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  1. DCI Show Announcements

    which has me thinking itll be very good
  2. DCI Show Announcements

    Colts is called Equinox w/ a selection by bartok and something by webber
  3. Winterguard

    Limestone has a dance team but it doesnt really constitute as a winter guard
  4. Last Comp

    When and where is everybodys last competition? limestones is boa in st. louis
  5. Drum Corps

    is anybody around trying out for any corps? im trying out for cavies and colts
  6. Drum Corps

    yea i imagine time would be more of a problem in college
  7. Last Comp

    well this escalated quickly
  8. Last Comp

    sorry i was wrong its jackson academy but watch them they usualy do an exhibition show before finals
  9. Last Comp

    grand nationals are amazing we went there my freshman year if there going to be there make sure you watch jacksonville academy
  10. Epiphanies

    probly the metamora comp my freshman year it was just the coolest feeling ever
  11. Washington

    yes we have
  12. Who are the bands to beat this year?

    theres really nothing wrong with starting with a drum feature, my school (limestone) is doing that and its going well and for bands to beat yea pontiac is probly the main one
  13. WIU contest

    i have not seen shepard on rock island but being from limestone i have to keep hope well do well
  14. WIU contest

    what time is western taking the field for the first time?
  15. Washington

    To be honest, I was. I'm sure it was all deserved what they got (I only saw them in parade, not field), but I know in the past, they haven't been quite as good. I'm not trying to put anyone down. Congrats to Limestone for performing so well yesterday. Limestone has a new director who I think is really going to turn things around there. the new director is andy empey marched with cavaliers in 98 graduated from western and did student teaching at IVC also he worked as a band director and Winchester last year and for marchguy the show is Cirque De Soliel : La Nouba
  16. Washington

    who was completely surprised by limestone doing as good as they did?