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    The HUGE Texas band that made everyone look tiny was Allen High School and they marched over 600 kids. They also did march that many on the field, we got to see them at BandFest. Prospect went to Macy's in 2002, the graduating senior class was in that parade.
  2. BOA part 2

    Excuse me, while you are of course entitled to your opinion, the facts are that the judges for the preliminary phase of competition at the Indy Regional scored: Castle's preliminary performance 2.55 points higher than Prospect's; Lake Park's preliminary performance 1.3 points higher than Prospect's; and Louisville Male's preliminary performance .15 points higher than Prospect's. Though none of these differences are large, the facts are that the differences exist. The fact of the matter is that Prospect didn't make it into the finals at the Indy Regional this year. Neither did 22 other bands. Prospect had a great show this year -- so did many of those other bands. The Prospect band members put a great deal of time and effort into their season this year -- as did the members of those other 22 bands. Prospect had a winning season this year -- too bad the same can't be said for some of those other bands, they didn't receive the tangible rewards (trophies) that Prospect did at other competitions. However, I don't see the members and supporters of those other bands whining, denigrating other bands and posting excuses for their Indy performance on every relevant (and not so relevant) Indy Regional thread on the IL Marching and BOA forums. The whiney, negative postings aren't eliciting sympathy or positive feelings towards Prospect, in fact, just the opposite is occuring. Accept what is and cannot be changed. If the Prospect band members and their supporters are having such a difficult time accepting the decision of the BOA judges, perhaps the band shouldn't compete in that venue. Stay a big fish in a small pond. I never was complaining about not making finals I was just trying to explain what I thought might have happened with the performance because someone had asked. Also fact is that the scores that make up those numbers are opinions of people who are trying to be as objective as possible but they are in fact opinions. What's done is done.
  3. Was it...

    I don't have a set of charts handy right now but I don't believe we actually make a fleur de lis. This was Mr. Weber's first year writing for the Scouts so I'm not sure if that would have been intentional. And through out the season there were no alternate endings, while the show progressed and changed here and there the sets were all the same from Lake Park to BOA.
  4. Concert band

    Prospect does a few festivals. Mainly the focus is on the UofI Superstate competition which is always a lot of fun.
  5. Was it...

    People don't bother arguing because it is absolutely ridiculous to think that someone would write a swastika into their show when it clearly is just the progression of the charts in a show. For a split second yes it sort of does look like a swastika almost, if you actually look at it in the center you can see the box's other corners ready to expand. So the obvious answer to your question of is it a swastika or not is an emphatic heck no. Is that enough of an argument? This topic should reflect poorly on you because it's so ridiculous.
  6. BOA part 2

    Just some thoughts on Indy... This was the first time I was able to actually sit and watch bands, unfortunately it happened senior year, and it was definitely a different experience. In regards to Marian Catholic even if you were to disregard the last few minutes of their show and the shows above them they would have finished in the same place they did. Their individual marching wasn't as good, their marching as an ensemble wasn't as good, and, surprisingly, their music wasn't as good. Those Top 4 bands were very very impressive in every facet of the activity. (BTW I wasn't "confused" by Marian's show as some people have said might influence scores. I wasn't judging in my head on which shows I thought were the coolest or most exciting but on the precision and level the groups were performing at musically, as an ensemble, and visually, individually and as an ensemble.) I don't think Carmel was as good as the judges thought they were, I had them flipped in my personal judging with Lawrence Central. Like I said though those top 4 groups were great. As far as Prospect goes we don't know what happened. We felt we performed well musically but almost everyone had issues with the drill because of the hashes. BOA had told us that there would only be two sets of hashes, pro and high school, but there were three and you could barely see the high school hashes during prelims, however, they fixed them for finals because they looked very bright from the stands. In our show it is more than almost essential that we have those specific hashes, obviously, because there are a bunch of moves where if we don't have those as checks within the move from chart to chart many things can go wrong. Unfortunately what I think happened was that a lot of the things that went wrong visually can be attributed to the fact I believe that because we had been told to only expect two sets of hashes half the band probably actually used the high school hashes and the other half assumed that the NCAA hashes were the high school hashes cause when we were marching those were the only two sets of hashes we could see. At this point it doesn't make a difference and I don't feel bad about it. I had a great run while I was here and I am very proud of the performance the band had despite the apparent issues. At first I was very dissappointed with not making finals but Mr Morrison, our director, and Jeff Fiedler, one of our instructors, put it into perspective, if this is the most dissappointment that I ever feel than I'll have lived a very happy life because this is just one performance on one day that didn't go very well and in the long run isn't very significant.
  7. Design?

