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  1. Metamora - October 14

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS IVC on getting grand champ!!!!! We were back at the busses so we didn't get to see the show, but my parents said it was awesome. I got to see Galesburg (though we were way down at the end of the field so we couldn't hear very well....We liked what we did hear though). Sing Sing Sing made me dance along. It's a really nice arrangement. Plus your drum majors rocked my world. They were very together and had excellent interpretation of the music. Metamora's show has improved a TON since last time I saw it. Last time I saw it was really early in the season at a football game. It's come so far and it is SO cool! Its such a gerat show. Did Mr. Fitz write it again? Didn't really see much of anybody else. Dunlap was on right before us and the big shiny red flags were very cool. Our director told us there was a point and a half total between first and fifth place in class 5A. Everyone was so awesome! Nice Job! U of I and ISU are going to be really tough competitions next week. (we're going to U of I--class A). Congratulations to everyone, and I hope y'all have a great week of practice and good showing at U of I, ISU, or wherever you're headed next.
  2. Metamora - October 14

    Cool. BOA DMs tend to be really good. I'm excited to see them (well... we probably won't actually get to see them see them...but it'll be nice if we do get the chance). What is IVC's show this year? We sat near their director at Drum Corps semi-finals and I think he told us, but that was months ago, and I've forgotten. I'm dissapointed that they're not in our conference anymore b/c mid-illini was the only time I ever got to see them every year, and they're shows are always so cool.
  3. Drum Majors

    I appreciate the feedback guys, thanks. Everyone has such diverse opinions on what a DM should be on the field, each w/ their respective merits, so I like to take the best ideas from all perspectives as much as possible. (including the most recent judge we had. Sorry if I came off sounding negative about his tape. We really did get a lot of useful criticisim from him. It was just a very different opinion than I was used to hearing, and I was wondering if his ideas were more widely accepted than I thought.) I haven't heard much about Phantom's DM camp...but it's phantom, so it must be good. From what I've seen of BOA DM's it seems like the conducting style they teach is more corps style (just lock in w/ the drumline and don't do anything overly fancy). So its more field oriented. SWC teaches a basic concert style. I see plusses and minuses to both. I've seen good drum majors come out of both programs too. If anyone has ever seen Thornwood's DM's they're wonderful SWC alums. All our DMs used to go to BOA though and they said it had a really great program too. (We probably would have ended up going there too, but three of the four of us were taking summer school and couldn't go in the middle of June.) I've gotta say, I really liked SWC. Granted I don't have anything to compare it to, but I gleaned a lot from the conducting instruction. The marching stuff they teach is definatly different, but there are good things about how they do it. Since many of the manuvers they teach aren't commonly used, everyone is in essence forced to return to the freshman mentality where you're learning everything for the first time. Reguardless of whether or not your band actually uses those manuvers at home, you are remembering what it is like to learn and learning how to teach. I thought SWC prepared me really well, but I guess everything depends on the context of your home program. Interesting idea about eliminating the drum major caption all together. I think the biggest perk about actually having the caption though, is the judges tapes. Directors can't really spend a lot of time addressing the drum majors during rehersals, so tapes are really useful.
  4. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    It started snowing during our rehersal today. That was fun... We need work on cold weather intonation. The mallets were a half step higher than the band in the middle of the show. It sounded demonic. We've got night rehersal tonight too.
  5. Drum Majors

    We just went over the DM judges tape from our last comp, and it was one of those situations where the judge from one competition picks on everything the judge from the last comp complimented you on. The biggest discrepency seemed to be what the drum major role actually is. Opinions? Dr. Vroman judged our first comp and he seems to define our job as leading the band musically. He mostly emphasizes matching, and clear stylistic conducting patterns. The guy who judged this past comp (I don't remember who it was) seemed to be emphasizing more of looking good for the audience. Like we've got some pit interludes between songs that we don't conduct (we're changing podiums some of the time), and he kept complaining that the audience would be confused and not understand why we had stopped conducting. I dunno. I just don't think that impressing the audience is really that important as a drum major. Obviously you want to look professional and have command, but the drum major's showmanship shouldn't distract from the band. I've kind of always had the philosophy that I don't care if the audience is watching me, I just care if the band is watching me (which is a hard enough feat on its own... ). Thus conducting should be more about helping the band play the music effectively rather than trying to put on a flashy show for the audience/judges. (Don't get me wrong, the judge at the last comp also had some good constructive comments that we can probably use...but a lot of them seemed kind of strange). I'm also curious about what y'all think of DM camps. I went to Smith-Walbridge for 3 years and I though it was awesome. It actually worked out really well this year b/c our new assistant director leads fundamentals and she's a U of I grad, so she uses the same style that we learn at camp since Gary Smith is the head of the camp. Obviously the other big DM camp (in central Illinois anyway...there's apparently a good one in michigan too, but I don't know much about it.) is BOA. Our senior DM our first year had gone to BOA his first year, and he said he liked it better for the marching but the conducting was better at SWC. Anyone else been to either of these or both? I thought SWC's conducting instruction was awesome and they have 3 levels in their program so we did new things every year. And the marching they taught was still pretty intense and it changed over the last few years as they were trying to keep up with the lastest corps styles. (But we also learned some traditional chair step stuff too which is pretty fun.) So what do y'all think? What is the drum major's job exactly, and which camps best prepare them to execute it?
  6. Epiphanies

    parents night performance at the end of band camp freshman year...so basically the first time we performed.
  7. Metamora - October 14

