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  1. DCI Classic Countdown 2007

    Is it the top 10 that make it?
  2. How do you learn drill formations?

    man....bands/corps (some still do, a lot used to) that marched drum majors were the greatest thing since sliced bread. I always love watching Lassiter HS (GA), and some of the old videos that I have lying around/on my computer are pretty much awesome. do you mean having someone in the drill thats a backfield conductor? or am I completely off and have no idea what you're talking about
  3. How do you learn drill formations?

    My high school does (or has done) charts, coordinate sheets, chips and chalk (asphalt practice field) all at one point or another during the season. I've used spray paint (thats a good way to ruin new shoes by the way) and tape (on turf) as well.
  4. DCI Rules Proposals

    haha What!?
  5. DCI Rules Proposals

    1.) no, the time they have now is enough. 2.)NO! Half of the lower end Div.1 Corps can't even reach 100. 3.) No, If they're on the field, they're preforming. 4.) No. just no. 5.) Meh, it makes sense, I'm not really partial to any side. Except for the fact that there would be one less judge I could run over... 6.)Meh to this one too. No specific side taken. 7.)no 8.) No
  6. Happy Holidays, Bandos.

    mmm. holidays = marching off-season. if you don't count WGI stuff. or the rose bowl.
  7. DCI Show Announcements

    well thats a mouthfull for a title.
  8. Bands of the Year.

    politics haha. great, like everyone hasn't heard crap about that forever. so yeah. sure phantom may have the "best brass" or cadets the "best percussion" but its all how you personally feel. Same goes for the bands of the year thing. Its how the people who voted felt, it was their opinion, even if it is influenced by large scale gimicks and park and blows. by the way, there are these forums on DCP. they allows you to fight with others who are convinced their opinions are the ones God decided on. by the way part dos; I think it was Drummer79 that said something about the Cavaliers not playing difficult stuff on the move, and I thought it was hilarioius. I've heard so much of that (about them, Madison and others) its not funny, well actually it is. Large scale hosing of difficult parts that were on the move? No idea, I'm not a guy so I'll never know. weeeee posting my opinion is fun!
  9. DCI Show Announcements

    No idea what they can to with it visually, but you can be sure that the crazy europeans drum corps fans will be thrilled just to see them walk on the field. They're drunk before the show even starts haha.
  10. ISU football stadium to be renovated...

    I'd hope so. the 10 yd line is crooked haha.
  11. DCI Show Announcements

    LWCMKtrumpet06: I think I know how you feel. I hate knowing things, like what a show is, and not being allowed to tell it yet. WHY DO THEY TAKE SO LONG TO ANNOUNCE THINGS!! haha. I'm about as excited for the offical announcement as I was last year when I'd giggle whenever I'd hear Beethoven's 5th.
  12. good luck!

    Just like to say Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck to anyone auditioning anywhere this weekend!
  13. Home Football Games

    haha we have people that dance to the Poms/dance squads music as we're lined up. (they go on the field before us at half time) and the visitors usually get a kick out of a bunch of bandos dancing in the uniforms to Justin Timberlake.
  14. Home Football Games

    oh man, I love Mater Dei, the band boosters gave me (well..glassmen) lots of nice cold fruit salad when it was like eight million degrees out. My band plays for pre-game, halftime, sometimes during time-outs(durmline mostly does that), and between 1st and second quarter. The team is ...bad... so we are usually allowed to leave after 3rd quarter instead of staying and watching the painful game. If we win we plaly the school song though.
  15. ANGER

    can't we all just get along!