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  1. DCI Classic Countdown 2007

    mine has to be frameworks from the cavaliers 02....the music is cool and the drill is crazy and insane clean....bonus points for no one dying...as would happen if anyone else tried that(with few relative exceptions)
  2. Results for 9/16

    Metro East Marching Classic O'Fallon, Illinois September 16, 2006 GRAND CHAMPION - Francis Howell Central CLASS AAA 73.83 Francis Howell Central 71.58 Belleville East 71.38 Jefferson City 68.70 Alton 67.83 Edwardsville 66.38 Hazelwood West Music - Francis Howell Central Visual - Francis Howell Central Percussion - Jefferson City Auxiliary - Jefferson City CLASS AA 64.00 Francis Howell 62.00 Marion 54.03 McCluer North Music - Francis Howell Visual - Francis Howell Percussion - Marion Auxiliary - Francis Howell CLASS A 65.23 Mater Dei 59.00 Newton 58.65 Union 56.75 Wesclin 54.50 Effingham Music - Mater Dei Visual - Mater Dei Percussion - Mater Dei Auxiliary - Mater Dei Go MDMK!!!
  3. Opinion question: Band Classes

    The Population Multiplyer may not be the best thing in the world, but we are 1.65 of them lol
  4. Opinion question: Band Classes

    Ralph Nader, heres a guy we can all agree on. lol but seriously, liberals would spend too much money and get nothing done. farenheit 911 is the worst movie ever. peace out
  5. Lets Get Talking People

    we have 2 tenors.....but one of them has switches to soprano for a solo in one of our Cirque Du Soleil Songs....so like 10 or 11 total. saxes rock
  6. Lets Get Talking People

    Amen to the movement devoted to saxes, but from a smaller school theres just not much to be heard in terms of saxophone. when we performed at U of I, the saxes had a solo that was almost inaudible because our original 5 was cut to 4 with the cross country state finals. this year we have 8 or 9 tho, so we should be heard.
  7. '06 shows

    Mater Dei just had their first show rehearsle and our band director is making some changes to the music already, (cirque du soleil: quidam) she did it last year and we did very well at competitions, so i hope it works out this year as well.
  8. Lets Get Talking People

    hey it works for me. my definition of crazy is anything that take a long long time to get right and it looks really cool. were usually pretty good about that, and i think theres going to be some neat visuals to be done with it too.
  9. Lets Get Talking People

    Its almost that time of year again. yes, the time where we all start rehearsing for our 2006 fieldshows! Mater Dei Catholic High School is doing Cirque du Soleil: Quidam as our 2006 show. the music is amazing and i cant wait to see what kind of crazy drill our second year instructor has in mind. Lets have some comments! see yall- stay witty