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  1. Scores for 10/24

    Totally agree. Those of you who are done with high school marching band will most likely agree with me that it is not the placement, the awards, or recognition that you remember, it is the feeling of marching a good show, hitting a set, playing the best you can. For those of you who that are still marching try this, march for yourself, do it because you want to do the best you can. Don't work towards a placement work for a goal that no one can take away: self-happiness and pride.
  2. Lincoln-Way Numbers

    I believe that West is the only one not "fully stocked" North has seniors there this year.
  3. Lake Park Lancer Joust

    Yes, over the past 5 years VJA has gone from 150+ to about 90 members.
  4. Prospect Knight of Champions

    It is a single performance, if I remember correctly.
  5. Lincoln-Way West

    Just so you know, Lincoln-Way East and Lincoln-Way Central are now roughly the same size as Morton-a 2A band. It's NOT the quantity of the band. It's the quality. There's some very high quality bands that are in 1A and 2A, just as there are in 5A and 6A. Remember, Morton only finished .4 behind Naperville North last year. And this brings me to my favorite point, one that I bring back a lot: In 1993, at Grand Nationals, Jackson Academy from Mississippi won Class A, marching AT MOST 40 kids. They performed in Finals, beating Duncanville from Texas, a band that was probably 6-7 times their size. They also beat the 1995 Grand National Champion, Center Grove from Indiana. Jackson Academy finished in 8th place, only a point behind Marian Catholic, the AA Champion. Morton has over 100 students i believe. Probably 20-30 less then what NN had last year. Which either way is double of what any other 1A or 2A band has. And by the looks of it sponsored by their parents/band members/ school alot more then NN has been sponsered. Also bringing back the point about the ecnomy beinh down the drain yet leavin to bad growth. NN also has a terrible flow of money. And its not our fault, us students cant do much and the school doesnt seem to want to help us. Dont believe me? Look at our drums they are hand me downs from Lake Park 5 years ago...(Meaning they are 10 years old) Thing is ACCORDING TO THIS VIDEO we just say they have around 40 people. Okay Why dont we say Watseka has a great band and may just win the Grand Champion this year at ISU. BETTER YET GRAND NATIONALS! No I am not mocking what you said. Thing is that Jackson Academy happened once in more then a decade. Yes whose to say LWW isnt the next Jacksons academy. I doubt Jacksons Academy was a splinter off another school and was just opened the year it accomplished so much. I am speaing in a current perspective not a "maybe in 25 years they will be extremely good!". MOD EDIT: Okay guys, seriously, this Pizza thing is getting out of hand. Let's focus on the topic at hand, LWW. Thanks It is not just the size of the band, the talent and the dedication of the directors and staff are another huge contributing factor in to the success of a band. No one said that LWW or LWN were going to win ISU or Nationals. While money does have some affect on the success of a band, the dedication of the students and parents can supersede poor funding. The success of a band does not depend on the age of their equipment. There are two things that bands in that position can do; cave and say that they cannot be successful because they do not have the newest shinyest drums, or you can make the best of it and do the best you can about the things you can control.
  6. 2009 Contests

    They probably also consider what bands are going to have the most parents and spectators coming in an effort to make as much as possible off the event (If they have limited time).
  7. Lincoln-Way West

    I believe that the line down the middle is supposed to resemble a "W" just as the lines on North's resemble a "N".
  8. I have a question

    I had concert band during the day and marching band after school.
  9. 2009 Contests

    If that is true both the drum major and the executive board are not doing what they responsible for. The director should not tolerate this. I hope that this is not true. LWC has too long of a history with ISU to back-seat it for an inferior contest.
  10. Should we upgrade to Zetaboards?

    Would we need to reregister?
  11. Bands of America Grand Nationals Results

    AVON- OH?? IN perhaps?
  12. Grand Nationals 2008

    Going to Nationals is a huge cost for a band. Think of all the things that they must pay for, housing, food, entrance fee, transportation.
  13. Size of Bands Decreasing?

    Wow ! You guys GET the gym waiver??? You are so lucky! They won't do it at D214. So the kids have 8 periods for required classes including gym. Then if they take a language, band and a lunch, that's it for the day. If you want to do choir, then you have to go without a lunch period. Forget study hall! It would help if the graduation requirements are increasing, for the schools to go to a 9 period day like New Trier has. My kids takes AP & honors and gym class, is on sports teams for winter and spring seasons, plays drums at church, and has time for friends in and out of band. I agree it is possible if you want to do it. I completely agree I was a four year varsity athlete in 2 sports in addition to coming from a strong Illinois band program. And if people think that band is a time commitment they should try swimming and water polo 6 am practices from thanksgiving to May in addition to after school practice everyday.
  14. Shows for 10/25

    I'm not too sure that Shepard will be top 3. I'm not denying that they have a fine program, I just feel that there are many stronger programs going.
  15. Scores for 10/18

    I think DG is a classic example of score inflation.