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  1. Yea & Boo!

    Yay to quick draw films for actually attempting to put any shows up. would be nice if all bands could afford people to do that for them. i think it would help the marchers a lot to see their performances each week when your lucky if u get to see it before your last performance.
  2. Review: ISU Finals

    Yes LWE has opted not to attend BOA in Indy this year so their season is over. They will travel to the Holiday Bowl in December however.
  3. ISU Class 6A

    I'd have to put my money on LWE actually.
  4. Lincon-Way Compitition

    normal wests show was very entertaining. Usually I would consider the use of the sticks by the entire band rather cheesey and distracting but I really liked how it was done.
  5. ISU 2006

    have east and lp competed at any of the same shows this season yet?
  6. BOA Louisville

    Are most of the bands who go to Indy gonna go down to Louisville? Anyone have a list?
  7. Lake Park

    Seems like Prospect got some major competition with LWE being so close in prelims, neck and neck. Maybe LWE got a lil overconfident though for finals. Weird though they usually seem to do better in the evening at finals.
  8. 2006 Season Updates

    LWE is playing the second movement of Prokofiev's fifth symphony.
  9. 2006 show themes?

    Just kind of wondering what all the directors and such have come up with as themes for this year. As not all of them have been posted I'm wondering if anyone else has any more info?