    Sheesh, no one seems to be predicting good stuff for us [Washington]...We have cleaned it up quite a bit since our invitational, if that's the only place you've seen us all year. I mean, we are in a bit of a rebuilding year (something like 30 or 40 percent of the band is freshmen, but they're a pretty good class). I guess I haven't seen enough of the other bands to really gage how we'll match up though. I'm axious to see Galesburg again b/c they didn't place as well at our invitational as I expected. That class had some rough competition though. Plus my Galesburg buddies say they've been working a lot. What's so incredible about IVC's DM's if I might ask? (I haven't seen them, but everyone keeps predicting them to get that caption, so my curiosity has been aroused. Our big DM competition in the past has always been Galesburg and Dunlap). Did they go to BOA, SWC or some other camp? We're SWC kiddos here. Apparently the marching isn't as intense as BOA, but the conducting classes are splendid. IVC's marching fundamentals are always a thing of beauty. I'm not even going to attempt to make predictions. I haven't actually gotten to see many bands yet. (I just keep seeing Eureka and Olympia over and over....Not that that's a bad thing. Eureka's music can really pull at your heart, and Olympia is always fun.) Can't lie though. I'm glad not to be in Morton's class.
  8. Metamora - October 14

    Bash another program? Sorry for you to think that. Thornwood is once again, very good. I saw them last weekend, and they are marching as good as ever. Playing is not as good as years past, but still very good for the small class. They did not have their show completed as of last weekend. I see they got Crowd Appeal at Olympia, does anyone recall what their show is? "The Meltdown" or something. We were warming up so I didn't see it, but they're by far my favorite small band. Plus their drum majors are AMAZING!!!!!
  9. Last Comp

    U of I is our last competition...but technically our last performance is the New Year's Eve Parade @ the Magic Kingdom.
  10. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    Yeah they definatly surprised everyone last year with how welll they did. Before last year, Class A at U of I had been us, Potiac, and Mohomet swapping spots in the top 3 for field. Then last year all of the sudden Potiac was out of the top 3, Mohomet was bumped down to 2nd and Morton took first. (Mohomet and Morton were SO close last year though. It'll be interesting to see how it goes this year.) Class A at U of I is going to be hard core rough this year....I'd be stoked to take home any caption awards let alone place overall. This weather lately is icky. We've got rehersal tomorrow night and there's supposed to be snow. It'll be real fun if the brass freezes into their mouthpieces...A Christmas story band style, anyone?
  11. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    No It seems fairly effective though b/c we go right into Fanfare for the common man w/out a break between the songs. Plus the drum feature's got some sweet visuals.
  12. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    How many bands' shows did Mr. Fitz design this year, by the way? I loved going to mid-illini last year and hearing, "This show was designed by Craig Fitzpatrick" next band comes on, "This show was designed by Craig Fitzpatrick" next band..."This show was...." you get the point. Dr. Alshouse (sp?) always does our drill but Mr. Fitz wrote our ballad for this year.
  13. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    I'm getting pretty stoked about Metamora. It sounds like its the first time that all the big bands are meeting up. Though, class 4A was pretty competative at our invitational too. There was Dunlap, Galesburg, Pontiac, and Joliet West. I guess it just doesn't register as much in my mind since we were in exhibition.
  14. We haven't really gotten the chance to see a lot of our usual competition yet this year b/c we've been either right after them or haven't been at the same competitions. I hear Morton's doing well and that they're working their tails off. Hat's off guys, good job so far! Did Fitz write the show again? He did Metamora's, right? Pontiac won our invitational (Washington), and they've made a good showing at U of I the last few years. Galesburg was at our comp, but I didn't actually get to see them. Same w/ Dunlap (how'd it been going w/out the freshmen for the last two years? I haven't really been following them much). And how is IVC this year, b/c they usually have rocking fundamentals? We're kinda in a rebuilding year, I guess, but its not all bad. We had a lot of talented people and a lot of people w/ really bad attitudes graduate last year, so in some ways we're actually better off. We've got a neat show, but Tallman's not sure how starting out w/ a drum feature is going to go over (people have liked in so far though). Who all is going to Metamora? That'll be our first big comp.
  15. Good Luck Traditions

    Washington always does a student led prayer circle before we go away to comps. Our drum instructor always yells "Rock and roll" right after the DM salute too... That's always fun!