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  1. DCI Show Announcements

    Which is why this will really, really, really, really, really be my last post. I swear. This time it's out of my control.
  2. DCI Show Announcements

    Sure didn't seem like 700 to me. In fact, it seemed like less than last season. Only two pieces were handed out in addition to "Elsa's"...
  3. BOA GN

    No no, you don't understand. DFB just pretends not to be associated with UT and just pretends to be silly so as no one can suspect him. No need to get worked up. Congrats to all the bands who represented Illinois, regardless of placement.
  4. ANGER

    I sort of remember a time before "mysterious" (read anonymous) posters liked to put down everyone's opinions based on their "extensive" and "factual" knowledge. Don't worry, you're not alone. I come back to read the reportage from various shows since I can't make it out much during the season. But back when I joined there were much less of these pretend "experts" floating around. Oh well. I'm sure at least three of them will respond, too, which is the best part. There's actually a Facebook group floating around out there- too bad none of the "mystery men" can show their faces there- that would really break the "mystique" which makes them really, really cool. Countdown to lock. :ph43r:
  5. Sucess of band

    At the high school level, competitive success is directly tied to the staff/directors. No matter how much heart you have as a member, it's always possible to hit the point of diminishing returns; that moment where you have maximized what you are given- and not in a good way, either. But the traditions and lessons transcend the tenure of any director. And the parental support won't be withdrawn simply because of competitive shortcomings. There are so many prime examples of this and, John, I understand what you mean.
  6. Marching Tubas

    The Madison Scouts ripped the stadium down (or so I am told) with their alumni corps this last season.
  7. Yea & Boo!

    Parting post. Boo to YEA. :ph43r: I couldn't resist...the spelling of "yea"...I wonder if anyone will even understand it...
  8. U of I

    Robes, why don't YOU reveal why you're in a position to judge the difficulty of a show whereas someone else is not. If you are in such a position, fine. But why don't you qualify YOUR opinion before putting down someone elses? I'm gone again. Sorry, there are a few who just making discussion no fun at all. And those who are legitimately here to mingle have been the object of these users' criticisms- most of which come from behind the mask of a username. That's just not something that is enjoyable to be around for me. Period. Good luck to all the bands as they head into either their concert seasons or the final stretch of their marching ones!!
  9. U of I

    This sounds like a case of cleanliness vs. difficulty, the one subject that band and corps fans are always debating. I've marched shows as difficult or more difficult than Morton's show. They should be very proud about doing what they did. The delay step and marching in multiple meters are not easy to teach, from experience. While I'm not sure whether they are truly "there" yet, executing relatively cleanly at a high difficulty level speaks volumes about where they will go. I think "insanely" difficult is an over statement but the visual part of the activity is what drew me to it in the first place so maybe I can't speak for the "average" band member who is a better balance of both required aspects than I was/am. I should've spent more time on my musical abilities in retrospect. Anyway, kudos to Morton for doing things that bands in their general class are not doing and for challenging the "big dogs" in terms of difficulty.
  10. Review: ISU Finals

    In all honesty, I think Morton is a bit overrated. Great? Yes. Demanding show? Yes. But, still overrated. When they get their numbers up a bit and get off the ground a little bit more, I'm sure they will become a powerhouse- let's hope they keep it up.
  11. Review: ISU Finals

    Last year, Central's drumline beat Marian's as well when, really, Marian might have the edge. But the caption scores were so high by 6A that it happened anyway. I'm NOT surprised at all that LWC didn't hold onto the percussion title- there was some uncommon dedication in the 2005 line. But, boy, were those percussion scores close!
  12. BOA Nationals

    How far did Lake Park make it in GN last season?
  13. BOA Nationals

    I did not know that East attended GN in 2002. The only time Lincoln-Way went to GN was in 1998 and I believe that they made it to semifinals. I could be wrong- I know that they weren't eliminated in the first round.
  14. U of I

    That "outdated" system can no longer be used to effectively do what it was created to do- rank and score bands. There are better ways of achieving that goal. Unique is not bad- ineffectiveness is. Being different doesn't mean being better- or even being good. This isn't a tradition that can remain without making a difference- in those cases, change for the sake of change isn't always the best idea. This is a tradition that has no place. Have you seen the commercial where a woman is talking on her huge phone, a man is rolling down the street on a stone wheel, etc.? That's kind of like the scoring system at U of I. Yeah, it was great at one time. But it's not now. Marching IS going back but it will NEVER revert to what it was when the Olympic system could've worked. But schools are slowly getting over the prop fad and drum corps are starting to get back to marching band playing- look at the Blue Knights. Unthemed show, good placement. So it's clear that in terms of style, we're getting back there slowly. Whether that trend will stick has yet to be seen. And drum corps will never go back to the tick system. Same concept. But agree 110% about the Chief. What you probably heard (if you were at the show last night) wasn't "booing", it was people calling for the Chief. I thought people were booing the Chief the first time I performed at half-time. Then I realized that they were just anticipating the Chief's appearance.
  15. Weather in Bloomington

    Yes. So cold that it was very unsafe to continue competition. I remember 2004 prelims...The coldest show I had ever marched. But it really wasn't HORRIBLE. It was certainly painful but bearable nonetheless. Someone told me that this happened back in the late '80s or early '90's. My recollection could be off, but it was a long while ago.