    Pete Weber, a Prospect alum, writes Prospect's drill and he is also the drill writer for the Madison Scouts. Mr. Morrison, our band director, arranges all of the wind music himself and Bret Kuhn, formerly of the Cavliers, teaches percussion at our school so he writes the drum parts
  8. Lake Park

    Unbelievable... Just because a band does well doesn't mean they don't stress music education and grades. That statement is absolutely ludicrous. Prospect is known for being one of the strongest schools in the state, actually recently was ranked 21 in the state Top 50 Public High Schools , and obviously values music education, Mr Morrison our director was teacher of the year and almost every year we have students continue on into music education. A significant number of students in the band have more than one AP class and more than a handful have an entire schedule of AP classes, a friend of mine from the band last year entered college with over 20 hours of credit. Last year the band graduated students who are now attending Stanford and Harvard. Not only does Prospect value the classroom the band program also values other extracurricular activities and sports, many students who are in the band also participate in athletics, drama, choir, orchestra, debate, etc. Also Prospect honestly doesn't practice nearly as much as people think when we are in school especially for the level of difficulty for most of the stuff we do. Rehearsing twice a week for 3 hours is basically nothing compared to many of the other competitive marching bands across the country. I don't know if that works out to twice as much as the other bands but I know that we could definitely use a lot more, our show needs an unbelievable amount of cleaning. I'd like to think that the vast majority of schools out there have their priorities in order... As far as Lake Park is concerned great job everyone. I didn't actually get to go and watch any bands but I saw some as we were going on and hear warm ups and everyone sounded solid, I heard some Mahler 5 coming from a band which was definitely cool. LWC shared the other campus with us as well I believe. *step back*
  9. Apology

    I'd like to apoligize for offending anyone on this board. My posts are not meant to be taken as seriously as some of you take them. Yes, at times they can be sarcastic cause that's the kind of person I sometimes am but are not meant to be demoralizing or terribly negative. When I'm sarcastic it's just jokingly to try and prove a point and isn't meant to be malicious. In light of recent events however I am choosing to be a silent member of this community while still watching it so I can still learn and get views from productive members while not getting in the way of the progress of this board. I'm not a bad guy, I swear. Just a little bit misunderstood.
  10. Uniforms?!

    LWCMKtrumpet06 "Agreed, and I am at fault for leading topics away from their intended purpose as well. From now on, I intend to keep each topic on track with my own posts and attempt to not say stuff that wastes our generous host's bandwidth. " You made it almost 2 weeks. Bravo.
  11. Uniforms?!

  12. Uniforms?!

    Out of curiosity are there any specific examples of this that come to mind for the two of you, or anyone else?
  13. Season progress

    Opener and Ballad on the field with music. We had more instructors this year than in the past which was nice. Drill is fun. Music is fun. Kids are fun. Everyone seems dedicated and the freshman are doing well. I absolutely love the music and the trumpets get some amazing choreography before our feature in Niagra Falls, you'll have to watch for it. We have the music we intend to play for the Parade of Roses and we've played it a few times, it's essentially a jazz band lead chart for the first trumpets. Excited about the season would be an understatement.

    mmmm...bluuuueeeeee. Personally I've always like blue and green more than red. Cooler colors.

    Do you really want it analyzed?